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Best Online Dispensary in Canada 2023 - Top 12 List

The dispensaries chosen for a coveted spot on our best  dispensary in Canada list can be found below. Each one has been carefully reviewed by our experienced team. We guarantee they will have your order shipped promptly and delivered in 2-4 business days. 

herb approach best online dispensary

Save 15% With “DISPENSARYGTA10

Herb Approach is our go-to spot for ordering top quality weed, concentrates, and edibles. 

Save 5% With “GTA5

BuyWeedPacks is one of the best bulk mail order marijuana shops for finding great deals in Canada.

Save 20% With “GTA20

 Dispensary Near Me Now is a online dispensary with a sleek website that offers top quality cannabis products .

Save 15% With “GTA15

Nostalgic Cannabis offers weed pens and cartridges that can  be ordered online.

Save 20% With “HEAVENLYBUD

Herb Heaven is a online dispensary with high-quality cannabis products and fast shipping.

Save 10% With “GTA10 has a curated selection of quality weed and concentrates.

Save 5% With “NEW5

Get Kush offers great quality cannabis and amazing mix and match deals.

Save 5% With “WEED5

WeedSmart offers high quality cannabis with a special focus on customers.

Save 20% With “GTA20

Chronic Store offers high quality ounces, edibles, concentrates, and variety packs.

Save 10% With “GTA10

GoldBuds has great online deals on a wide range of cannabis products.

Save 5% With “NEW5

BulkWeed is a bulk dispensary offering cannabis for as low as $300/lb.

Coupon “Coming Soon

Daily Marijuana offers quality cannabis products at affordable prices.

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Online Weed Discounts

Find the latest discounts on cannabis products from some of the best online dispensaries.



Read our mail order marijuana (MOM) dispensary reviews to discover exciting new dispensary options. Our expert writes detailed accounts of their experience with each dispensary's ordering process, and it's cannabis products.


Use our “MOM Deals” section to discover the latest mail order deals in Canada that will surely save you money on your next order. Our dedicated cannabis experts scour the internet every week, filling out our curated money-saving recommendations.


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Discover the very best online deals on cannabis products that our team has curated for you.

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Online Dispensary reviews

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General Information

 Follow our articles to discover where to order top-quality cannabis with the best online dispensaries in Canada.

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That’s why every week, our experts are putting a new online dispensary through our review process, and constantly updating the site with new deals, discounts, and coupon codes. By using DispensaryGTA, you can discover top-tier marijuana dispensaries and products;, well saving money at the same time.

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The Most Trusted Online Dispensary Recommendations:

In today’s world, you can find weed almost anywhere, and in all different shapes and forms. It’s so easy to buy weed that it’s nearly impossible for the government to fully control who selling it.We recommend that before you start shopping for online cannabis that you, make sure you’ve done your research with the help of platforms like DispensaryGTA.  Following the advice of our MOM experts will ensure you find a quality provider that will get you high quality cannabis delivered to you quickly., and painlessly.

Simply use our top dispensary recommendations to discover some of the best mail order dispensary’s in Canada. With our unrivalled experience, you can trust the dispensary’s featured on our site. 

Of course, the best part of ordering weed online is that you’ll save money. With the right online store, you can order it at price points that you simply can’t find at a local dispensary, add to that! Numerous bulk and mix and match options and the ways to save are endless. 

If you are a fan of smoking high-quality cannabis and don’t like overpaying for it then you will love the shops on our awesome MOM List and the great products in our frequently updated MOM Deals section. 

Every product and dispensary recommended on DispensaryGTA has been carefully reviewed and vetted by our team, so you can focus on ordering amazing products without a second thought.

Buy Weed Online Safely in December 2023

Why Order With An Online Mail Order Dispensary?

There are many reasons to use an online dispensary, but the main ones are that it’s cheaper and more convenient than traditional options.

Main reasons to use an online dispensary:

  • You can take the time to find the products you need more easily.
  • The cost of cannabis from mail order dispensaries is cheaper.
  • You don’t have to waste time leaving your home to buy it.
  • It’s safer because you don’t risk getting sick from COVID-19.
  • Save additional money by using the deals on DispensaryGTA.

Buying Weed Online in Canada Offers Many Benefits

Ordering from a mail order dispensary in Canada is the most convenient way to buy cannabis by far. When you order with a mail order cannabis dispensary, you get access to a larger range of products, and you don’t to go through the inconvenience of visiting and browsing a physical store.

Furthermore, you get to order your cannabis products at any time from any location in Canada, as long as you have access to an internet connection.

The best mail order marijuana delivery websites, like the ones recommended on DispensaryGTA offer high-quality products, low prices, and a wide selection to choose from.


Only Buy From Legit Online Dispensaries

When it comes to buying cannabis online safely, the most important thing you need to do is make sure that you are buying from a reputable source.

Before purchasing cannabis online, you should check that the dispensary you are interested in has good reviews from a reputable review platform like DispensaryGTA.

If you are unsure about which dispensary to order with, it’s a good idea to review our best online dispensary in Canada list. That way, you can ensure you are ordering with a trusted shop that will securely handle payment and promptly ship your cannabis order.

By purchasing with an online dispensary recommended on DispensaryGTA you eliminate the possibility of identity theft or fraud. Beyond that, it ensures you your order will be shipped out promptly the next business day.

Choose The Best Mail Order (MOM) Dispensary

There are many things that you should consider before you buy cannabis online. One of the most significant things to consider is the quality of the site you are purchasing from.

Simply order from any of the vetted, verified stores on our list of the best online dispensaries, or read our mail order marijuana reviews to discover the best options.

For those looking to save money on individual products, you will love our carefully curated MOM Deals section, which combines our years of mail order experience with our passion for saving’ money.