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Cannabliss Gardens Review

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Reviewing Cannabliss Gardens – The Hot – Pink – Destination!

Our Cannabliss Gardens review started by taking in their bright pink colour scheme. We immediately knew this is a MOM dispensary that isn’t afraid to be bold and make a statement. We wondered if this was a sign of things to come with their inventory of cannabis products. 

Indeed, as we browsed their inventory, we discovered a wonderful, bold assortment of fantastic items that we’d love to try for ourselves. After taking in their inventory, we had some questions about several products, so we directly reached out to Cannabliss Gardens. 

Prompt And Profesional Customer Service 

Our experience with Cannabliss Gardens’ customer service was excellent. We sent an email during business hours, and they promptly emailed back with a tone of smooth professionalism, answering our questions and putting us at ease. 

The Cannabliss Gardens representatives were very clearly well-informed about their products and answered our questions without any issues.

Cannabliss Gardens is a stylish dispensary that offers cannabis products sourced from fantastic BC brands. After impressing us with their well-laid-out online store and a brilliant assortment of products, join us as we treat you to a review of their cannabis products.

This dispensary has products for the majority of popular cannabis categories, which means that if you’re looking for a specific type of item, they likely have a high-quality version of it in their store:

Here’s their main lineup of categories to get you started:

Cannabliss Offers Bulk Concentrate Deals

Cannabliss Gardens also has special offers for bulk buyers, and we must say they were pretty great. Their mix and match offer has 14g of High Voltage Extracts Sauce going for just $441. And as if that wasn’t enough, we could get 7 grams of High Voltage Extract’s sauce for $220.50.

7 Gram Sauce Mix & Match by High Voltage Extracts

$220.50 $315.00
Ever wonder about the best way to get premium sauce at a great price? Wonder no more! The 7-gram premium HTFSE Sauce Mix & Match pack offered by Cannabliss Gardens is your way to get the best sauce in Canada and save!

The Checkout Process Was Cannabliss!

After browsing their store for some time, we settled on four products, three edibles, a magical chocolate bar, and a full spectrum extract. With every “add to cart” button clicked, the shopping cart automatically filled up and was visible at the top right corner.

It’s worth noting, that unlike many other online cannabis dispensaries in Canada, Cannabliss Gardens didn’t require us to have an account on their website to checkout. It’s as simple as filling up your cart and checking out with only an email address.

It doesn’t get easier than that, does it?

Recieve Free Shipping On Orders Over $150 At Cannabliss Gardens

All orders made on their website are shipped with Xpresspost by Canada Post. Orders above $150 enjoy free shipping, while anything below it attracts a flat rate of a mere $20.

After taking care of the ordering process, we waited for the order to arrive. I’m happy to say that the wait was much shorter than we expected. Cannabliss quotes 2-3 days for order processing and verification and an additional 2-4 days for shipping. Perhaps we were lucky, but we ordered on Monday afternoon, and we were delighted that our order came in on Friday. Ahead of schedule!!!

Before we get to the review of the products, it’s worth mentioning that another feature we loved is that Cannabliss Gardens allows customers to cancel orders or make changes up to 12 hours after they have placed an order. All you need is to contact their professional customer reps via email.

Let’s talk about the package itself; upon arrival, we noted that it was a classic small nondescript box with no mention of the product on the exterior. Inside, all our products were neatly packed and vacuum-sealed. 

By this point, it’s pretty clear that Cannabliss Gardens is deeply committed to providing its customers with an amazing cannabis ordering experience. Join us along for the ride below to find out if their cannabis products also measure up!

Review of Cannabliss Gardens’ Products:

Review of Cannabliss Gardens’ – Boom Bar by Brainstorm

Our first product in our review is the Boom Bar! As we unwrapped our Boom Bar, it was clear that this was an item created with care. As we popped the first piece into our mouth, the taste was delectable, with a rich, smooth texture that melted into our mouths, leaving us wanting more!

boom bar brainstorm 1 edited
BoomBar by Brainstorm

It was a magical time when we transformed from a muggle to full-blown wizard through this delightfully tasty artisanal psilocybin-infused chocolate bar

Created with the finest Belgian Chocolate from Callebaut, the bar pumped 3500mgs of wonderful psilocybin into our system. After consuming it, we slowly felt our world explode into bright colours and fascinating shapes, a once dull world, was now filled with light and colour that defy explanation.

The aptly named chocolate bar is a delightful treat for psilocybin lovers. It provides a tasty way to trip for those adventurous enough to eat the whole bar or an excellent way to microdose for those looking for a bit less of a trip outside of reality.

The Boom Bar by Brainstorm is dosed with 579mgs per square block. Fortunately, the pre-marked portions allow for easy dosing. We highly recommend it to anyone looking for a unique psilocybin experience that deliciously expands your world.

Review of Cherry Gummies by Boost Edibles

In our brand review for Boost Edibles, we first discovered the commitment to quality by this top-tier edibles brand. It was quickly apparent that the Cherry Gummies by Boost Edibles were crafted with the same passion as their other products

If you don’t know already, Boost Edibles is known for gummies made with premium ingredients. They taste delicious and have long-lasting effects.

Cherry Gummies by Boost Edibles cannabliss gardens
Cherry Gummies by Boost Edibles

Our cute round tin came with 15 cube-shaped gummies inside. After popping the first one in our mouth, we discovered the delicious, robust cherry flavour that left us wondering about the individual dosage. As it turns out, each gummy contains 10mg of THC, total, and you guessed it, that means there’s 150mg of THC in the whole tin

Perfect for getting you stoned or alternatively, micro-dosing throughout the day.

After eating a few, it felt like we were starting to see the world in a whole new light—a world ‘Boosted’ by delicious cherry edibles. Not only did they taste amazing, but between the delightful flavour and the THC, the experience of eating them brightened our day and left us feeling more creative and relaxed.

These gluten-free THC-infused edibles were gone in no time and induced a ferocious apatite that had us visiting the fridge for a snack about an hour after ingesting them. One thing is for sure, Cannabliss Gardens knows how to pick delicious edibles for their customers. 

Blue Raspberry Ganja Leaf by Ganja Edibles 1250mg THC cannabliss gardens

Blue Raspberry Ganja Leaf by Ganja Edibles Discounted

Deal alert! If you are looking to satisfy that insatiable need for edibles like us, check out the 1250MG THC Blue Raspberry Ganja Leaf by Ganja Edible. Cannabliss Gardens recently marked it down and it’s a steal right now!
$23.50$47.00 VIew Deal

Review of Bones from the Stone Ages by Baron & Baroness

The next item in our Cannabliss review is cleverly named Bones from the Stoned Age by Baron & Baroness. Our particular package had a delightful pineapple flavour and a fascinating bone-like shape!

bones from the stoned age baron3 768x768 1
Bones from the Stone Ages by Baron & Baroness

These flavorful gummies kicked in after about 30 minutes, and we started feeling more energetic and relaxed. Just the right pick-me-up to get you through that Saturday evening after a whole week’s grind. The peak of the high lasted longer than we expected. We can’t tell you precisely how long, but the most potent effects began wearing off after roughly a few hours, but the relaxation we felt throughout our body lasted hours more.

We loved the intense experience, but newbies should probably take it slow with one gummy at a time. As always, except for the most experienced users, we recommend waiting about an hour before you pop the second one in your mouth to see how it affects you.

Review of Papaya Punch #2 FSE by Kind Selections

If you love marijuana, then we hope you’ve experienced the entourage effect. This synergistic effect of all cannabinoids and flavonoids alongside other essential oils produces a more powerful THC experience. 

The Papaya Punch #2 FSE by Kind Selections that we received from Cannabliss Gardes was impressive in this respect. 

papaya punch 2 fse kind selections 1

The fruity aroma of Papaya Punch welcomed us to this Indica powerhouse extract. As we did our first dab, we were not disappointed; the fruity flavour overwhelmed our senses.

Our first experience with this high-quality full-spectrum extract from Cannabliss Gardens left us with a tropical flavour that allowed us to take a much-needed, synergism-fueled trip to the tropics – if only in our minds.

With a total cannabinoid count of 89.07% and a terpene profile accumulating 4.99%, the synergistic effects were nothing short of profoundly relaxing and provided us with a long-overdue rejuvenation from our worldly stresses.

We could feel the THC slowly soak through our veins and numb the nerves in no time. It was an extraordinary extract; ultimately, it helped us enter such a deep state of relaxation that it helped us reconnect with our inner self. 

Our Cannabliss Gardens Review Summary:

We had a great experience with Cannabliss Gardens and their bold assortment of quality products. The edibles delighted our taste buds, offering long-lasting highs that kept us in a sustained state of bliss. 

Cannabliss Gardens has proven itself as an online dispensary with an intelligently curated inventory of quality products that will appeal to both male and female cannabis enthusiasts. If you’ve not had an opportunity to order with them before, we hope you will take a chance to browse their platform, as you will likely find unique products that you’ve never seen anywhere else.

We love that this dispensary focuses on quality over quantity, making it easy to find order-worthy products. You could pick any product from Cannabliss Gardens inventory, and they’ve ensured you will not be disappointed. We love the fact that it’s clear people with a deep passion for cannabis curate their inventory, making them a superb choice for experienced users as well as people that might have less experience choosing cannabis products. 

Thanks for reading our review, we hope you have an opportunity to try Cannabliss Gardens for yourself. Their amazing selection of cannabis products offers nothing but the best of the best from top brands.

So why not peruse a little to see if something catches your fancy? You’ll be glad you did!

cannabliss gardens web logo 1
Check out Cannabliss Gardens

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