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The Best Cheap Ounces of Weed in Canada for March 2023

Online cannabis dispensaries are often hosts, to a wide selection of differently priced, dried marijuana flowers for sale. Cheap ounces of weed online in Canada can still consist of high-quality, dried flower buds at cheap weed prices. There are many retailers with quality, cheap ounces of cannabis for purchase online, that can provide the best value to the amount that you spend on cannabis.

#1 Cheap Ounces in Canada – Bulk Mix & Match With BuyWeedPacks 

Best Cheap Ounces in Canada
Check Out The Best Cheap Ounces in Canada

BuyWeedPacks – Is home to the cheapest weed ounce available online coming in at less then $60/Oz; which also comes with the additional perks of a free gifts and free shipping with a purchase of over $150.

Get Cheap Ounces With BuyWeedPacks: Pick either a sativa dominant or indica dominant preference type and will ensure you get some super savings. They pass on their savings onto their valued clients. When you want to buy the cheapest weed ounce in Canada, no one prices their marijuana flower better than BuyWeedPacks.

The indica dominant variant of Green House Select is already sold out, so be sure to buy an ounce of sativa dominant before it’s sold out. This is the cheapest weed ounce online at only $60 per 28 grams and comes in at about $20 to $40 cheaper; when compared, to other online cannabis dispensaries. You won’t be disappointed with the quality of this cheap weed, when you consider the cost and experience – its quality firsthand.

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Popcorn Rockstar from WeedSmart

Popcorn Rockstar
Popcorn Rockstar – Weedsmart’s seemingly endless supply of different cheap weed ounces are selling like hotcakes; due to, a site-wide sale on some of the greatest and most famous cannabis strains, of all time.

Our First WeedSmart Pick: Popcorn Rockstar is some of the best prices for cheap weed ounces on’s premium, cannabis product website. The strain is currently at what could be considered a steal; with a 33% off discount price for an ounce of quality cannabis. This cheap ounce arrives with an aromatic scent of grapes and spices, that tie into the strain’s Rockbud and Sensi Star genetics. Be sure to purchase from this fresh batch of indica-dominant nugs, before they are all sold out.

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Green Goblin

green goblin weedsmart
Green Goblin – Once again, this website has cheap ounces of weed, at a highly desirable price point; with lots of varieties to choose from and a percentage discount that increases with each ounce of cheap weed added to your cart.

Our Second WeedSmart Pick: If you thought Popcorn Rockstar couldn’t be beaten, think again, because Green Goblin is here to meet you at your mailbox in an estimated 2 to 3 days. This sativa dominant strain with shared heritage from Northern Lights and Skunk #1, with a potential pinch of diesel from a distant ancestor; consists of dark, forest-green buds with orange pistils.

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Nuken Baby

nuken weedsmart
Nuken Baby – This site has the cream of the crop when it comes to quality and cheap ounces of cannabis online, which is why we have so many cheap weed options from this website.

Our Third WeedSmart Pick: Nuken Baby: An indica dominant cross of Kish and God Bud is available for only a dollar more; when compared, to Popcorn Rockstar and Green Goblin. This strain is one of the most popular options and is on one of the few variants that are labelled “HOT SELLER” on the website.

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Violator Kush

Violator weedsmart
Violator Kush – WeedSmart wins again with its cheap ounces of weed options that consist of high-quality dried cannabis flowers. This website also comes with a typical delivery time of 2 to 3 days and free shipping with an order of over $149.

Our Fourth WeedSmart Pick: This pick is a little bit more to spend on a cheap weed ounce, but the experience from Violator Kush will be worth the increase. The cost of Violator Kush is only $9.99 more when compared to WeedSmart’s cheap ounce of Nuken Baby. Take advantage of this limited price with a 19% discount applied to the already cheap ounce of high-quality weed.

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Alien Kush from

Alien Kush CannaWholesalers
Alien Kush – This website has what seems to be an endless supply of different cheap ounces, that each come with additional deals like 20% off, 2 or more ounces, 35% off 3 or more ounces and even 45% off, 8 or more ounces of cheap weed.  

If you want to browse through one of the largest selections of Canadian marijuana buds; that are of quality strains and have a surprising and delightful, mid-level price, then CannaWholesalers is your one-stop-shop for cheap weed online in Canada.

Cheap weed choices on consist of only, high-quality cannabis strains, at a price that you can’t disagree with.

Our Pick: Go for Alien Kush. The strain itself is one of the most potent crosses that you can imagine – Alien Dawg and LVPK, also known as, Las Vegas Purple Kush. The buds from this indica dominant variety of cannabis came with a potent fragrance of pine that emanated from its neon green and orange, pistil-covered exterior. Enjoy this new addition to with the guarantee, that it is, “the finest cannabis in British Columbia” and refuse to be undersold!

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Black Water

Black Water CannaWholesalers
Black Water – A quality blend of products that include high-quality kief, high-grade, cheap shatter, cheap hash from the top shelf, cheap distillate and many more, cheap concentrates can be found from Canna Wholesalers.

Our Pick: Go with Black Water from and skip the decision-making process because this is the cheap weed ounce, with quality characteristics that you are looking for. Black Water consists of dark purple buds that have indica dominant lineage from Mendo Purps and San Fernando Valley OG Kush.

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Dutch Treat

Dutch Treat Canada Wholesalers
Dutch Treat – This company has exactly what you’re looking for when you want to get a large volume discount on cheap ounces of weed in Canada. An order with Cannawholesalers of 8 or more cheap ounces of weed will receive a 45% off discount. If 8 ounces of cheap weed is too much, then try for the 35% discount on 3 ounces of weed or more. The options are flexible at, to appeal to a range of consumers and this MOM even has a discount of 20% on two ounces.

Our Third Cannawholesaler Pick: Dutch Treat packs a punch that has been compounded by Amsterdam breeders who favoured the strain. These medium to small buds are dense and stink of sweet berries with pine trees. Order this cheap ounce of weed from Cannawholesalers and you will be 100% satisfied with the quality.

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There are many websites to choose from to find a cheap ounce of cannabis online in Canada. We hope to have made your selection process easier with these websites to choose from and hopefully, we have saved you a few bucks in the end. Be sure to jump on any of the deals or discounts we mentioned, as some of these cheap cannabis deals will either expire or sell out.

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