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Review of The Smoking Monkeys

The Smoking Monkey is an amazing dispensary that offers great discounts on weed, concentrates, and edibles. Their professionalism, efficiency, and high-quality products make them stand out from the competition. Check out our review for all the details on this superb mail order dispensary. […]

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Review of EVERGREEN Medicinal 2021

EVERGREEN Medicinal stands out with its superb quality flowers EVERGREEN Medicinal is a BC based online dispensary that strives to supply only the best cannabis flowers and extracts. This MOM dispensary brings years of experience […]

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Canna Sweets Review

Canna Sweets is a Canadian MOM with years of combined service in the cannabis community. This MOM advocates for their patients and strives to deliver all orders as quickly as possible to ensure their patients […]

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Review of The Herbal Coast

We complete a very thorough review of the flowers and shatter offered by The Herbal Coast The Herbal Coast is a company that is dedicated towards the legalization of cannabis and they have been working […]

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Review of is a MOM that is focused on quality and presentation is a business that is dedicated to connecting you with the best flowers that can be shipped, straight to your door. Their wide […]

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Review of BC Bud Dispatch

We review an assortment of items for a very detailed review of this remarkable dispensary  BC Bud Dispatch is a Canadian MOM dispensary with years of combined experience in the cannabis industry. They have an […]

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Review of Buds2Go & Coupon Code

When will you be getting your Buds2Go? Buds2go is among Canada’s premier options for ordering Marijuana online and we are incredibly happy to be reviewing them today. They are truly a founding leader in the […]

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Review of Cannabisy

Do you want some Cannabisy? Cannabisy is one of the up and coming players in the Canadian cannabis market and their product catalogue is loaded with so many goodies that you may never need to […]


Review of Chronic Kush

A dispensary from Ontario, Canada delivers on affordability and quality. Chronic Kush is a MOM dispensary from Ontario, Canada. Chronic Kush has gained a reputation for its commitment to customer service; as well as, it’s […]

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Review of Cheeba’s

Budder, Shatter, and Flowers Cheeba’s is a British Columbia based MOM dispensary located in Vancouver; they are one of the top players in the Canadian MOM scene and they have a product line to support […]

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Review of SimplyBudz

Easy, Quality, Selection and a Great Loyalty Program. SimplyBudz website was simple and easy to navigate. This MOM dispensary offers a loyalty program on all their products, spend $2; get 1 bud point. After every […]


Review of BudifulBC

Isn’t Life, Budiful? BudifulBC is a MOM dispensary with 20+ years experience in the cannabis industry. Their website is minimalistic and easy to navigate. Emails were answered promptly by knowledgeable staff and this MOM even has […]


Review of Budbox

Do you want a Budbox? Budbox’s website was extremely easy to navigate; we think their website is among the best we’ve used so far. Their customer service was prompt at answering questions and emails. Their […]