Top Quality Online (MOM) Mail Order Marijuana Dispensaries for April 2021

Best Mail Order Dispensaries in Canada

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The Best Online Mail Order Marijuana (MOM) Dispensaries in Canada:

One of the best and least expensive ways to order weed online in Canada is currently through mail order Marijuana (MOM) websites. Our listing of the top dispensaries in Canada will reliably ship weed, concentrates, edibles, and more, discreetly to your mailbox.

All dispensaries on our list of the best online mail order dispensaries in Canada have been verified with our thorough review process. You can rest assured that the online dispensaries on our list will fulfill your order and deliver you quality marijuana that is far superior to the quality found at your local dispensary. You don’t even have to get off your couch to buy it.

Please use our verified and frequently updated list of the top mail order marijuana (MOM) dispensaries in Canada that will ship weed straight to your door below:

Our list of the best quality online mail order marijuana dispensaries for April 2021:


BuyWeedPacks (full review) is a Canadian wholesale mail order marijuana dispensary that is dedicated to delivering a wide selection of high-quality cannabis products for very reasonable prices. 

Whether you’re looking for quads or budget strains to save you money, this dispensary has a selection that will surely impress you. If you’re having trouble choosing just one cannabis strain, you can also use their amazing discounted Mix & Match option to mix your ounces.

We were amazed when we learned about this dispensary and its refreshing pricing on a wide selection of high-quality strains.

Without a doubt, this is one of our new favourite dispensaries to order from ourselves and we highly recommend you check out their site to take advantage of their amazing pricing that will save you money on your next order.

🔥 420 Special: 8 Ounces for $420 🔥 (Ends today)

Use the coupon code “420” for 20% off non-sale items! 

Check out their website

the natural remedyThe Natural Remedy

It’s been our experience that The Natural Remedy is one of the best sources for the highest quality cannabis, concentrate, and edibles online. 

They have been in the business of delivering quality medicinal cannabis products to people for many years and their high standards and commitment to quality products stand out with everything that they do. 

This dispensary also has an amazing selection of in-house-created concentrates like Live Resin at some of the most affordable prices that we have seen.  In addition to authentic hash from around the world like their Red Lebanese Hash

We recommend checking out the Wedding Cake, Zombie Kush, and Stevie Dawg strains for top-quality cannabis from here. If you’re shopping on a budget, they also offer an AAA Popcorn option that combines their AAA & AAAA strains for a discounted ounce.

We love to use The Natural Remedy to save money due to their amazing selection of high-quality cannabis and their fantastic concentrates and edibles. 

Take advantage of their 420 deals to save 20% across the entire store (excluding half-pounds).

Check out their website

happy tree buds logoHappy Tree Buds

Happy Tree Buds (full review) is a great addition to our top dispensaries list, as they offer amazing, quality products, well also allowing you to easily pay for your order with either e-transfer or your credit card. 

This dispensary offers free shipping on any order over $150. Their website offers helpful website pages that assist you in finding new products at the best prices, such as their “Back in Stock”, “What’s New”, and “Bundles” pages. These pages on their site allow you to find popular restocked items, new products, and discounted items respectively.

Innovative website features and quality products coupled with a great variety of payment methods make this dispensary worth checking out for your next order.

Use the coupon code “WEEDPLEASE ” for $30 off this MOM dispensary.

Check out their website

thehighclub online dispensary TheHighClub

TheHighClub (full review) has some of the most rigorous standards of any online mail order marijuana (MOM) dispensary; ensuring that their customers receive the very best medicinal-grade cannabis available. This dispensary sources from quality local producers and ensures their cannabis products meet and exceed the expectations of their customers with every order.

Some examples of great quality strains from this dispensary currently include High School Sweetheart, Critique, Jet Fuel, and Black Diamond.

The quality and reliability of this dispensary have kept TheHighClub on our listing of the best dispensaries in Canada for years.

Use the coupon code “WELCOME15” for 15% off this MOM dispensary.

Check out their website


This new addition to our listings excels when it comes to providing amazing products at reasonable prices that people can afford. Their easy-to-use website and prompt customer service answered all of our questions quickly and professionally. We were amazed at the quality of the cannabis from this dispensary when we opened our order from them.

We were amazed at the quality of the cannabis from this dispensary. Some of their best products include Pink Kush by House of Fire, Mint Chocolate Chip by House of Fire, and Rockstar Kush. They also have high quality budget-friendly options like Pink Gas Mask, Death Bubba, and Gorilla Glue #4.

Our team also recommends checking out their top-quality concentrates, pre-rolled joints, and their amazing hash.

If you’re interested in seeing some great psychedelic options from this dispensary, please check out our new article on the best mail order magic mushroom dispensaries that features more products from this dispensary.

Use coupon code DispensaryGTA to receive 20% off your order

Check out their website

getkush online dispensaryGetKush

GetKush (full review) is a dispensary that is committed to satisfying its customers at every stage of the process. Everything that we received from this dispensary delivered when it came to quality (check out our review), and their dedication to customer service is admirable.

With their reward program, the more you buy with this online mail order dispensary, the more you will save with them on your next order.

Furthermore, this amazing dispensary also has an easy-to-use website, that is very well organized, with a diverse range of products. They have flowers ranging from budget to top-shelf.

GetKush further organizes its products into concentrates, edibles, CBD, health goods, and even vaping products. All these products are arranged into these easy categories to make your shopping experience fast and simple.

We’re glad to have them on our listing of the best dispensaries in Canada and hope that you will agree that their position is well earned.

Use the coupon code “NEW5” for 5% off this MOM dispensary.

Check out their website

weedsmart online dispensary logo


WeedSmart (full review) is an online Canadian cannabis dispensary that takes pride in ensuring that all of its cannabis products are of the very best quality and strives for its customer’s satisfaction with every order.

They endeavour to provide quality medical and recreational cannabis to every Canadian in need, which is one of their core values. Their reliability and consistency over the years has been outstanding. This dispensary believes that every individual customer is important and it shows in everything that they do.

If you are looking for a dispensary that cares about its customers, well consistently delivering quality products with every order, check them out!

Their history of consistency and reliability has earned WeedSmart a coveted place on our listing of the best dispensaries in Canada.

Use the coupon code “WEED5” for 5% off this MOM dispensary.

Check out their website

supherbs logoSupherbs

Supherbs (full review) is an amazing MOM with fantastic products and has one of the most amazing names yet. This online, mail-order Canadian cannabis dispensary has everything from cannabis to infused edibles and concentrates. If you ever need help with anything, they have live chat on their website with experienced staff available to answer all of your questions.

This dispensary also has a ton of great pre-rolled options,  more than almost any other MOM we have come across. These strain-specific pre-rolled joints include popular strains, such as Blue Dream, Girl Scout Cookies, and even Charlotte’s Web; all packaged individually, with sets of three selling for $25. They are rolled with unbleached, all-natural papers, filters, and bud alone. These are perfect for the occasional smoker, who may not have the dexterity or inclination to learn how to roll. This is one example of Supherb’s many amazing product lines.

Their great selection of quality, innovative items, and knowledgeable customer service has brought this dispensary to our listing of the best online mail order dispensaries in Canada.

Use the coupon code “GTA20” for 20% off this MOM dispensary.

Check out their website


Are you looking for a quality bulk dispensary?  CannaWholesalers (full review) may be the dispensary for you. Their amazing assortment of items is impressive, and the fact that they allow you to order them in bulk is an extremely useful feature if you like to stock up on your medicine.

We have checked out the products from this mail order dispensary and in our opinion, they are one of the best bulk dispensaries in Canada. We trust this dispensary to deliver only the highest quality product to our valued DispaneryGTA readers and they have done so consistently for years. The more product you buy with CannaWholesalers, the bigger the discount they offer you and the savings can really add up!

With prompt customer service, fast delivery, and honest pricing, this MOM provides you with all the reasons you need, to become a member yourself. CannaWholesalers is one of the best bulk dispensaries to order from, due to its high quality, value, and great selection.

As a bulk dispensary, CannaWholesalers has excelled at providing value and consistency with every order, which has earned them a spot on our list of the best mail order dispensaries in Canada.

Use the coupon code “GTA10” for an additional $10 off this MOM dispensary.

Check out their website


EVERGREEN Medicinal (full review) is a BC-based online dispensary that strives to supply only the best cannabis flowers and extracts. This MOM dispensary brings years of experience to the table and they use this experience to offer some of the highest quality cannabis available.

This dispensary has spent time building relationships with numerous quality producers in the industry, to ensure their customers are getting the best value for the dollar.

If you’re looking for quality cannabis that you can trust, you should truly consider placing your next order with Evergreen Medicinal.

This dispensary has been on our listing of the best dispensaries in Canada for years due to its reliability, honestly sourced cannabis, and great reputation in the marketplace.

No coupon but this dispensary has everyday deals on their site

Check out their website


CANNABISMO (full review) is an awesome MOM with fantastic products. Like the other dispensaries on our list, they provide quality products that you can trust.

This dispensary is known for its huge selection of great products and its reliability in delivering products to your door in a timely fashion.

CANNABISMO has grades of cannabis flower to fit every need and price point as well as edibles and concentrates. Their quick and helpful customer service associates are ready to respond to any question and they offer discreet and secure delivery.  This is a dispensary that will appeal to every type of smoker, with products for both medical and recreational users.

Their quality products and their trustworthiness has earned them a spot on our list of the top mail order dispensaries in Canada.

Use the coupon code “GTA10” for 10% off this MOM dispensary.

Check out their website


Herb Approach

Herb Approach (full review) has a reputation for quality and reliability that is well earned in the marketplace. This dispensary has been around since the beginning of mail order marijuana dispensaries operating in Canada. The fact that they have kept up their consistency and quality products over the years is impressive.

They offer one of the largest selections of products of any mail order dispensary with fast delivery to anywhere across Canada and free shipping on any order over $150. Herb Approach is dedicated to providing Canadian’s with only the best quality medicine that British Columbia has to offer.

We also found their website to be extremely well designed and easy to navigate. The ordering process has been well thought out and worked flawlessly for us.

Their focus on customer service with knowledgeable live chat agents on their website is something that we love;  our messages were responded to quickly and professionally.

This dispensaries many years of reliability, consistently amazing products, huge selection, and the helpful live chat on their website has provided this dispensary a coveted spot on our listing of the best online mail order dispensaries in Canada for years.

Use the coupon code “DispensaryGTA10” for 10% off this MOM dispensary.

Check out their website


BUYLOWGREEN (full review) is a relatively new addition to our listings but they are certainly a quality dispensary that should not be overlooked.

This dispensary focuses on quality lower-priced buds. BUYLOWGREEN has garnered a reputation for providing value for the dollar to its customers. They have a familiar discount system that allows you to save on your order based on how many ounces you order, the more ounces, the bigger the savings on your entire order.

They also have helpful live chat agents on their website that will assist you with your order in case that you have any questions about anything. 

Some examples of what they are offering are on their website are; cannabis, hash, concentrates, tinctures, and edibles. 

BUYLOWGREEN is a value-minded dispensary that cares about its customers. and as long as they keep reliably sending out quality products, they will have a spot on our list of the best online mail order dispensaries in Canada. We look forward to seeing what the future holds for this new addition to our list.

Use the coupon code “GTA10” for 10% off this MOM dispensary.

Check out their website

ohm vapeOHM

OHM (full review) is a vaporizer company that provides amazing personal cannabis vaporizers for Canadians.

With OHM, you’re looking at the future of cannabis consumption. OHM’s sleek design and impeccable craftsmanship of their mobile charging/docking station along with its extremely small and portable pen, make this a stellar way to consume concentrate. This portable weed vape pen is DispensaryGTA’s choice for mobile and discreet vaping. OHM’s proprietary design is engineered to make every vape, the perfect vape; ensuring optimal temperatures and quality, every time.

Check out their website

budbox online dispensary logoBudbox:

Their customer service was prompt in answering questions and emails. Their packaging was professional, discrete; and Budbox was quick to send our order. When our products arrived, they were all the correct weights and measurements.

If you are looking for a MOM with an easy to navigate website, top-notch customer service, and a cool and unique way to receive your flowers, edibles, and concentrates every month customized especially for you, then Budbox is your one-stop-shop.


thc collection online dispensary

THC Collection is becoming a great Canadian online mail order dispensary with locations in British Columbia and Ontario and 50 years’ experience behind them!   THC puts the customer/patient’s needs first and strives to find the best strains for the best prices available, making them a top-notch MOM (Mail Order Marijuana) company with the premium quality you are looking for, all in one place.


More info about the best online dispensaries in Canada:

Whether you’re looking for a couch sedating Indica or the cerebral head high of a Sativa, ordering mail order marijuana (MOM) from one of our top dispensaries is by far the safest, least expensive, and most convenient option. Our team at DispensaryGTA has done the work for you and ordered from and thoroughly reviewed each one of the MOM dispensaries that we recommend above.

We are so confident in our list of best dispensaries in Canada that we are always happy to help any of our readers with your order from any of the MOM dispensaries listed in the unlikely scenario that the dispensary is unable to resolve the issue to your satisfaction. In that case, you can always email us and we will be happy to assist you with your order until the situation is resolved.

Whether you are looking for a Sativa or Indica, AAAA grade weed, or need a more value variety, these top mail-order marijuana dispensaries have you covered for whatever you need.

We have also set up our list of top mail order coupon codes in order to help those looking for savings to the best mail order dispensaries in Cannada.

Whether you are new to mail order marijuana dispensaries or a long-term user, our team highly encourages you to check out each of the top MOM dispensaries on our listing for yourself.

Never miss out on the top MOM deals to the very best MOM dispensaries by using our website to help you decide on where to order and please remember to use our coupon codes.

We are always looking for new recommendations and deals to bring to our readers. If you know of a quality dispensary or want your own quality dispensary included on our list, please email us at [email protected] in order to discuss a detailed review of your dispensary and potential inclusion on our website.

Are you looking for more reviews? Please check out all of our MOM dispensary reviews.

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