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May 2022

Best Mail Order Marijuana Dispensary List

Our best online dispensary in Canada list was created to provide great advice about where to buy premium medical marijuana from secure shops. Our picks to order weed online have safe payment methods via e-transfer, and cryptocurrency. We’ve also got the latest MOM coupon codes that will save you up to 20% off your purchase.

Ordering with any of the online shops on this page ensures a satisfying ordering experience. Our top recommendations are chosen based on our experience thoroughly reviewing countless online dispensaries.

Buy Weed Online From The Best MOM Dispensaries in Canada

Buying cannabis online in Canada through mail order marijuana is less expensive for most products. That means that whether you enjoy cannabis flower, edibles, concentrates, or prefer CBD products, our top picks have you covered.

Rest assured that every mail order marijuana dispensary on our top list gets verified by placing orders with them ourselves, so we can test the products (and ordering process) before considering them for inclusion on our list.

Find The Best Online Dispensary in Canada For Weed Delivery in 2022

Looking for quality weed products you can order without leaving your home? Get more for less with the mail order marijuana dispensaries on our list, who will gladly send high-quality weed products to your mailbox in only 2-3 business days.

With our best online dispensary in Canada list for 2022, you no longer have to wonder which online marijuana shops meet the highest standards for quality, trustworthiness, and reliability.

We’ve done the research for you, so join us below as we go through the top choices for safely and securely buying your weed online in Canada:

Best Online Dispensary in Canada – Top 15 List


– The Best MOM For Saving Money Buying Weed Online
bulk mix and match dispensary discounts on ounces

BuyWeedPacks Information

BuyWeedPacks (review) is the best bulk MOM in Canada for ordering cannabis online. They have a talented team that ensures all orders get quickly shipped across Canada through Xpresspost.

The online dispensary ships high-quality cannabis, concentrates, and edibles at the lowest prices in Canada. Ounces start at $45 for AA+, with AAA+ strains going for as little as $75 per ounce. Save even more with half-pound deals on high-quality strains.

We recommend checking out their freshly stocked AAA quality Purple Space Cookies for a potent indica-hybrid strain at only $60 per ounce.

They have excellent Indica, Sativa, and hybrid AAAA flower to choose from, as well as budget marijuana strains. The cheap weed options overdeliver for the price. Whether you pick an ounce, half-pound, or even a pound – saving money with this dispensary couldn’t be easier.

Be sure to visit their new weed deals section for even more ways to save!

Make sure to note the quantity-based discounts at the top of the cannabis section, so you can save with mix and match discounts that increase with the more you buy, up to 25% off with 7 ounces.

Our team was impressed when we sampled their incredibly well-priced marijuana. We are all lucky that BuyWeedPacks allows us to order their cannabis online at such unbeatable wholesale prices.

Without a doubt, this is a top choice on our best online dispensary in Canada list.

5% BuyWeedPacks Coupon Code: GTA10

Herb Approach

– Focused On Product Quality & Customer Service – Flawless Reputation
herb approach buy weed online in Canada

Herb Approach Information

Herb Approach (review) has a reputation for reliability and quality that is well-earned in the marketplace. They have been around since online weed marijuana shops began operating in Canada. They have kept up their consistency for many years, growing into one of the largest, best MOM (mail order marijuana) dispensaries in Canada.

They are committed to providing all of Canada with the best weed British Columbia has to offer. Notably, their store has one of the largest inventories of any mail order shop.

Receive swift delivery across Canada and free shipping on any order over $150.

We’ve always found their website extremely well-designed and easy to navigate, which helped us a lot. The steps to make an order with them are well-thought-out, and it’s always worked flawlessly for us.

Some of Herb Approach’s top categories include:

The focus on customer service is clear, with knowledgeable live chat agents always ready to answer questions. Customer service agents are available until 12 AM at night during the week.

Long customer service hours easily accommodate anyone’s busy schedule, and we’ve always found them impressively helpful with any query sent their way.

They have demonstrated what it takes to be on our best online dispensary in Canada list year after year, and we commend their tireless dedication to their customers.

Herb Approach Offers Same-Day Delivery To Vancouver & Calgary (Enter Address At Checkout)

15% Herb Approach Discount Code: DispensaryGTA10


– Vast Selection of Quality Bulk Weed & Concentrate
CannaWholesalers is the best bulk dispensary

CannaWholesalers Information

CannaWholesalers is the best dispensary in Canada when it comes to having a great wholesale cannabis selection. Customers have the ability to order huge quantities at once unlike many other options.

Their brilliant assortment of cannabis items is impressive. Allowing you to order nearly all strains in bulk quantities, as well as ounces. The more product you buy with CannaWholesalers, the bigger the discount they offer you. Savings can add up with promos like 35% OFF with ordering 3 or more ounces and 45% OFF on 8.

The wholesale prices and bulk ordering options are very useful if you want to stock up on cannabis.

We have tested the products from this trusted mail order marijuana dispensary many times for ourselves. Without a doubt, they are one of the best bulk dispensaries in Canada.

They’ve reliably delivered quality wholesale orders to readers of DispensaryGTA for years.

CannaWholesalers Customers Get Free Gifts With Every Order Over $250

They offer prompt customer service, fast delivery, and honest pricing; providing you with all the reasons you need to become a member yourself. We love them for their high-quality cannabis, value, and vast selection.

CannaWholesalers has excelled for a long time at providing major value with every order. Consistently earning them a coveted spot on our best online dispensary in Canada list.

$10 CannaWholesalers Promo Code: GTA10


One of Canada’s Most Trusted Online Dispensaries
Most trusted online cannabis dispensary

CANNABISMO Information

If you are looking for the best online dispensary in Canada, Cannabismo is a must-try option.

The team behind Cannabismo is focused on sourcing quality products that you can trust and offering impressive customer support. This dispensary is also focused on providing great customer service. We love the quality products and their reliability in shipping and delivering cannabis quickly to customers.

Cannabismo has grades of cannabis flower to fit every need and price point, as well as THC and CBD edibles and concentrates. Their quick and helpful customer service associates are ready to respond to any questions.

Check out the great products at Cannabismo:

They are one of the top shops in Canada with products that appeal to any type of smoker. The dispensary provides a great experience at a reasonable price point.

Our best online dispensary in Canada list is proud to feature this excellent choice.

10% Cannabismo Coupon Code: GTA10


Fantastic $100+ Budget Ounces
top dispensary for $100 ounces

BuyLowGreen Information:

BuyLowGreen is an online shop that should not be overlooked. They are focused on budget ounces, and CBD strains. Offering items like hash, concentrates, tinctures, and THC edibles. 

They have weekly deals on sativa, indica and hybrid buds. Through these offers, BUYLOWGREEN has gained a reputation for providing value for the dollar to its customers.

This online dispensary has a familiar discount system that allows you to save on your order based on how many ounces you order. The more ounces, the bigger the savings on your entire cannabis order.

Helpful live chat agents on their website will happily assist you with anything about your order.

This value-minded top dispensary takes excellent care of its customers by shipping them out BC-grown cannabis that nobody could complain about.

Quality cannabis and great customer service have earned them a spot on our best online dispensary in Canada list for 2022.

10% BuyLowGreen Discount Code: GTA10


– BulkWeedinBox Offers Bulk Deals & Frequent Sales
bulkweedinbox coupon code and deals

BulkWeedInbox Information

BulkWeedinBox is run by people that truly believe in the therapeutic benefits of cannabis. Because of their deep belief in its benefits, they love providing their customers with the most affordable medicine possible.

Take advantage of the mix and match options at this dispensary to save money mixing different cannabis products.

Their team strongly supports making cannabis accessible for adults across Canada. Discover their great deals on cannabis, edibles, and concentrates year-round.

This great bulk dispensary offers great deals every week and has free shipping on orders over $100.

15% BulkWeedinBox Discount Code: GTA15


– Craft Weed Dispensary With Super Competitive Prices
mmjdirect craft dispensary in Canada

TheHighClub Information

TheHighClub has some of the most rigorous standards of any bulk marijuana dispensary. They’re dedicated to having customers receive the best medicinal-grade cannabis available. Their weed is always sourced from high-quality local BC growers.

The dispensary ensures all their cannabis products exceed the expectations of their customers.

Check out the mix and match discounts at this dispensary for discounts ordering weed online with TheHighClub.

They have an impressive selection of concentrates, like their THC Distillate Syringe as well THC edibles, shatter, and CBD product.

If you enjoy CBD, you will want to take note of the potent 99% Pure CBD Isolate.

TheHighClub has consistent indica, sativa, and hybrid AAAA cannabis flower that we enjoy ordering with them ourselves.

15% TheHighClub Discount Code: GTA15


Mix and Match Deals & Discounts. Easy Cannabis Price Match.
weedsmart top mail order marijuana dispensary

WeedSmart Information

WeedSmart is an online cannabis dispensary that takes pride in ensuring that all its weed products are of the best quality. They always work hard at every step of the process to ensure customer satisfaction with every order.

They seek to provide reasonably priced, medical and recreational cannabis to every Canadian over 19.

Customers rave about the quality, reliability and consistency of the cannabis products they have ordered online from this dispensary. WeedSmart strongly believes every individual customer is important, and it shows in everything they do.

WeedSmart also offers an impressive weed price match option for strains of the same quality found at a lower price at another online dispensary.

Simply contact their live customer support or send them an email with the alternate price you found.

If you are looking for a dispensary that cares about its customers and consistently delivers quality weed products with every order, check WeedSmart out.

5% WeedSmart Coupon Code: WEED5

Get Kush

Mix & Match Deals on Cannabis, Hash & Concentrates
top Canadian dispensary - mix and match deals

Get Kush Information

Get Kush has long had a place on our best online dispensary in Canada list and for good reason. They are focused on providing many ways to save with great mix & match options.

They also offer savings when ordering bulk concentrates, like shatter, hash, budder and wax.

The more you buy with this online dispensary, the more you save with them on your next cannabis order thanks to their point system.

This brilliant dispensary even has an easy-to-use website; well organized with different products; including many high-quality BC-grown flowers and an impressive selection of budget buds.

One of the best features of this dispensary we love is its many cheap bulk variety packs. They allow anyone to take advantage of their bulk deals to order more items simultaneously for a significant discount.

5% Get Kush Coupon Code: NEW5


Quality Cannabis Products & Concentrates

GoldBuds Information

GoldBuds has an easy-to-use online shop. Their customer service quickly answers our questions about their products before we placed our order.

The ordering process with GoldBuds was pain-free and quick. Our own mail order marijuana orders with them took only a few days to arrive through Canada Post’s Xpresspost.

By ordering with GoldBuds, you can treat yourself to great, quality cannabis strains in Canada.

Their selection of marijuana, edibles, and concentrate products offers many great options for those that enjoy ordering mail order marijuana products online.


– Fair Prices on BC-Grown Cannabis

Evergreen Medicinal Information

EVERGREEN Medicinal is a BC-based online dispensary that strives to supply only the best BC-grown cannabis flowers and extracts. This MOM dispensary brings years of experience to the table. Fortunately, it is using this experience to offer some of the highest quality cannabis available in Canada.

They have spent time building relationships with many quality producers in the industry to ensure their customers get the best value for the dollar. If you’re looking for quality cannabis that you can trust, consider placing your next order with Evergreen Medicinal.

For years, EGM has been on our best online dispensary in Canada list due to their reliability and honestly sourced quality cannabis.

No Coupon is Offered.

The Natural Remedy

Online Medicinal Cannabis Dispensary With Natural Focus

The Natural Remedy Information

The Natural Remedy is a relatively new addition to our best online dispensary in Canada list. They are focused on providing quality medicinal weed strains, concentrates, and THC edibles.

This mail order dispensary has been in the business of shipping cannabis & and medicinal CBD products to people for a long time. Their high standards and commitment to quality weed products with everything they do.

They have a great selection of in-house-created cannabis concentrates.

The Natural Remedy has products like Live Resin at some of the best prices we have seen. In addition to stocking authentic hash from around the world, like their Red Lebanese Hash.

The Natural Remedy has great medicinal marijuana products. Their commitment to their products makes them a fantastic choice on our best online dispensary in Canada list for 2022.

5% The Natural Remedy Coupon Code: GTA5


– The Best Portable Weed Vape in Canada.

OHM Information:

OHM is a vaporizer company that provides impressive personal cannabis vaporizers for Canadians.

With OHM, you’re looking at the future of cannabis consumption.

OHM’s sleek design, and impeccable craftsmanship, along with its tiny and portable pen; make this a stellar way to consume concentrate.

This portable weed vape pen is DispensaryGTA’s choice for mobile and discreet vaping. OHM’s proprietary design ensures every vape is the perfect vape. Their consistent commitment to vaping excellence has provided them with a spot on our best online dispensary in Canada list.

About The Best Mail Order Marijuana Dispensaries in Canada

If you’re wondering about the best online dispensary in Canada to order weed, then our recommendations will surely be a valuable resource. Use our selections to guarantee you order with a great online dispensary. We guarantee you will receive high-end cannabis products with every order.

Each of the MOMs on this page will discreetly ship cannabis products straight to your mailbox anywhere in Canada.

Discover The Most Trusted Online Dispensaries

Ordering from our best online dispensary in Canada list is sure to provide you with the finest cannabis products safely and reliably, every time.

We review actual cannabis items from each of the top online weed dispensaries we recommend above, so you can have confidence in our recommendations. Each MOM dispensary is chosen only after an extensive analysis of its cannabis, customer service, website, and shipping process.

Our review team is always ready to vet candidates for our best online dispensary in Canada list. Use our email at the bottom of the page to contact us about dispensaries.

Buy The Best Quality Weed Online in Canada Using Our List

Whether it’s an ounce or even a pound of quality BC marijuana you’re looking for, our choices have you covered. Browse the descriptions for each of our top dispensaries to help decide where you should place your next cannabis order. They even have excellent mid-grade options, like superb quality AA-AAA weed; for under $100 dollars an ounce. In short, you can use our best online dispensary in Canada list for 2022 to find exactly what you are looking for at the right price every time!

You can even use the cannabis coupon codes on our best online dispensary in Canada list for huge savings. It’s easy to save on weed by ordering it online. Simply use our list of the best dispensaries in Canada.

With the fantastic dispensaries listed above, we have you covered with quality choices and ways to save on cannabis. Use them to quickly find an impressive dispensary with impressive cannabis products to order online in Canada.

Best bulk MOM in Canada for 2021
Bulk MOMs Makes Saving Easy

Our Dispensaries Offer Free Shipping Across Canada

It shouldn’t matter if you’re spending $100 or $5000. You should receive the best quality cannabis for your money with every order. By ordering with our recommended online dispensaries you will receive reliable and discreet delivery every time. Rest assured, every store on our best online dispensary in Canada list has the same strict standards applied to every order.

To sum up, this means impressive customer service, top-quality weed, and reliable shipping with every order you make using our list.

The Highest Quality Mail Order Marijuana Dispensaries

The MOMs for our best online dispensary in Canada list for 2022 have been carefully selected from dozens of MOM dispensaries in Canada. This means you can easily discover the greatest online weed dispensaries that offer quality cannabis at verified reasonable pricing.

Discover each MOM dispensaries deals for May using our page.

ordering with the top online dispensaries in Canada using mobile phone
We review Canadian online dispensaries so you don’t have to!

Through reviewing shops across Canada we have selected the most reliable options. Order with them for guaranteed delivery of authentic, BC-grown cannabis straight to your door.

Furthermore, the dispensaries on our list offer options for super high-end weed and budget BC bud to fill any of your cannabis ordering needs. The top-quality online dispensaries on our list will have you covered for any cannabis items you could ever want. With only a few clicks, you can get the freshest, highest quality, most affordable BC buds available online.

We’ve assembled our best online dispensary in Canada list, so you can find the very best MOM dispensaries where you can order quality weed online. Our online dispensaries will ship weed to the Canadian territories and provinces discreetly, easily and reliably. 

Best Online Dispensary in Canada For May 2022

Find AAAA flower, shatter, THC edibles, vapes, extracts, oils, and even topical by using our best online dispensary in Canada list. If you love to smoke weed you buy online then you should visit DispensaryGTA before you order. That way you don’t miss out on the latest deals and weed sales.

Use the coupon codes we have listed at the bottom of each online dispensary. You can use them to save up to 20% off your next cannabis order.

Find The Best Online Dispensaries For Ordering Weed

We hope our article has everything you need to order weed and concentrates online. You will find that ordering with any of the dispensaries on our list is fast and easy during the month of May.

Why not check out the rest of the site well you are here? Our platform lets you browse the latest deals at online dispensaries that will help you save on cannabis.

buy quality cannabis online with online dispensaries
Start Smoking Quality Cannabis With Our Recommendations!

Buy Weed From The Best MOM Dispensaries in Canada

 Let us know if you find an online shop with top products, competitive prices, and excellent customer service. Our search for amazing online cannabis and weed deals is always made better with your help.

Our thorough reviews confirm they meet our high standards. Only after passing the review are we ready to consider adding them here.

The Best Mail Order Marijuana Shops

We hope you enjoyed our best online dispensary in Canada. Bookmark our site, so you can benefit from the good weed, edibles, shatter, and gummies that you can find at the shop above.

Our site is updated weekly, so there are always new ways you can benefit from ordering marijuana online with our choices.

Questions? Or Concerns? Contact Us.


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