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New York Diesel Wholesale Dispensary Review
New York Diesel has taken the community by storm with its affordable prices for high-quality marijuana. We will be testing numerous strains from this MOM over the next few weeks and we will be providing an in-depth review of their quality service. They have one of the biggest selections of flower offered at any mail order marijuana (MOM) dispensary and all of it is AAA to AAAA in quality.

Moreover, their customer service was top notch; answering all questions to our satisfaction within a couple hours. We had no issues with the level of service provided and wish all MOM’s would answer questions this quickly and accurately.

In addition, the package arrived very neatly packaged with an impeccable taping job on the outer layer of the box. We removed the box to discover the strains packaged in a neatly self-contained vacuum sealed bag. Each package containing the flower was then further divided in individually sealed ziplock, with very clear printed labels marking each strain’s name and the logo. 

New York Diesel (Sativa)

The medium sized buds of New York Diesel from were incredible beauties. This sativa dominant hybrid glittered in the light with reflective and tiny, white crystal trichomes. Furthermore, the flowers themselves showed bright, orange and golden pistils; that looked like they were frozen in place, almost like ice sculptures. The olive, sage and hunter green tones from the leaves stood against the pistils in a juxtaposition of vibrant colour. In addition, the fragrance from New York Diesel was strongly and unsurprisingly of diesel; however, there were also citrus and earthy undertones.

New York Diesel Strain Wholesale Cannabis/Marijuana Strain Review
New York Diesel

When New York Diesel was consumed:

When combusted, New York Diesel produced large clouds of rich smoke that left a strong diesel odour in the air, that lingered. The smoke was also silky smooth, both on inhale and exhale. The flavour of the smoke; on the other hand, produced a bold, woody earthiness, that I found incredibly soothing and reminding me of potent campfire flavours. This strain also caused a bit of a dry throat, so keep water handy.

When vaporized with the Arizer V-Tower, New York Diesel produced an overall earthy flavour; coupled with a subtle woody undertone. This flavour lingered as a pleasant aftertaste; however, it was fleeting. Moreover, New York Diesel from produced a dense and rich vapour that was medium bodied and smooth.

The high of’s New York Diesel:

The high of New York Diesel from was incredibly euphoric and contributed to a creative mindset that was extremely helpful as I wrote this review. This sativa dominant hybrid was the perfect strain for daytime use and it delivered an uplifted and relaxed mood throughout the day that was reliable and steady.

Moreover, New York Diesel can be used to treat a variety of symptoms and conditions, including (but not limited to): migraines, fibromyalgia, stress, opiate addiction and recovery, fatigue, multiple sclerosis, nausea, depression, anxiety and other mood disorders (as directed).

Candyland  (Sativa Dominant Hybrid)

The medium-sized bud of Candyland from was a mixture of forest and olive greens; as well as, a vibrant and dappled indigo colour that was finely interwoven throughout. This sativa dominant hybrid also had a generous dusting of tiny, white crystal trichomes and vivid ochre coloured pistils. Moreover, the nug had a potently sweet dieselly aroma; in addition to, a subtle, spicy muskiness.

Candyland Cannabis/Marijuana Wholesale Strain Review

When Candyland was consumed:

When combusted, the smoke was thick, rich and full bodied; producing a silky smooth smoke, on both inhale and exhale. Candyland also released a soft and subtle woody musk fragrance in the air after consuming, that I found both comforting and pleasant. The flavour from the smoke; on the other hand, combined an arid earthiness with a delicious spicy kick that hit me in the back of the throat.

When vaped with the Arizer V-Tower,’s Candyland produced copious amounts of thick vapour that resembled smoke in opacity, but dissipated almost instantaneously. The vapour had a pungent diesel aroma; as well as, an earthy woodiness, that balanced the potent diesel fragrance. Furthermore, Candyland had a sinus-clearing spiced piney flavour, that hit immediately on inhale; followed by a balancing earthy muskiness, that calmed my shocked sinuses.

The high of’s Candyland:

Candyland from promoted a sense of relaxation and focus; as well as, an energetic, creative, euphoric and uplifted high that was best shared with friends. This daytime strain also induced a talkative mood with giggles on the side.

Candyland can be used to treat a variety of symptoms and conditions, including (but not limited to): migraines, chronic pain, opiate addiction and recovery, fibromyalgia, glaucoma, multiple sclerosis, fatigue, appetite loss, social anxiety, stress, depression and other mood disorders (as directed).

Jack Herer  (Sativa)

Jack Herer had small, densely compressed nuggets that were an amalgamation of forest, hunter, laurel and lime greens, with dainty golden coloured pistils, that seemed frozen in time. There were also a massive amount of tiny, white crystal trichomes that coated almost every surface of the bud, making the flower appear lighter in colour at first. Moreover, this sativa dominant hybrid had a sweet, herbal aroma; combined with, a woody pine fragrance that made me inhale its sweet scent, over and over again, before I even attempted to smoke.

Jack Herer Cannabis/Marijuana Wholesale Strain Review
Jack Herer

When Jack Herer was consumed:

When combusted, a refreshing and fragrant pine scent burst forth into the air. The smoke was silky smooth all the way down and was highly flavourful; producing an earthy, arid environment in my mouth; as well as, a smokey, woodsy spiciness, that enriched every other flavour within the smoke. Be sure to have water on hand to combat the dry mouth (you can thank me later).

When vaped with the Arizer V-Tower, Jack Herer from produced rich, voluminous clouds of dense, aromatic and flavourful vapour, that was smooth and all too easy to smoke. The room began to fill with the incredibly fresh scent of pine needles; so much so, that it may have seemed almost antiseptic in nature, had I not known better. The flavour of the vapour also had a refreshing pine scent; in addition to, the arid earthiness aforementioned and a muted spiciness.

The high of’s Jack Herer:’s Jack Herer produced an energetic focus; as well as, an uplifted mood, creativity and euphoria. Do plan social events with Jack Herer, as this strain will keep you talking for hours. This strain also produced a cerebral mindfulness, allowing a light, daytime high that was not too intoxicating.

Moreover, Jack Herer can be used to treat a number of symptoms and conditions, including (but not limited to): PTSD, ADHD, fatigue, nausea, stress, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, migraines, depression, anxiety and/or other mood disorders (as directed).

Red Congolese  (Sativa)

The small round bud of Red Congolese was packed densely and had a numerous amount of vibrant, bright and vivid goldenrod coloured pistils, that seemed to overshadow the muted forest, laurel and lime greens of the leaves in stark contrast. The nugget also had a sickly sweet fragrance; as well as, a subdued, silky spice. Moreover, the bud had a fine coating of tiny, white crystal trichomes that resembled microscopic sugar.

Red Congolese Favourite Strain Review Wholesale Cannabis
Red Congolese

When Red Congolese was consumed:

When combusted, this nearly 100% sativa produced billowing clouds of smoke that were silky smooth, on both inhale and exhale. Furthermore, the air gained a musky floral and herbal scent that was quite a pleasant experience. In addition,’s Red Congolese produced a complex flavour profile; consisting of an arid woodiness, coupled with an earthy and spicy undercurrent, that lingered as a savoury aftertaste. Don’t forget to have water on hand for this strain!

When vaped with the Arizer V-Tower, there was an amazingly fruity, citrusy and spicy combination that left my taste buds begging for more. The flavour also had a creeping aridness; in addition to, a muted muskiness, that lurked in the undercurrents of the complex flavour substrates.

Moreover, Red Congolese from produced full-bodied vapour that was thick and dense; however, incredibly easy to smoke. The vapour was also aromatic, producing small cloud puffs of pungently sweet and floral scent, making it seem as if the room were being fragranced by an incense.

The high of’s Red Congolese:’s Red Congolese produced one of the most enjoyable sativa high’s I’ve ever experienced. There was an increased mental clarity, focus and creativity; as well as, an energetic, upbeat mood and an overall sense of relaxation and well-being. The high came in softly; as to not overwhelm, but was powerful enough as a strain to satisfy veterans.

Furthermore, this daytime medication can be used to treat a number of symptoms and conditions, such as (but not limited to): fibromyalgia, fatigue, multiple sclerosis, ADHD, PTSD, nausea, migraines, stress, opiate addiction and recovery, depression, anxiety and other mood disorders (as directed).     

More about delivered when it came to quality and affordability.  You won’t find any dispensary more dedicated to pleasing their customers then We have talked to the owner at length and trust this dispensary to deliver only the highest quality product to our valued DispaneryGTA readers. This Canadian dispensary demonstrates that selling in bulk does not mean a reduction in quality. In this case, quite the opposite is true, with all of their products representing superb, quality examples, of the strains reviewed today.

The more product you buy with, the bigger the discount they offer you. For example, if you buy 3 ounces or more you can get 35% off your purchase price. With deals like that you really can’t go wrong with Discover why everyone in the community talking about this new dispensary.

With prompt customer service, fast delivery and honest pricing, this MOM dispensary provides you with all the reasons you need in order to become a member yourself. 

Indeed, has become one of our new favourite spots to order from, due to the high quality, value and selection. If you are looking for bulk cannabis at prices that you can afford, then look no further then the AAAA flower offered by

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Keep in mind,’s pricing decreases the more product that you purchase:

  • 45% off when 8 or more ounces are in your cart
  • 35% off when 3 or more ounces are in your cart
  • 15% off when 4 or more quarter pounds are in your cart
  • 10% off when you have up to 3 quarter pounds in your cart

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  1. I love these guys!!! T is the man super fast shipping, like that day you order it’s in the air by nighttime.
    T Will toss Emails back to me ASAP….
    I’ve notice the insentives aren’t the best anymore.
    No free bees like when I first ordered. Everything is done by a point system. I wish T would go back to the old way much more benifical imo for customers…
    You want fast shipping g hands down fastest in town order from T.. @

  2. I bought 4 times from them and I got the stuff in two days from the otherside of the country. His flowers are fucking gorgeous. I let the owner know that the QP of trims I bought him was bad and he promptly gave me a voucher of the same value of the QP! The customer service is A+, the prices are legit. I just wish they had taster packs (you can’t buy less than 300$ of one kind of shatter)

  3. Do not buy off these guys
    They have scanned me $600 worth of product along with many other people who have placed orders during the summer of 2019.
    I had no problems with these guys until they had their issue with their website after that everything was downhill.
    Please do your research when ordering off other sites as I hear Tony has other operations going on and is continuing to scam other.
    Throw this f*** her in jail he has scammed countless people of hundreds and thousands of dollars

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