BulkBuddy.co Review for 2020 – Amazing Products/Service – “10/10” as Reviewed by our Expert Team

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GTA Team’s Bulkbuddy.co Review

In our quest to get to know the best online cannabis mail order dispensaries, Bulkbuddy was unavoidable. We ordered a number of their products and found quite an amazing experience that you would love to read about. Want to know our verdict on each of the products that we ordered and tasted? First let’s get a background of Bulkbuddy.

It is one of those safe websites where you can mail order your cannabis, concentrates and edibles online. Their catalogue is one that you’d love to have a taste of each of the listed products.

One key thing that we appreciated is their discreet packaging. On their website, they claimed that not even a nosy neighbor was a match to their packaging and delivery. And yes, they stayed true to their word. We received our order in vacuum sealed packages that prevented any unwanted odors. The straightforward packing was also done in a crush proof box so you will never get a crushed bud or grinded crumble.

A unique story to tell of Bulk buddy is their loyalty point system where you get a point for every dollar you spend. You can make it to a 1000 points if you leave a review about them on social media. How about a massive 1500 points for referring a friend? Now, you’ll get one dollar to spend on their superb product for every 100 BB points.

Since they never claimed to offer BB points for reviewing their products on our website, we are going to keep it brutally honest.

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Space bomb Wavy THC Gummies


Everything about these THC filled gummies can be summed as a watermelon floating in space. You’ll find 5 gummies each laced with 20mg THC. They look like nicely cut watermelon pieces. The outer surfaces are coated with sugar so they don’t stick together. One thing that we love about them is their ease of handling and dosing.

Immediately you unleash one of the gummies in your mouth, flavourful bursts of watermelon hit your taste buds. The gummies are truly reminiscent of jolly ranchers watermelon. The candied flavor leaves you with zero aftertaste.

watermelon thc gummiesYou may ask what about the effects. The space bomb wavy helps you find your way to space. In 45 minutes of taking one piece, the superb comfort started taking over. I had two pieces and this lasted for several hours before tailing off smoothly.

Electric Lemon Flower

The first thing we noticed immediately we unpacked this beautiful flower is its dense buds that were easy to break. We found them to be properly cured so the THC levels were at an impressive high. This was also ensured by the sticky trichomes that fill your hands with just a few touches.This is what you will want for hash.

electric lemon cannabis

The strain has a pungent aroma that hits your nostrils with a good lemon haze scent but with added funkiness. It is a breathtaking smell and takes no time before you can smell it. When we put a lighter to a flower, the flower lit up like velvet. It felt like the  aroma had just been given a turbo boost and was now twice as powerful.

Electric lemon flower is among one of the tastiest strains that we have smoked so far. It tastes like lemon drop candy with a hint of haze undertones. The smoke came out smooth with almost zero cough. More fascinating is the strain’s clean burn with zero black ash.

Electrifying sedation encompasses your body making you feel good and not tired at all. The perfect head and body buzz tailed off slowly leaving behind a lemon aftertaste on the lips.

We settled on an impressive 4.8/5 for its electrifying aroma, flavor and effects.

Sour Diesel Flower

sour disel flowerBulk buddy sour diesel is properly cured to bring out its best potency. The buds are of medium density. We received one large bud and several mediums with other smaller ones too. as for its crystals,  they were lightly concentrated unlike its heavy load of red hairs.

The flower harbored a classic fuel forward and the spiciness that you will expect from any descendant of the diesel family.  The flowers are definitely from an  experienced bud-tender. This can easily be told from their nicely manicured presentation that makes you  want to light them ASAP.

The heavily pungent and diesel aroma filled the room when the flower bust up.  You could easily tell the earth tones present. The  inhale was fuel forward with a slightly nutty sweetness on the exhale. Very little cough and throat irritation was experienced.  Ash was mid grey as the strain burned smoothly.

Sour diesel gives us  sativa cleaning effects that are good head high without a coach locking sedation.  Overall the smoke was a quite enjoyable experience.

Blue Afghan

Blue Afghan

These  came as rock hard buds with dark green specks.the flower looks appealing with it’s glistening crystals that are very sticky.

It has a slight blueberry aroma that is compounded with pinny notes.It’s  bag appeal is extremely fantastic.

After we busted it up the strain released an absolutely delicious smell of berries that came along with vanilla and somewhat vague spiciness. Blue Afghanistan  had a more  robust test reminiscent of its smell. It’ sweetness is one to savour. I very much loved the cakey honey vanilla aftertaste on its exhale.

Our flower burned to an almost pure white ash.I was left with a so enjoyable head high.despite being listed as an indica we did not experience any couch locking effect.

BlueBerry Muffin Budder

Blueberry Budder

We ordered bulk buddies blueberry muffin budder and it came in a plastic container with non stick silicone liner. As you would expect there were zero spills. The clear plastic lid screws off easily.

Our shutter had a light to medium golden honey colour. It was easy to break and use thanks to it;s good and consistent texture.The smell was surprisingly pinny and very strong.

Lemon, pine and melon; in that order are the enjoyable test you get from the bidder when vaped.We did enjoy the nice relaxing summer flavor that somehow came as a surprise gift.A slight floral to an almost lilac aftertaste lingered long enough before tailing off.

You will definitely want more of the relaxing effect compounded with floral and lemon aftertones. We realized that vaping these products on an e-nail and quartz banger combo at 495 degrees brought out and these optimal results.



We couldn’t help but bet on how good this flower was right from its look. The flower is of medium density with somewhat fluffy nugs. The even distribution of red hair finished the appealing appearance of a nicely trimmed and cured bud.

We loved the light pine scent that hit along with a kush backnote thanks to its Bubba lineage. You know what everybody likes about Buba crosses? A rich and complex earthiness that leaves you waiting for more once you get it lit.

It burns clean to give off a strong kushy taste that made my nose tingle. The ash was mid grey with salt and pepper specks within. A characteristic Indica, the strain will leave you couch clocked. We loved the perfect smoke just before watching a good movie. The heavily sedating buzz intensifies sound and color immensely.

BulkBuddy.co Review Wrap Up

Bulkbuddy.co is one of our foremost choices for where you should be ordering from at the moment.

Their products come highly recommended by our team here; please forward  any questions you have to their helpful customer support staff or our own email at the top of the site and any of us would love to help you proceed with an order.

We hope you enjoy the products from BulkBuddy.co as much as we do and please let us know what you think of Buklbuddy.co and our review in the comments below.


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