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Sometimes you need your weed, hash, oils, concentrates, or edibles right this instant and that’s why we feature a list of the MOM/Delivery services, right within the Toronto area. So if you are in need of some weed right now, look no further then these spots in Toronto.




If you are looking for the highest quality cannabis delivery right to your door quickly then Candelivery is the choice for you. This is presently our #1 choice when we are looking to receive high-quality product shipped to us same day in the GTA,

shop lotus

Shop Lotus offers same-day delivery within the Toronto area, I have used them on multiple occasions and never been disappointed.

TBD express ships across Canada but offers same-day delivery within the Toronto Area.

i420 club offers same delivery and they are open 24/7.



They are a relatively new service with a knowledgeable staff and sane delivery within Toronto.


Have you tried any of these delivery services yourself, please leave a review below and let us know what you think of them!



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  1. The Lotus strains I bought were weak(not potent), got nothing off the gummy bits but the choco-bars were pretty decent they offer no price incentive and my same day arrived around 9pm ..wasn’t impressed,won’t return but the female delivery girl I had was very nice..


    I have sent many emails to them as well as called them. No answer. I would order from them if I was sure they were still open. Radio silence 🙁

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