Best THC Gummies in Canada | September 2021

Looking for the best weed gummies in Canada? Read on below!

More and more Canadians are using delicious gummies to consume THC daily. We believe that gummy edibles are easily one of the best creations since the discovery of cannabis itself.

For those who dislike the taste of raw cannabis, THC gummy edibles are godsent. And for everyone else, they are an impressive way to experience a smooth high that lasts longer than smoking.

Another great reason to use our list of the Best THC Gummies in Canada is edibles are a healthy alternative to smoking weed. They have no impact on the lugs, come in delicious flavors, and are pleasant to take frequently.

Without a doubt, there is every reason to love THC gummies. To help your search for the perfect products, we have assembled our own list of the 10 best THC gummies from dispensaries that have based on our thorough review process, and we are featured on our list of the best dispensaries in Canada.

You can easily order these gummies, have them sent to you in the mail, and receive them in your mailbox in only a few days. All our selections are high quality, reasonably priced, and taste delicious. 

Without further to do, let’s dive into our selections:

Our list of the best THC Gummies in Canada for September 2021:

Litty Bites Gummies by Pegasus – 500 mg THC

THC Gummies by Pegasus

THC Gummies by Pegasus

Pegasus has upped the edibles game with their THC gummies. These proudly made in Canada edibles are nothing short of delicious and potent. There is 500 mg of THC in Litty Bites, spread across 10 gummies (50 mg each). With these gummies, you can enjoy an amazing high that kicks in within roughly 30 minutes. And over the next 30 minutes, you will feel an increasingly strong, consistent buzz that will keep you flying high for hours.

For just $22, you can order these delicious edibles that deliver on huge flavour. You can choose between Mango Kush (Hybrid) and Super lemon haze (Sativa). This gummy is a potent choice that we highly recommend if you’re looking for strong THC edibles that taste delicious at an amazing price. 

Check out Gummies by Pegasus

Tropical Gummies by Bliss – 200/300 mg THC

Bliss really hit the jackpot with these THC Tropical Gummies. You can choose between 15 or 10 gummies with 20mg THC each for just $24 and $17, respectively. 

Each pack is a mix of three delicious tropical flavours that come in small cube-shaped candies. As you pop one in your mouth, the blue gummies melt into a burst of blue raspberry, the red ones give off guava goodness as the vibrant yellows excite your taste buds with their sweet pineapple taste.

THC Tropical Gummies by Bliss

THC Tropical Gummies

For people looking to microdose THC all day long, these 20mg gummies may be a good place to start with. Simply pop one of these candies in your mouth whenever you feel like it. These tropical flavoured THC snacks take no time to kick in and show their potency. The buzz kicks in fast with a smooth high that peaks with intense relaxation. These gummies are great for giving you some Bliss in your everyday life.  

Check out Tropical Gummies by Bliss

Raspberry Indica Gummies – 40 mg THC/CBD

Raspberry THC/CBD Indica Gummies

THC/CBD Indica Gummies

We loved the idea by Twisted Extracts for these Raspberry THC/CBD Gummies. With a balanced THC/CBD ratio, these berry-flavoured gummies are everything you need to experience the benefits of both recreational and medical cannabinoids. One pack comes with one gummy that can be split into eight pieces, each infused with 5mg of THC and 5mg of CBD.

These amazing combo THC/CBD gummies are a bomb of relaxation, and great to take before bed. (the package accurately calls it a ZZZ bomb). One piece is enough to put you on track to have a relaxed evening. If you choose to increase your dosage with multiple gummies, you can be sure that you will have a night of blissful relaxation that ends by being engulfed in a deep dreamy sleep.

Check out Raspberry THC/CBD Indica Gummies

Halley’s Comet Jelly Bomb Gummies – 40 mg THC/CBD

Halley’s Comet Jelly Bomb THC gummies by Twisted Extracts

Halley’s Comet Jelly Bomb

The Halley’s Comet Jelly Bomb by Twisted Extracts will make feel like your soaring through space yourself. Like the above gummy, this one also has a THC to CBD ratio of 1:1 making them perfect for a smooth relaxing buzz. Each of the 8 gummies carries 5mg THC and 5mg CBD packing a synergistic punch of calm and relaxation.

Once the Jelly bomb hits your taste buds, you will savour the watermelon flavour that welcomes the blended cerebral Sativa energy. These gummies work well for microdosing during the day and will keep you going in a calm, euphoric and happy mood.

Check out Halley’s Comet Jelly Bomb Gummies

Apple Jelly Bomb Gummies by Twisted Extracts – 80 mg THC

Twisted Extracts – Apple Jelly Bomb

Apple Jelly Bomb

These Apple Jelly Bomb THC Gummies have a wonderful apple flavour that is one of the best of any gummy. With this delicious edible you get 80mg of pure THC distilled from organically grown cannabis plants infused into one gummy that can be separated into 8 pieces which are easy to microdose, all for just $12.

The effects kicked in fast and we quickly noticed a switch in our mood to a happy, uplifted and euphoric state. The natural sugars extracted from corn and beets also help to give you a magical energy burst. Take these during the day to increase creativity and feel like the star of your own show. 

Check out Apple Jelly Bomb Gummies by Twisted Extracts

Cherry Sativa Bomb by Twisted Extracts – 80 mg THC

Twisted Extracts – Cherry Sativa Bomb (80mg THC)

Cherry Sativa Bomb

These Cherry Sativa Bombs by Twisted Extracts are the perfect choice for unwinding after a long week. We recommend taking a few of these gummies to help enter a state of calm. You will come back refreshed the next day with more energy. Each gummy packs a moderate dose of 10mg of THC, bringing with it a gush of positive vibes and energy. 

The naturally sugar-coated jelly bombs taste delicious, without any cannabis flavour. Instead, the cannabis terpenes in edible are expertly blended with this gummies cherry flavour so you can experience a full spectrum Sativa buzz without tasting it.

Check out Cherry Sativa Bombs by Twisted Extracts

Raspberry Yogurt Gummies (Sugar Jack’s) – 100 mg THC

100mg THC Raspberry Yogurt Gummies (Sugar Jack’s)

Raspberry Yogurt Gummies

You can never go wrong with these Raspberry Yogurt Gummies by Sugar Jack’s. Coming in at 100mg of THC spread across 10 gummies.  Each of these edibles is handcrafted for taste and potency. We loved their delicious natural raspberry flavour. Each gummy has 10mg THC and is coated with sugar for a sweet treat. The different shapes for each individual gummy is pretty interesting. And since they are all separated, you will find these soft and chewy jellies super easy to handle and microdose.

Check out Raspberry Yogurt Gummies (Sugar Jack’s)

Indica Medicated Peach Jelly – 120 mg THC

Indica Medicated Peach Jelly 120mg THC (Mota)

Medicated Peach Jelly

For just $9.75, you can buy delicious Indica Medicated Peach Jelly packs. With 8 servings of 15mg each of THC, these edibles are a steal at this price. The peach flavoured gummies are made to kick in fast

and bring with them uniquely voracious munchies and a very pleasant high that boosted our mood.

High tolerance potheads may require doubling the dose, but for the average user, simply pop one in your mouth for a great feeling of calm and relaxation. After waiting some time after your dose, you can easily adjust your dose to increase the sedating Indica effects if you choose. 

Check out Indica Medicated Peach Jelly by Mota

Cherry Cola Bottles by Custom 420 – 200 mg THC

The Cherry Cola Bottles by Custom 420 never disappoint. These delightful treats will cure your sweet tooth while helping with your pains and sore muscles. The natural cherry flavour of these gummies tastes amazing. Shaped like the classic cola bottles, these gummies are simply irresistible. As always, despite their delicious taste, we recommend being careful with your dosing to avoid biting off more than you can chew.Cherry Cola Bottles 200mg THC (Custom 420)

Check out Cherry Cola Bottles by Custom 420

 Gummies by Atomic Wheelchair – 1000 mg THC

It is clearly stated on the vibrant packaging that this gummy is not for inexperienced users. However, If you are an experienced pothead with an insatiable THC tolerance, you have got yourself an intense treat with the Gummies by Atomic Wheelchair.

1000mg Gummies by Atomic Wheelchair

1000mg – Atomic Wheelchair

This behemoth treat packs a full gram (1000mg) of THC. However, it is carved at the edges so you can easily break it into 10 equal pieces of 100mg THC each. Taking this entire edible is an intense atomic blast that will change your reality, so we recommend being careful if you are inexperienced with edibles of this strength.

You can choose between green apple and grapefruit with this edible, the fruit flavours with this edible are very strong, just like the edible itself. 

We stress to be careful with dosing with this powerful gummy! Even as an experienced stoner, we recommend separating it, and only taking one piece at a time and waiting for the effects to set in before considering another dose.

Check out Gummies by Atomic Wheelchair

More about the best THC gummies in Canada

We hope you enjoyed our listing of the best THC gummies in Canada, hopefully, it helped you choose some amazing edibles that you may have not previously heard of before. 

THC-infused gummies like the ones on our list of the best THC gummies in Canada offer a flavourful way to medicate THC on the go. However, without following proper techniques on dosing edibles, you risk taking too much THC for your tolerance. So we recommend taking it slow, and patiently learning how much you can handle; always remember that the strengths of different products can vary more than indicated on the packaging. 

Note that all edibles take longer (30 minutes or more on average) to kick in when compared to smoking cannabis and the total time it takes for you to experience the effects depends on various physiological factors like your body weight and whether you’ve eaten. 

Cannabinoids affect everyone differently so we recommend taking it slowly in order to find your sweet spot for any new products you might try before indulging in the wonderful effects, flavours and aromas of the amazing edible products on our list of the best THC gummies in Canada.

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