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OnlyGas Review Summary

Our OnlyGas.co review shows why this online dispensary is rocking the market. As the hottest new online dispensary to open in a long time, they are making a reputation for themselves by impressing people across Canada with top quality BC-grown cannabis at hard-to-believe wholesale pricing. 

Save money on cannabis with every order with this hot new online dispensary. Most importantly, the quality they offer, as shown in our review below, will blow you away.

This dispensary begs the question, how can you afford not to order with OnlyGas when they combine fantastic quality with customer-first pricing?

Read on below for the full OnlyGas review.

OnlyGas Offers The Gassiest Weed in Canada

In our OnlyGas review, you will learn about the hottest new online dispensary in Canada that is offering the gassiest top-tier BC cannabis at unbeatable wholesale prices.

We go into incredible detail about our experience with their website, ordering process, and the quality of their cannabis products. In addition to our detailed assessment of this hot new bulk dispensary, we have an exclusive 10% coupon code to help you save money with them.

OnlyGas Review Coupon Code “GTA10” at Checkout to Save 10%

Since we’ve reviewed OnlyGas weed ourselves, we want you to know that they are true to their name and will leave you impressed at every stage of the process. When it comes to saving money on quality cannabis, OnlyGas has your back with its exclusive connections deep within BC to bring you the very best products.

If you are ready to order the gassiest top-tier BC cannabis at the best prices in Canada. Don’t look any further; OnlyGas is the dispensary for you. 

With their help, you can find the very best marijuana strains in Canada. We’ve tried a lot of dispensaries over the years, but this one has quickly become a hot destination for ordering cannabis online due to its quality, reliability, and great pricing. Saving people money, and impressing people with stunning quality cannabis is the name of the game at OnlyGas, and they’ve done so flawlessly ever since their launch.

Read on below to learn more about this freshly launched online dispensary that is rocking the MOM market.

Review of OnlyGas’s Ordering Process & Website Experience

After placing an order with this dispensary and trying their products, we can tell you that they have fantastic quality strains on offer for prices that are hard to believe at first. 

Through this market-leading pricing, OnlyGas is taking the MOM market by storm while also providing the gassiest top-tier BC cannabis that you can find online. The dispensary boasts dozens of different strains and has recently started offering concentrates and edibles; their focus on quality shines throughout their curated inventory of products. 

When we heard the name OnlyGas and discovered their slick black website with fire on the homepage and beautiful strain graphics, we knew that we were in for something special with this dispensary. 

OnlyGas currently offers the following product categories:

Our Onlygas review shows that their website is exactly the refined experience that we would expect from a dispensary that boasts connections to some of the best growers in British Columbia. We loved the unique moving fire graphic on the homepage, which we would soon discover was not an exaggeration when it comes to the quality offered by this dispensary.

The website itself was easy to use and secure. We browsed it on both desktop and mobile without any issues. It’s been designed with a simple menu bar and is fully responsive so that you can place an order easily on any device. 

We quickly found our way around and discovered several cannabis strains we wanted to try for ourselves; adding them was as simple as a couple of clicks. If you are interested in saving a selection for another order in the future, you can even add a product to your wish list, which is a handy feature.

onlygas website and order review
Ordering with OnlyGas’s slick black website was simple and easy.

Before checking out, we had to create a free account for a more personalized experience. The process was quick and easy, and before we knew it, we’d finished our order with them. 

OnlyGas Offers Next Day Shipping & Flexible Payment Options

Afterwards, they will provide you with the payment instructions; follow those, and you can count on them to have your order sent promptly. 

In addition to accepting e-transfer and cash, one somewhat novel payment option that OnlyGas offers that we wish more online dispensaries did is cryptocurrency payment, specifically, Dogecoin or Bitcoin. If you choose to do so, you can pay for your entire cannabis order with your cryptocurrency quickly through the interface on their site. If you are not a crypto connoisseur, you can easily use one of their other payment options instead.

OnlyGas ships orders the next business day after your order and payment is confirmed. As promised, we received our tracking information within 24 hours of placing our order with them. 

After being shipped out, our order arrived at us within a few days without issues. We found their packaging to be highly professional. The contents were discreetly shipped within a small box, using vacuum sealing to conceal the smell and preserve the freshness of the products. We could see the care that went into everything as soon as we opened the box.

Now that we’ve let you know about the easy ordering process at this dispensary, it’s time to get into the main event; the gassy weed on offer at this fiery new Canadian online dispensary. 

If you want to learn more about their products join us below for our OnlyGas.co flower review. Read on to discover what we thought about their cannabis strains and to learn our final assessment of OnlyGas.

Review of Four Strains Offered by OnlyGas:

Review of OnlyGas’s Black Kongo ($131.25/oz – $525/QP ) 

First up in our OnlyGas review is Black Kongo. This strain is available to order in quantities from 3.5G up to 1lb.

The 70% Sativa, 30% Indica, Black Kongo from our OnlyGas review came ready to impress. We could quickly tell that each bud was hand-trimmed, which means beautiful buds and a frosty coating of trichomes covering each bud undisturbed for your enjoyment.  

black konga review onlygas
Black Kongo

The nug’s themselves were dark green and sticky with some beautiful reddish-orange hairs here and there, nicely accenting each bud like a piece of art. The buds ranged in size from medium to large. The spicy, skunky aroma quickly filled our nostrils and only intensified as we popped a couple of nugs into our grinder for our long-anticipated sess.

The smell transformed into a robust and distinct flavour that very high-end strains can have, showing the care that went into growing and preserving every part of this beautiful strain; it even had a hint of mint and sweet berries. Exceeding our high expectations for our first sample of the products from our OnlyGas review.

Black Kongo provided a fantastic smoking experience. 

The happy sativa high hit us within minutes, leaving us with a giggly feeling without the anxiety that comes with some sativas, presumably due to the 30% indica makeup of this impressive strain. Despite being an experienced cannabis user, after a single joint, we were feeling carefree and giggly. We loved the mood improvement and anxiety relief without the lethargy that can come with many indicas offered by the Black Kongo from OnlyGas. 

Black Kongo has quickly become a new favourite strain. We highly recommend ordering it for yourself due to its high quality, great value, and superbly pleasant, powerful effects.

Review of OnlyGas Strain: Freshwater Biscotti ($157.85/oz – $631.25/QP ) 

From the moment we opened up the second strain from our OnlyGas review, we knew we were in for another treat, which was fitting given the strain’s a cross of the strains Freshwater Taffy and Biscotti Sundae. This excellent hybrid strain is known for its desirable effects. 

freshwater biscotti onlygas.co
Freshwater Biscotti

The Freshwater Biscotti nugs we received were dark green with fiery orange hairs appearing across the surface like delicate flames. 

The buds were even denser than Black Kongo and covered with a heavy coating of trichomes. Our grinder quickly filled up with kief from grinding up only a few of these beautiful nuggets. You can tell the care that went into growing, harvesting, curing, and trimming this impressive strain from our OnlyGas review. 

The skill that went into producing these beautiful nuggets and the remarkably reasonable pricing offered on it. Showing this strain to be another must-try example of the quality offered at this new online dispensary that we are all lucky to join the online weed market. 

After lighting up the joint that we rolled ourselves, the smoke was smooth and delicious, with immediate and powerful effects evident from this potent strain. As we further smoked our joint, we felt our mood increase and a great sense of euphoria. A deep relaxation followed that eased any aches and pains in our bodies. As we finished our joint, we were in a powerful state of happy bliss. 

There’s not much room for improvement on the Freshwater Biscotti from our OnlyGas review, and we hope you get an opportunity to try this one before people buy it up, as it’s another fantastic example of the quality (and affordability) offered by this impressive new-to-market dispensary. 

Review of OnlyGas Strain: Strawberries & Cream ($110/oz – $425/QP)

This affordable strain from our OnlyGas review provides an incredible, quality smoking experience for the price offered. True to its name, we discovered a smell reminiscent of strawberries as soon as we opened the package. You can’t go wrong with weed that smells like strawberries, can you?

strawberries and cream review onlygas bulk weed
Strawberries & Cream

Each bud came covered with a light snow of crystals. The smell was pretty pungent with strawberries undertones and a sweetness that carried throughout the air reminding us of strawberry jam. 

The smoke was similarly sweet and fruity with a sugary taste that left us longing for more. 

This high-quality, affordable cannabis strain provided our mind, body, and soul with a boost. We were left feeling euphoric, happy, and creative, without any apparent adverse effects. Although not quite as potent as a few of the other ones we sampled, the strain is still quite strong as cannabis goes and well suited for everyday smoking.

After finishing our joint from this strain, we were filled with happy thoughts and couldn’t stop the giggles after exchanging messages with a friend online. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly hybrid that offers a comfortable, creative high, perfect for daytime smoking, Strawberries & Cream from our OnlyGas review is an excellent choice.  

Review of OnlyGas Strain: Indiana Bubblegum x Biscotti ($145/oz – $575/QP)

As we continued our OnlyGas review with the Indiana Bubblegum x Biscotti indica strain offered by OnlyGas was stunning. The buds had curly orange hairs staggered evenly throughout and were covered with trichomes with a sticky, resinous feeling, demonstrating apparent upon picking up each bud.

indiana bubblegum onlygas bulk weed
Indiana Bubblegum x Biscotti

The odour of each nug was complex yet distinct, sweet-smelling with hints of pine and earthiness to it. The trim on each bud was essentially perfect, with great care taken to preserve the best parts of each bud, well removing the rest.

After giving our hands a workout with the grinding up of these resinous, glittering specimens, we rolled ourselves a joint and took our first puff. The taste of the smoke was pleasant and smooth, with the delicate sweet pine flavour only enhancing the experience for us.

After lighting up, this gassy strain had us soaring within minutes. When it comes to knocking your socks off potency combined with quality, offered at a great price, it’s hard to beat this impressive strain from OnlyGas. 

In fact, after smoking just one joint of this indica dominant strain, we were in an intense state of relaxation. From our experience with it, we believe this is a perfect strain for winding down after a long day, pain relief, extreme relaxation, and helping with insomnia. It also gave us serious munchies, so be sure to have some snacks on hand for this potent strain. 

We felt the effects for hours before we felt normal again, providing an experience of pure relaxation and calmness that carried us throughout our day before it was time for the next joint! 

We strongly recommend Indiana Bubblegum x Biscotti from our OnlyGas review for experienced users. If you’re new to marijuana or smoking, then take it easy at first and be prepared for a potent ride with this one. 

Choose OnlyGas For Your Next Bulk Cannabis Order

Our OnlyGas review has demonstrated they offer some of the best pricing on ridiculously high-quality strains of cannabis. Each one has clearly been grown by people that know what they are doing, using only the very best practices so you can enjoy a fantastic smoking experience without breaking the bank.

If you compare the prices at OnlyGas with any other online mail-order marijuana service in Canada, you’ll agree that their pricing is some of the most reasonable yet. 

But the most impressive part of this dispensary is the quality of their cannabis. The quality alone gives us the reasons we need to make this our new destination for getting top-tier Canadian cannabis strains at pricing that shows you how much they care about their customers. 

Take a chance on this gassy new dispensary; we guarantee that once you see the quality of their products, you’ll be hooked on ordering dank weed online at wholesale pricing that makes this vital medicine as affordable as it always should have been.  

High Quality BC Cannabis Combines With Wholesale Pricing.

OnlyGas offers wholesale pricing on their high-quality cannabis strains but you don’t have to buy pounds to benefit. Easily order quantities from 3.5g’s to an ounce, quarter pound, half a pound, or more. With flexible options on the quantity of cannabis you order, they are making their wholesale pricing affordable for everyone.

Offering better quality, cheaper pricing, and flexible payment options; OnlyGas.co provides a ton of reasons to give them your next order.

ONLYGAS Review Coupon Code is “GTA10” to Save 10%

With so many online dispensaries, it can be hard to choose where to order cannabis from online.

We believe that our OnlyGas review makes your decision a bit easier by showing how they combine exceptional pricing with quality. In doing so, they have given us every reason we need to recommend them to everyone and to use them ourselves for our own orders.

Save Money on The Best Strains Grown by Experts in BC by Ordering with OnlyGas

We hope after reading our OnlyGas review that you are ready to try the gassiest weed in BC for yourself. After deciding on your order, when you reach the OnlyGas.co checkout, don’t forget to use our “GTA10” coupon code to save 10% off your entire order with the hot new online dispensary, OnlyGas.

Onlygas.co logo and coupon code

Place an order with ONLYGAS today and have it shipped out the next day! You won’t regret it! 

Thanks for reading our OnlyGas review!

It’s our sincere hope that you enjoyed the review of OnlyGas!

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