Best Dispensary in Vancouver – Top 8 List

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If you are looking for the best dispensary in Vancouver, then you are in the right spot.

We have compiled our tried and tested list of the best dispensary in Vancouver to help you learn about the top spots to get weed in the city. Whether you are a local or just visiting the province, you know that Vancouver is home to some of the best dispensaries in Canada.

It’s our hope that our list will help you in your search to find the best dispensary Vancouver. Our list takes into account their quality, potency, and each dispensary’s reputation for great customer service.

Our list will also look at what makes each Vancouver-dispensary unique and the pros and cons of each of them. Our goal, ultimately, is to touch on each of the best dispensaries around, and to show you the top options available.

Let us dive into our reviews of the best dispensaries in Vancouver to see which one takes the crown.

Our Best Dispensary in Vancouver List:

1. Village Bloomery – The Best Dispensary in Vancouver

Except for Christmas Day and New Year’s Day, the Village Bloomery stays open all year around. That means they have availability locked down; always able to provide bud or other cannabis product at the drop of a hat.

village bloomery best dispensary in vancouver
Village Bloomery in Vancouver

Their main goal is to inform, educate and most importantly, to empower people based on the facts about medical and recreational cannabis and what different strains can do for the body. We believe their focus on education makes them worthy of our top choice for the best dispensary in Vancouver.

What’s Unique About Village Bloomery?

  • This dispensary makes it especially easy for those that are nervous about ordering online and would rather just talk with someone in person when buying their bud
  • Village Bloomery member discounts available
  • In-person experience allows you to get the full human connection when you go to the Village Bloomery dispensary



• Puts the shopping experience into the customer’s hands for you to feel confident about having full control in your purchase

• Educates and guides through purchase experience, to help you feel positive you’re making the right decision

• Friendly customer service and even customer support chat available on their website

• Growing social media community feels immersive and inclusive

• Only open until 7PM on weekdays and 6PM on weekends

• Products not available for sale online – only local transactions allowed

2. WEEDS® – The Widest Selection of Premium Buds

WEEDS offers, among other things, an easy to remember brand name. They are firm believers in cannabis therapy as a viable treatment for a variety of conditions and/or symptoms; this dispensary offers the best cannabis Canada has to offer coast-to-coast.

weeds vancouver - top dispensary
Weeds Shopfront in Vancouver

With 5 out of 8 of their locations based right in Vancouver, it’s no wonder why they’re some of the best that Vancouver has seen.

What’s Unique About WEEDS®?

  • Educates and informs on how cannabis prohibition is more damaging to a person’s health than the plant ever was
  • To find a WEEDS store in person, just look for the neon WEEDS sign!
  • Potent, full-flavored product available at affordable rates



• Bud is valued at a fair price for the quality

• This dispensary takes pride in their customer care and the standards in place for each cannabis strain

• Wide selection of different cannabis products available

• Not just one dispensary to choose from – pick from one of their many dispensaries across Vancouver!

• Must make sure to register online before heading to the dispensary to place an order

• Free shipping only on orders $220 and up

3. Farm Cannabis – Craft Growing Specialists

Farm is a dispensary you can go into to unwind and feel right at home. As one of our choices on our best dispensary in Vancouver list, it’s no surprise they strive to maintain a positive, calm, and safe environment within their dispensary.

farm cannabis vancouver dispensary
Free Membership Sign at Farm Cannabis

Their efforts show as soon as you walk through the door. The community-based dispensary believes all adults should have equal access to marijuana, so they offer an environment free of discrimination, classism, sexism, or bullying of any kind.

Why is Farm Cannabis on our best dispensary in Vancouver list?

  • Focus on community engagement and small scale “craft growing” for superbly potent cannabis strains
  • Proud natives to Vancouver, Farm Cannabis understands how unique BC is and wants to preserve its cannabis roots and culture in everything they do
  • Educates and informs their customers on the wealth inequality and homelessness crisis in Vancouver



• Stays open 7 days a week and doesn’t close until 10PM

• Dispensary is walker/wheelchair, pet, & bicycle accessible• Valuable resource to the community, striving to stay inclusive, informed and thoughtful• Large selection of reasonable prices and daily cannabis deals for each day of the week for special sets of sales

• Cannabis products available are not available for view on their dispensaries website

• Tiny storefront in the middle of downtown east side doesn’t look the most inviting

4. West Canna – A dedicated, friendly dispensary.

A knowledgeable, dedicated, friendly dispensary; West Canna is ready to serve the Vancouver community in every way possible. Though they currently only serve MMPR patients, they will be gradually branching out into non-medical waters over the next year.

west canna vancouver dispensary
West Canna Shopfront

This dispensary proves to have the most potential across Vancouver, with an extensive selection of top-grade medical marijuana available at any given point. Smaller quantities are a little pricier than what you can get elsewhere; however, West Canna makes up for it with the quality of their strains.  

Why is West Canna on our best dispensary in Vancouver list?

  • Serves MMPR patients as the staple medical marijuana dispensary in Vancouver
  • Extensive array of products includes flower strains, topicals, tinctures, edibles, shatter, CO2 extracts and more
  • Largest in-person dispensary across Canada



• Diverse selection of both THC- and CBD-rich strains

• Classiest, most spacious and decadent local dispensary around Vancouver

• Atmosphere feels welcoming to anyone, even those who would not normally be found in the cannabis scene

• Staff is incredibly friendly and knowledgeable about the strains available in their Vancouver dispensary

• Must go through an application process before you can browse the store in person

• Prices can be higher than most other dispensaries

5. Green Leaf Express – Finest in Premium Quality Cannabis

Located in Vancouver, BC, Green Leaf Express provides BC’s finest buds across all of Canada. They have a pleasant array of flowers, edibles, potent CBD products, concentrates and topicals. Through this dispensary, you get a delivery service that guarantees a safe and reliable means of accessing medical-grade marijuana; delivered discreetly right to your doorstep.

green leaf express dispensary Vancouver

Why is Green Leaf Express on our best dispensary in Vancouver list?

  • Offers pharmaceutical-grade cannabis from BC’s finest licensed medical marijuana growers
  • Regularly has a wide range of promotions and deals going at one time for variety in your purchase options
  • Massive range of distillate concentrates, different flower strains, edibles, and more



• Coupon codes regularly available to save even more money with each purchase

• Specialize in potent, tasty and unique varieties

• Growing Green Leaf Express community is over 100,000 users strong

• Vancouver-local dispensary provides discrete, quick deliveries across the nation

• Some of their better-known products are a little pricey, like their Alien OG flower strain and some of their CBD products

• Bulk purchases are recommended to get the most value out of each product

6. Evergreen Cannabis Society

The Evergreen Cannabis Store was the very first recreational retail store to ever touch down in Vancouver. For the locals here, Evergreen is regarded as one of the best dispensaries in Vancouver; one of the most knowledgeable, the friendliest retail establishments in the city. Though they don’t get started until 11AM in the day, this dispensary had a massive variety to choose from of decadent cannabis treats.

Why is Evergreen Cannabis Society on our best dispensary in Vancouver list?

evergreen cannabis Vancouver
Evergreen Cannabis Society Shopfront
  • Educates clientele on the risks put into purchasing cannabis even still today
  • Bilingual community centre is inviting and inclusive to anyone and everyone
  • Wants to offer information to the community regarding enjoyable and safe cannabis use while also providing the best available “green” options



• Best cannabis vaporizers and top-leading cannabis products on the market available through this dispensary

• Reviews are readily available on the Evergreen website to see what others think of the dispensary

• Vancouver-local dispensary that focuses on what the people want

• Affordable, reasonable prices across a wide selection of different cannabis products

• Open every day of the week, but they don’t open their doors until 11AM

• Products only available for purchase in person

7. Buddha Barn – Unparalleled Service 

One of Vancouver’s favourite dispensaries, the Buddha Barn team prides themselves on their expert-level product knowledge, stellar customer service and professionally run dispensary. You can go to this dispensary for advice on what to try next or what to try first.

vancouver dispensary buddha barn
Buddha Barn Logo

Moreover, their staff is well-versed in strain selection, consumption methods, dosage requirements, illness-specific questions and much more. If you want to know you’re getting the best treatment, the specialists here know what they are doing!

Why is Buddha Barn on our best dispensary in Vancouver list?

  • Highly-trained staff are confident in answering illness-specific questions and helping you find the best strain or cannabis product for your specific condition or symptom
  • Strict product testing policy ensures you’re getting the most potent and safest cannabis product from any of Buddha Barn’s suppliers
  • Enter an inviting, welcome environment with a friendly staff that takes customer service to the next level



• No charge to become a member – simply stop by the shop and present your government issued ID, fill out the form, and you are good to go

• New patients are always welcome

• Staff can provide the best recommendations for the right product for you

• Community-driven dispensary is proud of their members and what they can do for their people

• BC cannabis regulations keep Buddha Barn from being able to post product photos on their website

• Price for single grams of flower are a little higher than usual, though the potency is incredible

Check Out Buddha Barn

8. City Cannabis CO. – Vancouver’s First Legal Cannabis Boutique

City Cannabis is proud to offer everything you love about the city of Vancouver in one convenient spot. 

Each team member is passionate about quality, accessibility, and sustainability; which is why their dispensary is the perfect combination of all three. Expect a serene urban oasis that’s a pleasant escape from the hectic pace of Vancouver’s city life.

city cannabis co dispensary vancouver
City Cannabis CO.

One of the very first fully legal cannabis retail brands in Canada, City Cannabis Co. is proud of the accomplishments they have made so far. All locations are provincially and municipally licensed, which means any adult over 19 years old can enjoy their cannabis products legally.

Why is City Cannabis CO. on our best dispensary in Vancouver list?

  • Massive selection of products available, from CBD to carefully selected books on cannabis
  • Vancouver-local and proud of their Canada roots
  • Invites anyone to their dispensary, even if you are still hesitant and just want to check out the store



• Social-driven dispensary has built up a community across many social media platforms

• Located in the heart of downtown Vancouver, right in the middle of the hustle and bustle of everyday life

• Interactive iPad menus across the store make it easy to feel invited and welcomed when you walk in

• Staff is friendly and helpful in assisting you with finding the best cannabis product for your specific needs

• Only able toorder products through provincial wholesale distribution, so if you can’t find a specific strain and the wholesale distribution isn’t offering it anymore, it’s just not available

• Products can only be purchased in person due to BC cannabis regulations

Learn More About Our Best Dispensary in Vancouver List

Make sure to check out each Vancouver dispensary above if you want to get a good feel for them yourself. Every one of them is different, so everyone will have a unique experience with each one!

The ones we listed above that make up our Best Dispensary in Vancouver list are our personal favourites but you may have your own favourite spot, which is perfectly OK.

Well choosing a Best Dispensary in Vancouver is something that will remain open to some debate, we did our best given the dispensaries that we have had the pleasure to enjoy and experience for ourselves.

Based on rigorous testing and many take-home treats to sample and review; we’ve put together our top 8 choices for the Best Dispensary in Vancouver so you can get started on your cannabis buying journey.

We specified which ones offer quality, which ones specialize in value, and which dispensaries had a perfect combination of the two.

We hope you were able to find the best dispensary in Vancouver for yourself with our help. We did our best to hold them to rigorous standards so you can trust our guide to get started.

Discovering The Best Dispensary Shops in Vancouver, BC:

Known for rich diversity and a dense population, Vancouver is a seaport in British Columbia, bustling on the West Coast. Nonmedical cannabis became legal in Vancouver at the same time as it did across the rest of Canada on December 17, 2018.

Today, anyone over the age of 19 can stroll through one of the many dispensaries that stretch throughout the city.

We hope you enjoyed our article on the best dispensary in Vancouver. Hopefully our article guides you in the right direction so you can decide on where you want to buy cannabis in Vancouver, BC.

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