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More than just an extraction company, I was intrigued by the lifestyle brand known as Sovrin Extracts. With lab results of each of their products available on their website, Sovrin Extracts provides concentrate cannabis products with zero fillers or other additives commonly found in e-juice, vape liquid cartridges.

I was excited to dig into the products I ordered through one of the Sovrin online partners. A variety of strains and extracts, I felt confident in the variety I had selected to be able to honestly review the company. Let us dive into our detailed review of Sovrin Extracts and find out how they compare to other extraction companies across Canada.

Super Lemon Haze Sauce

Known as the ‘Ultimate Dab’; the Sovrin sauce is a THC distillate that is supposed to be so potent, it provides an experience like no other. The additional terpenes in the sauce provide maximum full-spectrum benefits to create a superior extract.

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There are also multiple strains to choose from, so we went with one that was a little more well-known. The Super Lemon Haze variety was a multi-coloured, kief-caked masterpiece that smelled exactly like the name might suggest.

When dabbed, I got a citrusy and zesty twinge of flavour, followed up by just a little bit of sweet. Overall, the aftertaste settled on my palate and left me wanting to taste it again. The genuine lemon-like characteristics were so interesting, I may have taken a few too many hits. The aroma from the scrumptious Lemon Haze filled up the room after just a few hits, almost immediately.

When I tried out the Haze sauce in my PuffCo Peak, I had to turn up the heat a tad. I was careful not to burn it, but it is easy to see that Sovrin Extracts does not use any fillers or additives, just like they claim. I was happy to note this; it is always nice to come across an extraction company and lifestyle brand that focuses on the quality of the product. The tart and sweet taste was far more prominent when vaped; it almost tasted like a Lemonhead candy. It was not as sharp as I had expected, and I would enjoy smoking or vaping this particular strain again in the future.

I chose the Super Lemon Haze Sauce because it is a sativa dominant strain and the sativa-like effects were very noticeable. Not only did I feel productive and feel like it was easier to focus, but I felt downright lively; I was full of energy! This would make for an excellent strain in the daytime when you really need to buckle down and get some work done or put all your energy and focus into one task.

This daytime sauce could help with treating a variety of symptoms or conditions, including (but not limited to) fatigue, ADHD/ADD, fibromyalgia, opiate addiction and recovery, chronic fatigue, stress, appetite loss, nausea, glaucoma, pain, depression and/or other mood disorders (as directed).

Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) Shatter

I have always been a fan of the Girl Scout Cookies strain varieties, so I was excited to try this shatter out. When I opened the GSC Shatter package, I was presented with a light amber, golden extract that looked heavenly.

Made from 100% pure bud, you could see the layers of terpenes, kief, and other cannabinoids. It was almost too pretty to separate; but I did anyway, because in the end, I was more interested in how it tasted and made me feel.

Girl Scout Cookie ShatterWhen vaped out of my dab rig, the sweet punch of Girl Scout Cookies was followed by a pungent, earthy flavour, that hit me immediately. It provided a smooth mouthfeel every time, allowing for clean hits that left a delicious aftertaste on my palate. The aroma was as pungent as the flavour; not the most discrete strain I have tried, although I do not necessarily consider that a downside.

When vaped with the Puffco Peak, the sweet hint of cookies filled my mouth before the earthy, pungent aftertaste settled on my palate. The smell was inviting; easily a better option for someone trying to be discrete. I enjoyed both dabbing and vaping this shatter, but I enjoyed the vape side just a little more.

As far as effects go, I could see this being a reliable daytime or nighttime strain depending on the need. It kept me productive, but maybe not as energetic as the Super Lemon Haze Sauce did. It gave me a heavy cerebral high; not a couch-locked, body high; which was good considering I vaped mid-day. The sativa-like, energetic effects are usually the ones I prefer, as I can use them for a lot more situations.

This full-bodied strain could be helpful with a variety of symptoms of conditions, such as (but not limited to) fatigue, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, glaucoma, inflammatory conditions, stress, insomnia, appetite loss, nausea, migraines, opiate addiction and recovery, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, depression, anxiety and/or other mood disorders (as directed).

Blue Dream – THC Clearstick v2 Cartridge

While we have primarily been using the Puffco Peak for the purpose of these reviews, the concentrate cartridges from Sovrin Extracts required a different game plan. Specifically designed for distillates, the ClearStick V2 from Sovrin Extracts was developed alongside one of the top vaporizer suppliers after months of research and effort. These new and improved vape pens are what makes it easy to vape their extracts without the need for additional fillers.clearstick

The fact that Sovrin uses specifically pure concentrate rather than including additives also means that their products are stronger than most of the market. The Blue Dream THC cartridge I got to try, for example, is made with more than 90% THC along with added terpenes to provide the maximum and most intense full-spectrum experience.

When vaped, it was immediately easy to see why Sovrin is so confident that their products provide an unrivalled vaping experience. Since most companies add some sort of filler to make their concentrates the right viscosity for a vape, I was not as familiar with a pure distillate product like this.

Pure bud, I could obviously taste the difference and I loved it. The flavour was light but pleasantly citrus-like, with a metallic aftertaste that was not unpleasant.

Overall, the entire experience was something I would do again. I look forward to trying different cartridge strains in the future, but the Blue Dream variety was another Sativa dominant hybrid that is now a favourite of mine. I experienced full-body relaxation while I was also invigorated through a cerebral and mellow high.

Moreover, this concentrate strain could help with a number of conditions or symptoms of those conditions, including (but not limited to) PTSD, chronic stress, multiple sclerosis, chronic pain, fatigue, inflammatory conditions, insomnia, glaucoma, fibromyalgia, depression, anxiety and/or other mood disorders.

Mango – CBD Clearstick v2 Cartridge

Something quickly becoming an alternative to a variety of pharmaceutical medications; vaping CBD is an effective way to receive the medicinal effects of cannabis without the high and psycho-active properties of THC.

mango cbd vape pen

Still a full-spectrum experience, the product is meant to provide all the medicinal benefits of CBD with zero THC. While I was not as familiar with CBD products as I was with THC products, I have tried enough in the past to know what to look for in a high-quality CBD strain.

When vaped, I was presented with a pleasant flavour and a hint of mango, with a roasted and toasted, woody aftertaste

floating within its flavour profile. The sweet musk taste was satisfying and the mango was not as overpowering as I pictured; another aspect I was pleased with. Each puff had a smooth mouthfeel that was clean; I don’t think I even coughed once!

Likewise, I puffed until I felt the desired effects before setting it down for a few hours. Highly concentrated, this is a long-lasting alternative to other CBD formulas; a viable option when you are out and about and need to relieve one of the many symptoms CBD is known to help with.

Additionally, Sovrin Extracts’ Mango CBD Clearstick v2 Cartridge might be helpful with a number of symptoms of conditions, such as (but not limited to): chronic migraines, multiple sclerosis, stress, fibromyalgia, opiate addiction and recovery, Parkinson’s disease, nausea, appetite loss, depression, anxiety and/or other mood disorders (as directed).

More About Sovrin Extracts

Sovrin Extracts is a potent extraction company that provides only premium, high-quality concentrate products to  Canadian consumers. Though they don’t sell directly to the consumer, their partners are across Canada and online to try to promote their awesome products.

Sovrin Extracts focuses on quality through their stringent standards and it was a pleasure to try out some of their awesome lineup. Incredibly impressed, all of Sovrin Extracts’ products were potent, pungent and more than capable of delivering the relief you need, with no fillers and lab-tested products.

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What has been your favourite strain and/or cannabis product from their site?

Have any questions about Sovrin Extracts? Please leave a detailed response or comment below!

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