What Effects Do CBD Softgels Have?

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CBD softgels are small but mighty capsules that are becoming an increasingly popular wellness trend. Loaded with hemp-derived CBD oil and other good-for-you nutrients and vitamins, these CBD softgel pills can become a great addition to your healthy diet. Read on if you are unsure whether you need to try these and how they may help with your specific health needs.

What Are CBD Softgels?

Before we get to the effects of CBD softgels, let’s go to the basics of how they are produced and how they differ from similar CBD edibles. CBD softgels are gelatin capsules that have CBD oil inside. CBD is one of the most celebrated compounds of the hemp plant, which has numerous health benefits. Unlike THC causing a high effect, CBD has no psychoactive properties, so it can be consumed daily without fearing side effects. 

CBD oil included in CBD softgels can have different properties:

  • Full-spectrum CBD oil softgels contain a wide variety of cannabinoids found in the hemp plant, including THC
  • Broad-spectrum CBD boasts all key cannabinoids except THC
  • Isolate CBD has one major ingredient – cannabidiol

So, if you want to buy CBD softgel capsules, read the label first to learn what type of CBD oil is included and what effects it may have on you.  

Unlike CBD gummies, which are chewable treats, CBD softgels are the supplement you have to swallow like a traditional pill. Softgels are small and smooth, so it’s easy to swallow them. Another advantage of this product is that it often contains a carrier oil that dissolves CBD, promoting quicker absorption.

People willing to cut on sugar may also find CBD softgels an attractive option, especially compared to CBD gummies that contain sweeteners. Last but not least, CBD softgels have no taste, which is important if the natural hemp flavour is not your thing.  

Effects of CBD Softgels

When you consume CBD softgels, you take in a symphony of health-boosting hemp-derived ingredients such as CBD, terpenes, and natural oils, all in perfect combination. Upon entering your body, CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) responsible for regulating pain, sleep, immunity, and overall mental well-being. That’s why CBD oil capsules have such a healing, lasting effect. Here’s what to expect when you incorporate CBD softgels into your diet.

H3: Pain and Tension Relief

CBD is a great ingredient to reduce chronic pain associated with different conditions:

  • Fibromyalgia
  • Peripheral neuropathy
  • Post-surgery pain
  • Cancer

Research shows that CBD may not necessarily reduce pain intensity but can alter the psychological perception of pain, making it less debilitating. In this way, it can improve quality of life and overall well-being.

However, it is important to note that pain reduction is context- and disease-specific. It means that CBD may not work equally well on all people, as much depends on the nature of pain and individual characteristics. 

Help Promote a Feeling of Calm

If you are one of those workaholics stuck in a hamster wheel of daily responsibilities, you probably live in a constant state of stress and tension. Try CBD capsules to promote relaxation and a peace-of-mind state. CBD oil is well-known for its calming, soothing properties, so it’s worth trying as a daily self-care hack to make you more stress-resilient and grounded. 

CBD also works great on people with anxiety. It calms down the central nervous system, decreasing the adverse effect of this mental state on one’s quality of life. So, if you experience strong anxiety during public speaking or suffer from an anxiety disorder, you should definitely try CBD capsules as a supportive treatment. 

Better Sleep – Higher Productivity 

Sleep disturbance is a common problem in the modern world. Let’s face it, we all get distracted by our devices and often feel too stressed and overwhelmed by the end of the day. As a result, tossing and turning at night prevent the body from recharging, leaving us exhausted the next day. This vicious cycle dramatically affects productivity and well-being, but CBD softgels are here to help.

cbd soft gels

CBD oil has a wonderful effect on the nervous system, promoting a sense of calm and relaxation. It also helps relieve muscle tension and literally softens your body to better prepare it for a good night’s rest. Some CBD softgels contain other sleep-friendly ingredients, such as melatonin, enhancing the positive effect. 

Researchers warn that long-term cannabis consumption may result in the development of problematic patterns of use, making people psychologically and physically dependent on this natural remedy. However, unlike THC, which also has a sedative effect and is used for sleep promotion, CBD can be consumed without negative repercussions. 

Withdrawal Syndrome

People combatting drug addiction suffer from severe withdrawal symptoms and exhibit drug-seeking behavior. CBD oil may help treat withdrawal, decreasing the risk of a relapse. However, more research is needed to understand the effectiveness of CBD in this regard and develop evidence-based recommendations. 

Seizure Control 

Clinical trials optimistically show the positive effects of CBD on seizures caused by diseases such as epilepsy. This hemp-derived ingredient may also work effectively with prescribed drugs, increasing their efficacy and reducing seizure frequency and intensity. 

How to Navigate the World of CBD Softgels

If you are a newbie in CBD consumption, there’s a high risk that you will end up with CBD softgels that are labeled and marketed to appear better than they are. You need to pay attention to various CBD softgels’ characteristics that determine the quality of a product. These include but are not limited to the following:

  • CBD dosage
  • Lab testing
  • Additional ingredients (watch out for sugar!)
  • Source of hemp
  • THC profile 

Beyond the quality concern, you also need to consider the price factor. CBD oil softgel capsules are not cheap, so it makes sense to learn as much about the product as possible before purchasing it. Read product descriptions, lab test results, and, more importantly, customer reviews. People’s real experiences using the softgels can tell you much more about their quality than you may think. 

A general rule of thumb when looking for a high-quality CBD product is to opt for reputable manufacturers who have transparency policies and carefully control CBD capsule production. In contrast, worrying signs that should put you on guard include:

  • The absence of independent lab testing
  • Absence of reviews or too many negative reviews
  • Poorly looking website
  • Obscure product labeling

In addition, be cautious of health claims that sound too good to be true. For example, be critical of the companies that market CBD pills as detoxifying supplements. Experts remind that the human body is perfectly built to detox naturally, so you don’t need to consume specific pills to flush your system of ‘harmful toxins.’ Similarly, don’t expect significant weight loss from ‘weight-control’ CBD softgels. While they may have a beneficial effect on your metabolism, they cannot replace regular physical activity and healthy eating. 

How to Read the Labels

Now, let’s go through different labeling types to help you choose CBD softgels that will for you. Many products of this type are marketed as calming, stress-relieving remedies that work best in the evening. These have the following words on the labels:

two CBD soft gels on mirror
  • Relax/relaxation
  • Calm
  • Sleep

Quite often, CBD softgels designed for sleep promotion also contain melatonin that helps regulate the natural sleep cycle. 

In contrast, CBD softgels designed for the day often have ‘morning’ or ‘all-day’ on the packaging, indicating that they are better used to energize during the day. Such softgels may also be promoted as energy-boosting and balancing. Some companies infuse these capsules with health- and immune-boosting ingredients such as curcumin, mushrooms, and vitamins. Use these as an alternative or addition to your health supplement routine. 

To survive the fierce competition, CBD manufacturers also make CBD softgels vegan, organic, and GMO-free. Organic CBD softgels appeal to those seeking to eliminate pesticide intake and following organic agricultural practices. Vegan softgels are made using plant-based ingredients only, so no ethical dilemmas are involved. The exclusion of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) makes CBD softgels a clean, safe supplement that can be consumed without health repercussions. 

Are CBD Softgels Safe? 

Safety is what distinguishes CBD from THC – another popular cannabis component. Even when consumed at a larger dose, CBD rarely causes side effects. However, some people report unwanted symptoms, such as:

  • Dry mouth
  • Diarrhea
  • Drowsiness
  • Reduced appetite

These can be effectively controlled by reducing the CBD dosage. 

CBD softgels should not be consumed by children and pregnant women because of the lack of research on these populations. If you don’t belong to either of these groups, there’s a high possibility that you will enjoy the beneficial health effects of CBD oil. 


CBD softgels are super easy to include in your routine. They are small but powerful capsules that you can take quickly without worrying about the dosages. They will serve you well on your wellness journey, supporting your overall health and tackling specific issues such as stress or insomnia. All you need to do is to type ‘CBD softgels near me’ in a search engine, and you will find a wide selection of softgels to satisfy the most demanding tastes.


Last Updated on April 3, 2023 by Bud

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