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Stash Club Points, Huge Selection and Affordable Value

Stash Club is a Canadian mail order dispensary that is located in Vancouver, BC. This MOM dispensary specializes in quality service and quality product. Ordering is simple, there is no prescription required; simply create an account and upload your id during checkout.

This MOM utilizes craft marijuana growers to ensure only top quality cannabis selection. They also offer a large selection of products to appeal to a wide variety of customers. If you are new to ordering through mail order, Stash Club’s easy to use website and huge selection will ensure that your first experience goes smoothly.

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High Tops (Original) 

The review begins with Stash Club’s High Tops (Original). This cartridge is pre-filled with a liquid shatter mixture and is threaded to fit a 510 battery. A number of MOM’s carry these pre-filled cartridges and we believe it is a great way for experienced and novice users to smoke on the go without drawing attention to oneself.

High Tops (Original)

High Tops (Original)

The product itself was easy to use; simply connect the battery, press the button, inhale and enjoy. After the first puff, we were shocked by how smooth and satisfying the vapour was. In addition, the vapour had minimal smell and was indistinguishable from the vapour of an e-cigarette.

Vaping Experience By High Tops (Original):

The vapour produced by High Tops (Original) was a dry, arid sensation in our mouth that packed an earthy, musky flavour that was incredibly powerful and pleasant. The was also a subtle hint of a marijuana flavour lurking beneath the earthiness.  The arid sensation lasted as an aftertaste; be sure to have water with this incredibly useful little pen. The pen produced rich and dense clouds of vapour that dissipated quickly.

We found the high from the Stash Club High Tops (Original) be invigorating and uplifting at first; followed by a seductively slow, calming body high and total melting relaxation. We believe this pen to be some sort of indica dominant hybrid; however, we cannot confirm this.

While these High Tops (Original) are pricier initially; we found that the amount of e-juice shatter provided lasted for many days of vaping sessions and provided a better value then if we had been smoking joints. We recommend caution using this strain during the day if you are a novice user; however, veterans may enjoy this strain both day and night.  

High Tops (Original) is an excellent, small, and discreet shatter pen that many people should consider for their mobile vaping needs rather than carrying expensive and bulky bongs, rigs or vape pens.


Tropicanna Real Fruit Gummies by Cryonic 

Tropicanna Real Fruit Gummies

Tropicanna Real Fruit Gummies

The Tropicanna Real Fruit Gummies were next on our review list. These gummies were made with all natural ingredients and were split into 4 doses of 20mg each. Please see our article on edibles for information regarding dosing and tips on how to consume these tasty treats.

It took one hour and fifteen minutes for the effects to be felt from the Tropicanna Real Fruit Gummies. These gummies offer medium-sized doses of THC in an easy to consume form and allow the user to accurately dose themselves discreetly and without any smell or odour.

The taste of the gummies was indeed a satisfying fruit flavour with a slight hint of cannabis oil. We found the taste enjoyable and easily consumed the entire bag of gummies.

The high came on and we felt relaxed and at peace; with a full body high that lingered for about 2 hours. These tasty treats are definitely worth your time whether you’re an experienced or a novice user.

Cara Melts  


Cara Melts

We have previously sampled these Cara Melts at Dispensary GTA and they won our unofficial favourite edibles award. These professionally packaged, well labelled, delicious and creamy caramels melted in our mouths. This product, ordered from Stash Club; remained a winner and was a sweet and delicious way to enjoy cannabis.

Liquid Gold Caps (50MG Sativa) 

Liquid Gold Caps 50MG (Sativa)

Liquid Gold Caps (50MG Sativa)

The Liquid Gold Caps provides the perfect delivery system for THC for those who need accurate doses, discretion and a reliable mechanism of delivery. These accurate, reliable and precise Liquid Gold Caps have a plethora of medical applications; especially for those that require THC to be maintained at a specific dose in their system.

One hour after consuming these capsules, I felt a wave of creative energy come over me and I felt inspired and happy. The high lasted for about 2 hours, peaking after about one and thirty minutes. These high-quality capsules are a great option for those looking for a way to dose themselves in a predictable and accurate manner.

Blue Dream Stash Rock 

I don’t know what I expected when opened the miniature container containing the incredibly sweet smelling Blue Dream Stash Rocks. I saw what appeared to be a blob of wettish looking hash, covered in beautiful kief.

Blue Dream Stash Rocks

Blue Dream Stash Rocks

Blue Dream Stash Rocks are created using THC distillate, kief and Blue Dream cannabis. This process created a nugget that produced a powerful high; which was both uplifting and calming.

These rocks smouldered like a beautifully fine cigar; the pull from the bong was smooth and the flavour was sweet and earthy; with a hint of blackberry. There was a spicy, almost woodsy aftertaste; that lasted well beyond when the Stash Rocks were completed.

These sativa dominant hybrid rocks produced an awesome high that helped with pain as well as producing an uplifted mood. A relaxing body high was experienced as well as a feeling of floaty euphoria.

We divided these Blue Dream Stash Rocks between two people over a considerably substantial amount of time and the high was still powerful, long-lasting and very useful as a daytime medication.

We thoroughly enjoyed Blue Dream Stash Rocks and encourage you to try them today. No one can beat Stash Club’s $25/gram price!   

Blue Cheese Crumble 

The Blue Cheese Crumble from Stash Club is sure to be a crowd pleaser with its high THC content, which makes it perfect for dabbing, vaping, or putting on top of weed in a bong.  Blue cheese crumble is created from the Blue Cheese strain which is known for its strong indica effects. This strain is perfect for relaxing after a long day and provides relief from pain and anxiety.

Blue Cheese Crumble

We must also note the child-proof containers Stash Club provides are a very nice touch that we highly approve of.

When vaped with the Atmos Jr., we were immediately taken aback by the pungent earthy odour and taste that this vapour produced. This crumble had the consistency of budder; however; it vaped beautifully; producing flavourful, light and airy vapour that dissipated immediately. The aroma was not overwhelming, it could hardly be detected.

The flavour of the Blue Cheese Crumble was sharp and bold; very reminiscent of blue cheese. There was a sweet hint of berry underneath a pungent flavour of the blue cheese, but it was a fleeting sensation.   

We could immediately feel the strong effects of this hard-hitting concentrate. The extract produced large, satisfying hits that left us wanting more. This budder is powerful and will leave you euphoric, relaxed, happy and probably a little hungry; so have snacks handy!


Purple Space Cookies 

Purple Space Cookie is a popular strain in Western Canada and for good reason; it packs a hefty punch. The nuggets were rich, dense and this hybrid strain had a pungent, sweet odour that had berry undertones and subtle hints of clove. The beautiful, medium-sized, olive coloured nuggets were covered in orange hairs and miniature, crystal trichomes.

Purple Space Cookies

Purple Space Cookies (Hybrid)

When combusted, the smoke was light, refreshing and was incredibly smooth. The smoke from Purple Space Cookies had an earthy, berry flavour that persisted long after the hit was complete.

When vaped with the Arizer V-Tower, the aroma and flavour of berries and fruit were evident. The vapour was dense, aromatic and rich; the vapour resembled smoke in opacity at times.

This strain produced feelings of immediate happiness. A calm energy then quickly took hold that lasted the remainder of the high. It is easy to see why Purple Space Cookies is a popular favourite amongst the people in-the-know in British Columbia; however, we predict that Stash Club’s Purple Space Cookies will become a new fan favourite here at DispensaryGTA.


Upon inspecting Nebula, the first thing we noticed was the pungently sweet aroma that blasted our senses. The medium-sized nuggets had an olive green complexion with bright, fiery orange hairs and light green layers throughout. There were tiny, delicate crystal trichomes scattered generously throughout the bud.



When combusted, Nebula had a sweet, earthy and herbal aroma. The smoke produced was bold, strong and slightly harsh; be sure to have your favourite healthy drink on hand! The flavour combined the aroma of Nebula with subtle hints of a fruity undertone.

When vaped, the flavour remained pungently sweet in my mouth. The fruity undertones were transformed and enhanced by vapourization. The aroma of the vapour was sweet and left a pleasant fragrance in the air.

The high produced by Nebula was cerebral,  relaxing and calming. This sativa dominant hybrid strain produced an uplifted mood and euphoria; however, dry mouth was a bit of an issue.

Gorilla Glue #4

Upon inspection; the small and medium, densely compressed nuggets of Gorilla Glue #4 were coated in sticky, gooey resin. The buds had a laurel green hue with light, orange coloured hairs throughout. The buds smelled sickly sweet of gasoline or paint thinner; the fragrance of Gorilla Glue #4 was extremely fresh and potent.

Gorilla Glue #4

Gorilla Glue #4

When combusted, there was an incredibly earthy and pungent fragrance in the air.

The earthy aroma carried into the flavour of the smoke. The smoke was velvety smooth and this potent strain had us couch locked and zombified for quite a while.

When vaped, Gorilla Glue #4 produced dense clouds of vapour that resembled smoke in opacity. The earthy, pungent flavour and aroma hung around both in the air and as an aftertaste long after the hit was completed.

The high of this indica dominant strain is powerful and sedating. We advise novice users to use caution with Gorilla Glue #4 if in public; as this strain is sure to leave novice users couch locked indefinitely. Gorilla Glue #4 is the perfect accompaniment to combat insomnia, or for use after a long, hard day.    

Lemon Haze (Pre-Roll) 

When lighting the Lemon Haze joint; the sweet, zesty, and citrus aroma punched our senses. The sweet citrus flavour permeated our taste buds and the smooth smoke from each inhale quickly produced feelings of euphoria, relaxation and a sublime sense of calm.

Lemon Haze (Pre-Roll)

Lemon Haze (Pre-Roll)

Lemon Haze is a great daytime strain that will keep you calmly focused. Stash Club’s pre-roll was well constructed, tight; but also airy enough to burn evenly and slowly.  

Stash Blend Hybrid (Pre-Roll)

Stash Club’s Stash Blend (Pre-Roll) smelled strongly of grape and had an earthy undertone. The smoke was silky smooth and flowed cleanly to our lungs in an explosion of fruity flavour that remained as an aftertaste long after the joint was done. The aroma left in the air was pleasant and non-offensive.

The high was energetic and we feel that this Stash Blend Pre-Roll was a sativa dominant hybrid mixture. Creative energy, as well as an uplifted mood and euphoria, were felt. The pre-roll was constructed well with a slow, consistent burn.


Stash Club is a MOM dispensary with a reputation for quality product and impeccable customer service. Stash Club uses craft marijuana growers to ensure only top quality cannabis is selected. This MOM dispensary has a huge selection of high-grade products to suit the needs of experienced and novice users alike.

Coupon code for 10% off is “GTAStash”

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Check out Stash Club for yourself and please let us know what you think of them below!

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