Cannabis Concentrates: Is Shatter or Hash Right for You?

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Have you been smoking weed for months, years, or even decades? Do you consume cannabis for medical reasons? Perhaps you just don’t seem to get much from smoking weed.

If you fall into any of the above categories; what you might need is a stronger form of cannabis.

What are Concentrates?

As the name suggests, cannabis concentrates are super purified; thus modified, versions of marijuana plants and flowers, with high percentages of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). Depending on the type of extract, there may be other kinds of terpenes and cannabinoids in the highly concentrated concoction as well.

Hash is still king. You can turn even a not-so-good batch of weed into some killer hashish. However, with a little innovation, cannabis concentrates have come a long way and are much easier to make nowadays.

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Shatter. Butter. Diamonds. Crumble. Wax…Cannabis users now find many options at their disposal, when they want to buy shatter and other cannabis concentrates online.

So you might be thinking to yourself…

“I get high all the time. Weed is just fine for me. Why would I bother with cannabis concentrates?”

Let’s put this into perspective. Even the dankest strains of bud, I am talking strains like Sour Diesel and Purple Space Cookies — their average THC levels are going to usually peak in the mid to high 20s at best. Many great strains of weed pack THC levels in the high teens, it all depends on the specific strain.

On the other hand, cannabis concentrates in various forms can have a potency of up to 90 percent — and they’re made out of the same, dried flowers. It’s easy to see why stoners and medical marijuana patients appreciate the one-hit-and-quit approach provided by cannabis concentrates. Even seasoned potheads can be caught off-guard by THC levels this high, so take it slow.

4 Top-Selling Cannabis Concentrates from

Goldseal Royal Afghani Hash (Top Shelf)

goldseal hash cannawholesalers Goldseal Royal Afghani Hash is a favourite among veteran hash smokers that have been sampling the stuff for years. It’s the perfect combination of soft and sticky and you can easily mount a small piece on the end of a cigarette, pipe, one-hitter, or other smoking apparatus.

It’s truly a one-hit-and-quit product and users rave about the earthy tastes and intense highs produced by this top-shelf hash. A verified buyer at (your home to buy weed online at the lowest prices), had the following to say about Goldseal Royal Afghani Hash:

“WOW! Very good Afghani Hash! This was very sticky, shining and this hash is full melt! Very good taste!” — Goonies

Try it yourself. Buy some Godseal Royal Afghani hash.

Blood Diamond OG Shatter (Top Shelf)

It matters where you come from. At least when it comes to cannabis. A great shatter starts with an impressive strain of weed.

blood diamond og shatter cannawholesalers

Blood Diamond OG Shatter has the bragging rights of being extracted from a modern OG Kush marijuana plant. The aggressive nature of this clone makes it an ideal cannabis plant to grow.

People can’t get enough of Blood Diamond OG weed because it’s stocky and it’s a gorgeous and glistening cannabis plant when matured. All of this goodness is then purified and transformed into a honeycomb-shaped, glistening and translucent shatter that’s flying off the shelves!

Moreover, medical marijuana patients love Blood Diamond OG for it’s potent, long-lasting effects. Go ahead and share some of this shatter with your friends, it’s definitely a product to show off. A verified buyer from CannaWholesalers had this to say about Blood Diamond OG Shatter:

“Delicious flavourful shatter that smells great even when its sitting in parchment paper and NOT being burned. I’ll be trying all their concentrates and have done many of them so far with great success. Love this shatter, especially so far it’s the best stuff on your guys’ site….and that says a lot. “ — Andre Beaudoin

Ready to give it a go? Buy Blood Diamond OG shatter today.

Death Bubba Shatter (High Grade)

What happens when you cross Death Star and Bubba Kush? That’s exactly when Matteo Suleyman of Vancouver BC’s Sea to Sky set to find out when he bred them to make Death Bubba. The results were quite impressive and this cannabis strain ranks today very highly for having a rich set of heavy terpenes and trichomes, with purple hues strewed throughout.

Death Bubba Shatter

Death Bubba Shatter

Sit back. Kick off your shoes. Get ready to relax and potentially get couch locked when you smoke the Death Bubba Shatter made from this infamous cannabis strain.

When combusted, you will enjoy a thick, smooth hit with a nice taste of sweet earthy undertones. Start low. Go slow. Effects are mildly sedative in nature. Expect nice untying of tension and deep relaxation.

A verified buyer from Cannawholesalers had this to say about Death Bubba Shatter:

“This is by far the best shatter I’ve ever come across. Very strong flavour and high” — HighGuyJers

Get your Death Bubba Shatter today.

King Kush Shatter (High Grade)

Cousin to the aforementioned Blood Diamond OG Shatter, King Kush Shatter is another descendant from OG Kush — this time though, the OG hooked up with the exotic Grape cannabis strain.

King Kush Shatter Cannawholesalers

King Kush Shatter

Talk about a creeper. Tread lightly! The effects of King Kush are powerful, yet gradual. Famous for being both potent and decked out with shimmery trichomes, this cannabis strain is the real deal. King Kush usually has a THC level of about 20 percent — which makes it a genius base for an exquisite, mind-rocking shatter.

Nothing beats dabbing a shatter with a great taste. King Kush definitely brings it with its tangy and powerful grape scents accented with notes of lavender.

Want to learn first hand what all the hype is about?

Buy some King Kush shatter today and get ripped out of your mind. have the Canadian cannabis concentrate market well-in-hand, with over 80 production facilities, to make and supply bulk quality, marijuana concentrates, at a fraction of regular cost. Whether you want to mix and match and try a few, or bulk order massive amounts of one type of concentrate, have you covered.

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Have any questions about buying bulk weed concentrates online? Please leave us a detailed message down below in the comments.

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