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NYC Diesel
NYC Diesel

Herb Approach is a major player among Canadian cannabis mail order services. They offer fast delivery to anywhere across Canada with free shipping on orders over $150. This dispensary strives to provide Canadian’s with only the best quality medicine from British Columbia.

The package that they sent arrived vacuum sealed inside a small box and there was no smell or sign of what was inside the package. The package easily fit inside our mailbox and we were happy that we would not have to make a trip to the post office.

Read on below for our review of 3 exclusive strains from this MOM dispensary.

Pink Death 

As soon as I opened the ziplock, the sweet, pungent and flowery fragrance of Pink Death waifed into my nostrils pleasantly. The large and medium nuggets from this indica dominant hybrid were an amalgamation of hunter and sage greens with numerous delicate pistils squished between the buds. There was also a light dusting of beautifully microscopic, white crystal trichomes.

Pink Death
Pink Death

When combusted, Pink Death from Herb Approach had an incredibly silky smooth smoke, on both inhale and exhale. As the daughter of Pink and Death Bubba strains; Pink Death was a powerful, indica dominant hybrid with a flowery, earthy and a seductive, spicy fragrance, that made me want another bong. There was also an exquisite earthiness to the flavour of the smoke, with hints of a subtle spice at the end of the pull.

When vaped with the Arizer V-Tower, the vapour was thick and dense with a flavour that was incredibly spicy and fragrant of fresh, herbal flowers. The flavours shocked me in their intensely potent and stimulating flavours that cleared my sinuses. Also gives my head and neck an incredibly relaxing tingly feeling, that travelled along my spine. There was also a delicate, spicy herbaceous fragrance that filled the air around me that dissipated quickly.

Herbal Approaches’ cultivator united two of the best strains and somehow managed to combine the very best characteristics of each one and feature them in the beauty and wonder that is Pink Death. This strain can be consumed by novices and connoisseurs alike; although, novices should use caution until they understand how this potent, indica dominant hybrid reacts in their individual system.        

Pink Death quickly produced full body relaxation, calmed anxiety and also produced a happy, mellow, and creepingly sedative high, that made me content and mellow. This late afternoon to nighttime medication would be useful in helping to treat a number of symptoms and conditions, such as (but not limited to): insomnia, stress, chronic pain, glaucoma, nausea, fibromyalgia, parkinson’s disease, opiate addiction and recovery, depression, anxiety and/or other mood disorders (as directed).

Purple Tangie 

The buds from Herb Approaches’ Purple Tangie were gorgeous, large nuggets that were densely packed and covered in tiny, white crystal trichomes, that glittered in the light. Moreover, this sativa dominant hybrid was sage green with dark orange pistils squished tightly and interspaced throughout the bud. Purple Tangie also had a spicy and sweet fragrance with hints of grape as an undertone.

Purple Tangie
Purple Tangie

When combusted, this energizing strain produced huge clouds of billowing, aromatic and flavourful smoke, that was easy on the lungs, both on inhale and exhale. There was a refreshing and invigorating citrus and wood fragrance that filled the room as soon as the bong was lit.

Furthermore, Purple Tangie had an overall earthy undertone, with potent citrus flavourings and a spicy kickback near the end of the draw. Overall, this strain was a pleasure to smoke. It would highly recommend for anyone looking to try a new sativa strain.

When vaped with the Arizer V-Tower, there was a heavy citrus flavour that was tangy and slightly bitter; similar to, grapefruit, but different. Purple Tangie also had that same spicy kick near the end of the draw that I had tasted during combustion. That spicy kickback also lasted long after as an aftertaste and left my mouth feeling quite dry; be sure to have a healthy drink on hand. Moreover, there was also a citrus aroma to the voluminous and thick clouds of dense, rich vapour; however, as always, the delicate and pleasant aroma dissipated far too quickly.

Purple Tangie, from Herb Approach, unseated my current favourite, Red Congolese, as my new favourite sativa strain! Purple Tangie offered energy, focus and creativity; however, it also offered a powerful pain control with relative clear-headed, cerebral awareness and mindfulness, that made my decision to crown a new favourite much easier.

Furthermore, this strain would be useful in helping to treat a number of symptoms and conditions, such as (but not limited to): fatigue, migraines, inflammatory disorders, ADHD, PTSD, chronic pain, opiate addiction and recovery, stress, depression, anxiety and/or other mood disorders (as directed).  

NYC Diesel

The large flowers of New York Diesel from Herbal Approach had a light dusting of glittering, white, crystal trichomes. The flowers were a mixture of forest, hunter and olive greens; with bright, ochre-coloured pistils; squished delicately against the dense, compressed nuggets. The fragrance was pungent, smelling strongly of its namesake; as well as, a subtle undertone of a fruity, almost citrusy aroma.  

NYC Diesel
NYC Diesel

When combusted, New York Diesel produced heavy clouds of rich and bold smoke. It left a pungent diesel and earthy aroma lingering. The flavour of the smoke was also incredibly bold; which contained an earthy, woody spice. Do however be warned: this strain produces intense dry mouth, have water on hand.

When vaped with the Arizer V-Tower, the vapour’s flavour produced an earthy taste with a very strong musty, pine taste. The vapour was also medium bodied and left a subtle earthy aroma in the air that dissipated quickly.

New York Diesel from Herbal Approach delivered an energetic and cerebral mindfulness; as well as a euphoric, creative mindset that uplifted my mood and helped with productivity during my busy workday. This sativa dominant hybrid was the perfect daytime companion; it delivered a calm and relaxed mood that helped combat stress, fatigue, anxiety, depression, PTSD, nausea and appetite loss, without sedation.


The 3 strains that we reviewed from Herb Approach demonstrated their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. They promise a 100% satisfaction guarantee on their website . Especially, one can see that they will not leave many customers disappointed with their high-quality flowers.

The quality demonstrated by Herb Approach demonstrates why they are a top player in Canadian cannabis community and their website and selection is one of the largest that we have seen. If there is something that you’re looking for, and you can’t find it anywhere else, it’s probably offered by Herb Approach. And if you have any problems at all you can use their live chat function and they will be glad to assist you.

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