Online Mаіl Ordеr Marijuana (MOM) Coupons for June 2021

This page has аll thе latest соuроnѕ and offers fоr our top mail ordеr mаrіjuаnа (MOM) dispensaries.

Our list of coupon codes for MOM dispensaries below contains discount codes for many of our verified dispensaries and we highly encourage you to use them with your next order.

Whether уоu lоvе tо dab highly concentrated THC or CBD еxtrасtѕ or smoke weed only occasionally, mail order marijuana allows you to have your favourite cannabis products delivered right tо уоur door. Gеt thе many роѕіtіvе benefits of cannabis products by making an order with our MOM coupon codes today.

Each of the MOM dispensaries on this coupon code list has gone through the DispensaryGTA verification process, which involves sampling products from each dispensary and ensuring that they are sending out top-quality products that we know that our readers will love.

No other mail order marijuana (MOM) review website has such a thorough review process and we pride ourselves on the frequent updates to our site.

Please use thе mail order marijuana соuроn codes below for уоur next оrdеr:

Coupon Codes for (MOM) Mail Order Marijuana Dispensaries:

mmj direct medicinal mail order

Coupon Code: DISPENSARYGTA” – 20% Off

Our new recommendation with top-quality products!

MMJ direct is one of our favorite dispensaries because they excel when it comes to providing amazing products at reasonable prices that people can afford. They had an easy-to-use website and their prompt customer service answered all of our questions quickly and professionally. The ordering process was quick, and our own order arrived in only a few days. 

Some of the best cannabis strains from here include Cherry Punch, Gorilla Breath, and Rockstar Kush. They also have high-quality budget-friendly options like Pink Gas Mask, Wedding Cheesecake, Death Bubba, and Gorilla Glue #4.

Our team also recommends checking out their top-quality concentrates, edibles, pre-rolled joints, and their amazing selection of hash.

We are very happy to be able to offer you a generous 20% off coupon code for this awesome dispensary. 


the natural remedy

Coupon Code: “GTA5” – 5% Off

High-quality cannabis, concentrates, and edibles!

It’s been our experience that The Natural Remedy is one of the best sources for the highest quality cannabis, concentrate, and edibles online. 

They have been in the business of delivering quality medicinal cannabis products to people for many years and their high standards and commitment to quality products stand out with everything that they do. 

This dispensary also has an amazing selection of in-house-created concentrates like Live Resin at some of the most affordable prices that we have seen.  In addition to authentic hash from around the world like their Red Lebanese Hash

We recommend checking out the Wedding Cake, Zombie Kush, and Stevie Dawg strains for top-quality cannabis from here. If you’re shopping on a budget, they also offer an AAA Popcorn option that combines their AAA & AAAA strains for a discounted ounce.

We love to use The Natural Remedy to save money due to their amazing selection of high-quality cannabis and their fantastic concentrates and edibles. 

Review | Website


Coupon Code: GTA10” – 10% Off

Top Quality Wholesale Dispensary!

BuyWeedPacks is a Canadian wholesale mail order marijuana dispensary that is dedicated to delivering a wide selection of high-quality cannabis products for very reasonable prices from single ounces to multiple pounds.

They have a great selection of quads to choose from as well as budget strains and even cheap weed options that are surprisingly high quality for the price. Whatever you choose, whether it’s an ounce, half-pound or more, saving money with this dispensary is easy. We also recommend checking out their special ounce section that lists everyday deals on a variety of strains. 

If you’re having trouble choosing just one cannabis strain, you can also use their amazing discounted Mix & Match option to mix your ounces. BuyWeedPacks even has a great selection of concentrates, like budder, sauce, and shatter at some of the most reasonable prices we’ve seen online.

Without a doubt, this is one of our favourite dispensaries to order from ourselves and we highly recommend you check out their site to take advantage of their amazing pricing that will save you money on your next order.

Review | Website

happy tree buds logo

Coupon Code: WEEDPLEASE” – $30 off

Innovative website, quality products, and multiple payment options.

Happy Tree Buds is a great addition to our coupon code list, as they offer amazing, quality products, well also allowing you to easily pay for your order with either e-transfer or your credit card. 

This dispensary offers free shipping on any order over $150. Their website offers helpful website pages that assist you in finding new products at the best prices, such as their “Back in Stock”, “What’s New”, and “Bundles” pages. These pages on their site allow you to find popular restocked items, new products, and discounted items respectively.

Innovative website features and quality products coupled with a great variety of payment methods make this dispensary worth checking out for your next order.

Review | Website

thehighclub logo

Coupon Code: WELCOME15” – 15% Off

Quads, Quality, and Reliability.

TheHighClub has some of the most rigorous standards of any online MOMs; ensuring that their customers get the best medicinal grade cannabis available. This dispensary sources local Canadian products and ensures both growers and their cannabis products meet and exceed the stringent medicinal grade standards of Health Canada.

Some examples of quality AAAA strains from this dispensary currently include High School Sweetheart, Cake Pop, Park Fire, and Slyme Cookies  For some less expensive AAA options, check out the strains White Widow and Red Dwarf. They also have an impressive selection of concentrates such as their THC Distillate Syringe and the superb quality Zig Zag Hash that is imported directly from Lebanon

By only allowing the highest quality products, has quickly educated a vast number of Canadians on the importance of standards for medicinal-grade cannabis. Canadians everywhere are trusting to provide them with quality medicine and we highly recommend that you place an order.

Review | Website

get kush logo coupon codes

Coupon Code: NEW5” – 5% off

Medical-grade marijuana at amazing bulk prices!

In many places all over Canada, receiving marijuana through the mail is gaining popularity. However, finding out where to get the best deals is usually time-consuming and tedious. We believe that is an easy decision when it comes to finding the best deals, and they are able to reach the farthest corners of Canada; with medical-grade marijuana, at bulk prices, for all the frugal smokers out there.

GetKush is one of the most affordable online dispensaries in Canada and it is truly apparent how much this business cares for its customers, wanting them to get the highest quality medical marijuana they can get their hands on, by hand-picking all the products themselves.

Review | Website

Coupon Code: WEED5” – 5% off

Great prices on quality cannabis.

WeedSmart has been around a long time and they have been one of our top recommended dispensaries for years now. We think that WeedSmart is a great option for anyone looking for great quality without wanting to spend a ton of money. In fact, they have an amazing offer to match the price online for any strain, all you need to do is talk to their live customer support.

They also have fast, guaranteed delivery and strive to raise the bar when it comes to mail-order marijuana.

This dispensary believes that everyone over the age of 19 should have access to marijuana and they are definitely helping to achieve that goal with their amazing customer service and quality products.

Review | Website

Coupon Code: GTA20” – 20% off

Amazing deals on a wide selection of quality items.

This is an amazing MOM with fantastic products and has one of the most amazing names yet: Supherbs. This online, mail-order Canadian cannabis dispensary has everything from flower to infused edibles and concentrates. If you ever need help with anything, they have live chat on their website with experienced staff available to answer all of your questions.

Supherbs also uniquely has more pre-rolled options, than almost any other MOM we have come across. Strain-specific pre-rolled joints that include popular strains, such as Blue Dream, Girl Scout Cookies, and even Charlotte’s Web; all packaged individually in sealed tubes in sets of three for $25 and rolled with unbleached, all-natural papers, filters, and bud alone. These are perfect for the occasional smoker, who may not have the dexterity or inclination to learn how to roll; however, this example is just one of many of Supherbs’ amazing product lines.

Review Website

canna wholesalers logo

Coupon Code: GTA10” – $10 off 

Massive selection of Quads/AAAA flowers at already discounted prices.

Quality, affordability, and dedication to making sure their customers are happy really sets CannaWholesalers apart from their competitors.

They’ve proven that selling in bulk doesn’t have to mean you get lower quality products. Everything they offer is absolute top-quality, with a healthy selection of different products.

Review | Website


Coupon Code: GTA10” 10% Off

Amazing selection, highly recommended, amazing quality!

This dispensary is known for its high-quality products and a huge selection of items. CANNABISMO has grades of cannabis flower to fit every need and price point.

Their quick and helpful customer service associates are ready to respond to any question and they offer discreet and secure delivery. 

This is a  dispensary that will appeal to every type of smoker, with products for both medical and recreational users!

Review Website

Coupon Code: GTA10” 10% Off

Some of the best quality cannabis online at the lowest prices!

Unlike other low-quality online cannabis retailers, this dispensary has high standards and has been verified by our team.

There are many different cannabis forms that are carried by this reputable and quality-oriented dispensary. Some of the examples of what they are offering are dried cannabis flower, hash, concentrates, tinctures, and edibles.  

BUYLOWGREEN has high-quality products and we highly recommend checking them out yourself.

Review Website

Coupon Code: DispensaryGTA10” – 10% Off

Massive selection of quality THC & CBD products.

The quality demonstrated by Herb Approach demonstrates why they are one of the best dispensaries in the Canadian mail order cannabis community and their website has one of the largest selections that we have seen. If there is something that you’re looking for, and you can’t find it anywhere else, it’s probably offered by Herb Approach.

This dispensary offers fast delivery to anywhere across Canada and free shipping on any order over $150. Herb Approach is dedicated to providing Canadian’s with only the best quality medicine that British Columbia has to offer.

Some of their top sections that we recommend checking out include:

  • Flash Deals
  • Mix & Match Packs
  • Craft Collection
  • Edibles
  • Concentrates
  • CBD
  • Magic Mushrooms

If you have any questions at all for them, we recommend using their live chat function and they will be glad to assist you during their business hours. 

Review | Website

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