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If you’ve arrived looking for the best MOM weed deals this week in Canada, then you are in the right spot! Our name might be DispensaryGTA but it doesn’t matter if you are located near Toronto or you are closer to Vancovuer, the dispensary’s on our site ship offer fast shipping Canada-wide.

Our MOM deals page lists the best cannabis deals available to buy online right now in Canada. We love helping readers save money on the hottest weed products for sale right now from online dispensaries we personally review for quality.

With the MOM Deals on this page, you can find out which online weed stores are selling the best products for the lowest prices with a quick glance. MOM, or mail order marijuana, is a commonly used term by people (like us) who enjoy buying marijuana online.

Mail order marijuana purchased online is shipped out either same-day or the very next business day through Canada Post and delivered in 2-3 days. 

Save With The Top Canadian Mail Order Marijuana Deals

Our Weed Deals Make Saving Easy

Online weed deals are flourishing in Canada, giving people even more reasons to want to buy weed online. It’s cleat that online MOM dispensaries now offer the best weed deals, and fast delivery, as well as top quality cannabis to boot. The best part is, you don’t have to leave your home to buy it. Orders placed earlier in the week will often arrive 2-3 days after the order’s placed; helping you restock quickly, and affordably.

We recommend bookmarking our MOM deals page, so you always have the latest information you need to save money when you buy weed online.

Use our MOM weed deals section to stay informed on the top offers currently available:

Latest MOM Weed Deals:

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Top Quality

Hooti Extracts Infinity Box

$129.00 $149.99
15% Coupon Code

Hooti Extracts Infinity Box ReviewHello, fellow cannabis enthusiasts! Welcome back to DispensaryGTA, where we provide you with the most comprehensive and ...

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1oz AAAA+ Mix And Match Deal

$153.00 – $170.00 $180.00 – $200.00

The 1Oz Aaaa+ Mix And Match Deal From CannacuredAs a seasoned cannabis enthusiast, I've tried various strains and deals from multiple vendors. That said, ...

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When it comes to enjoying the finer things in life, CannaCurede's Exclusive Batch Joints stand head and shoulders above the rest. I recently had the pleasure ...

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Save 15% On Sugar Jacks Gummies With Our Coupon Code. Sugar Jacks THC Gummies use 100% natural ingredients, made with fruit, pure cane sugar and Manuka honey.

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Romulan is an indica-dominant hybrid with a high THC content. This strain delivers a strong physical and mental punch with aromas of citrus, fuel, pine, and ...

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This sauce is also made from a 70% Indica strain, so if you're not looking for something that's going to knock you out, this won't do it. The method used ...

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Hooti Fruit Pods Mix and Match

$90 $105
15% Coupon Code

You're looking for the perfect, all-natural way to get your daily dose of cannabis? Hooti Extracts’ Fruit Pods are here to help with our pre-mixed, authentic ...

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Sugar Jack's THC Chocolate Bars are high quality THC-infused chocolate bars that are now available to Canadians. These bars sold by Herb Approach are made with ...

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Top Shelf Glass Cartridge Mix & Match

$80.99 $89.99
15% Coupon Code

Top Shelf Glass Cartridge Mix & Match DealDelicious and pure, Top Shelf Glass Cartridges are the right concentrate for those looking for optimal ...

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Bob Distillate Cartridge

$45.00 $50.00
15% Coupon Code

The Bob Cartridges are ideal for those who desire a small amount of high-quality distillate. Made with the highest quality distillates and terpenes to give you ...

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15% Coupon Code

I recently had the pleasure of exploring Bulk Weed Inbox's pre-roll selection, and let me tell you, it was a truly blissful experience. As an avid ...

Herb Approach Pre-Rolled Mix & Match

$130.00 $150.00
15% Coupon Code

Herb Approach’s pre-rolled pack of five joints is a great way to try out different strains or if you don’t want to spend too much money on one strain. . With ...

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We Post New Weed Deals Every Week

We make it easy for you to quickly find the best MOM weed deals on cannabis products. So whether you are looking for deals on ounces, shatter, edibles, or pre-rolls, we’ve always got the latest deals from the highest rated online dispensaries in Canada.

Beyond helping Canadian’s find deals, before adding a new online dispensary to our recommended dispensary’s, we take the time to thoroughly review them.

All you need to do is to browse our frequently updated weed deals. Choose one you like and register as a customer with the dispensary, and pop in our coupon code at checkout. Then you can take advantage of the incredible discounts available to at the online MOM dispensary. You should receive the products discreetly delivered via Express Post to your mailbox in only a few business days.

best MOM Deals Canada 2022

Our MOM Deals Help You Buy Weed Online For Less

We have a wide variety of online cannabis products to fit any presence with frequent updates so we’ve always got in-stock items to offer you.

We’ve listed the associated MOM dispensary coupon code beside each cannabis product that you can use for additional savings. Keep an eye on our list of MOM coupon codes page for a detailed rundown of the current discounts we have on the dispensaries we recommended. Use that page if you’d prefer to search through all the deals on each store’s website on your own without viewing the deals individually.

We have set up our deals pages, so anyone can quickly view the deals from over a dozen high-quality dispensaries together easily, so give it a chance if you’d like to save some time. Regardless of how you use our platform to save money, we recommend checking DispensaryGTA frequently as new deals, dispensaries and discount codes are added every week!

MOM Weed Deals Canada FLower Bought Online
Get Top Quality Weed For Less

That way you will always know if there’s a special promotion going on in any of these stores or if we’ve found a deal on anything, whether it’s an edible or an ounce, that’s especially good.

It doesn’t happen often, but if we miss a great deal and it’s not listed on this page, feel free to send us a message with our email that is listed at the bottom of this page.

Fortunately, our website makes it simple to find low-cost THC edibles, hash, mix-and-match options, and even bulk-priced concentrates. If you’re looking for the cheapest cannabis items available for purchase without sacrificing quality, then you are in the right spot. We’ve chosen to list deals from Canada’s most reputable MOM dispensaries, so this page is the best place to start looking.

Buy Quality Weed At A Discount With Our Deals

We believe that everyone in Canada should be able to afford to buy quality MOM weed online at a reasonable price. As a result, we work hard every day to compile the most up-to-date weed deals for you on this page so you can get the best deal on cannabis.

 Our goal is to list every worthwhile MOM sale, as well as all the current deals available at Canada’s best mail order marijuana dispensaries, on our site to assist with your search. Please take advantage of the numerous high-quality MOM deals we list that are here to help you save money on your next cannabis order from any of the top online mail-order marijuana dispensaries (MOMs) in Canada that we recommend.

MOM Dispensaries Offer Free Shipping Across Canada

If you enjoy smoking the best flower in Canada or eating THC edibles that you found on sale for a great price, our MOM Weed Deals page is the place to be.

DispensaryGTA is where many Canadian’s turn to every month for that very reason. Saving money on high-quality weed products is worth it, and we make it easy! After a small minimum order of $100-$150, most of the dispensaries listed above will even provide free shipping on orders. As such, you can receive free shipping by purchasing as little as an ounce of weed in many cases.

Our list of recommended mail order marijuana dispensaries has some of the best customer services of any weed business, online or off. So if you need help before or after your purchase, simply shoot them an email or use their live chat during business hours, they are always super helpful, and you will be glad you did.

Whether you’re smoking marijuana recreationally or for medical purposes, we recommend taking advantage of the ounce discounts and excellent customer service offered by Canada’s top MOM dispensaries.

Saving With Mail Order Weed Deals Is Easy

We hope our discounts & deals assist you in finding a great online dispensary to place your next online weed order with.

There are few cheaper alternatives to buy an ounce of marijuana than by purchasing it from one of the top MOM dispensaries listed on this page.

By this point, you should have all the information you need to save money on your order with an online cannabis dispensary. Many of them offer free shipping on orders with small minimum purchases, so delivery won’t be a factor in the cost.

Check Back Often For New Weed Deals

We hope you enjoyed our MOM dispensary deals page and will take advantage of some of these exceptional cannabis product discounts.

Do you know of a quality online dispensary that offers great weed deals? Do you have a question about MOM dispensaries? Feel free to contact us for any reason at

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