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We provide listings of the best cannabis budder and wax available for mail order in Canada. We only list deals on the best possible products to make it easy for you to decide what to purchase.

So if your looking to save money on budder or wax from MOMs in Canada, our page has you set. Our assortment from online dispensaries provides you with the latest options on these tasty concentrates that are a personal favourite here. If you enjoy these concentrates as much as we do, you are going to love the great options on this page.

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3g Mix & Match: Premium Budder (3 x 1g)

$125.00/ 3g $200.00/ 3g
5% Coupon Code

Mix & Match: Premium Budder 3 x 1g. Canada's Finest Shatter Butter and Weed Wax is a super-potent cannabis concentrate that also happens to be the ...


You can finally get it! Animal Cookies Budder, the hybrid of GSC and Fire OG legends, is now available for baking or cooking. Animal Cookies is true to its ...


Stripper Spit Sugar Wax (1g)

$30.00 $40.00
15% Coupon Code

Sugar wax has been heat purged and vacuumed, which is different from regular wax. To create nucleation, we strategically stir the wax. This gives it its ...


Lemon Cake Budder is a high-quality, honeycomb dabbable budder, and offers a potent 67% THC in lab tests. This product has a beautiful golden colouration and ...


Orange Crush Budder (top Shelf)

$100/3.5g $120/3.5g
$10 OFF

Orange Kush Budder is a high-potency, golden concentrate, that's a great option for hot knife and vaporizer consumption. Lab results show an incredible 71% ...


We're proud to introduce our latest product, the Pink Kush Honeycomb Budder! It's a potent cannabis concentrate and is one of the strongest concentrates on ...


Cloud Chaser Budder – 1 Gram

$36.75 $52.50
5% Coupon Code

Cloud Chaser Budder is the cannabis concentrate that you never knew you needed. It has stunningly high THC content, lab tested at 70-80% while retaining the ...

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