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This mail order marijuana dispensary has ongoing issues. We’ve not been able to get in contact with them ourselves. Our team strongly reccomends you do not place an order with BuyWeedPacks. If you place an order with them, you can expect to loose your money. We reccomend placing an order with Bulk Weed Inbox instead. They are a highly regarded bulk dispensary that you can trust.
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BuyWeedPacks Review – Warning – Blacklisted

With our BuyWeedPacks review, we let you know more about one of the best bulk MOM dispensaries in Canada, who’s dedicated itself to providing the best weed at the lowest prices to Canadians for years.

Having been customers of this dispensary for several years ourselves, we’ve seen firsthand how they put their customers first at every opportunity.

Their dedication to their customers by reliably delivering the best products year-round is exactly why we have named them the best bulk MOM in Canada for 2023 on our list of the best online dispensaries in Canada.

BuyWeedPacks’ selection of quality bulk cannabis, and wholesale concentrates, and delicious edibles, offers no compromises in quality, but are sold at rock-bottom prices.

By choosing BuyWeedPacks for bulk orders, we’ve been able to afford to stay stocked up with our favourite products year-round without breaking the bank.

  • Low Prices
  • Quality Products
  • Amazing Customer Support

BuyWeedPacks Review – Best Bulk MOM in Canada 2023

Our BuyWeedPacks review takes a deep dive into an awesome online bulk dispensary that offers huge savings on cannabis strains, edibles, and concentrates to Canadians. Due to their superb quality, and commitment to customers, we’ve named them the best bulk MOM in Canada.

BuyWeedPacks Sources Cannabis From Local BC Growers

BuyWeedPacks sources their cannabis in wholesale quantities from some of the most trusted local growers in British Columbia and then passes the savings onto their customers.

Their grassroots network of producers and industry experts has decades of cannabis growing experience. The connections they have, allow them to access the highest quality cannabis at unbeatable prices. On their platform, you will find some of the most competitive prices on bulk weed that you can find online.

BuyWeedPacks Offers The Best Prices On Bulk Cannabis

Our detailed BuyWeedPacks review will show you all the reasons we believe they are the best bulk MOM in Canada. Their combination of reliability, quality cannabis, and rock bottom prices make them a mail order marijuana dispensary that you’re going to want to order from again and again.

Before we get into our full BuyWeedPacks review, we do want to point out BuyWeedPacks‘ exceptional pricing on ounces, QPs, HPs, and their deals on edibles and concentrates.

BuyWeedPacks offers some of the most affordable prices on cannabis in Canada, and you can also take advantage of deals on cannabis edibles and concentrates that offer Canadians discounts of 5% to 25% off wholesale quantities.

Keep in mind that orders over $150 receive free shipping as an added bonus.

BuyWeedPacks keeps prices so low that a coupon code isn’t required. Nonetheless, we’ve got you covered to help you save even more with the first order.

Enter Our BuyWeedPacks Review Coupon Code “GTA10” to Save 5%

BuyWeedPacks Raises The Bar For Bulk MOMs Across Canada

We have watched this online dispensary continuously raise the bar by providing Canadian consumers with great bulk cannabis at extremely affordable wholesale pricing. The dispensary has amazing cannabis products for any taste, and any budget; including bulk quads, budget buds, and quality cheap weed strains.

Save With BuyWeedPacks Bulk Mix & Match Discounts

Among our favourite aspects of BuyWeedPacks is its amazing Mix & Match discounts for multiple ounces. Customers can easily take advantage of the bulk mix & match discounts by choosing anywhere from  2-7+ ounces from the dozens of strains in stock every day. 

bulk mix and match BuyWeedPacks review
Use their Bulk Mix & Match Deals to Save Up To 25% Off Your Entire Order.

Once the multiple ounces are added to the cart, an extra discount of 7.5% to 25% is applied off the already discounted bulk pricing at BuyWeedPacks.

New BuyWeedPacks Customer? Receive 40% OFF Ounce Mix & Match Pack

If you’ve never tried BuyWeedPacks before, you should know they offer a deal for new customers where you can order a Mix and Match Ounce Pack at a 40% discount.

The ounce is made up of eight 3.5 gram samples of their dankest top flower for only $86.95 so that you can try them out for yourself and discover why you should have been ordering the honestly priced top quality cannabis offered at this online cannabis dispensary all along. 

Read our BuyWeedPacks review to discover why they are the best bulk MOM in Canada:

Review of BuyWeedPacks Pink Tuna Strain: ($85/oz | $285/QP)

Our BuyWeedPacks review start’s with the highly sought-after Pink Tuna stain. This strain that we have the pleasure of reviewing was first created by the cannabis breeder 5-Star Organic, who crossed the classic Pink Kush and Tuna Kush strains together to create the potent and well-known, Pink Kush strain.

This potent Indica hybrid from BuyWeedPacks is one of our favourites. We greatly enjoyed Pink Tuna’s powerful effects and love the amazing pricing currently offered, with an AAAA ounce going for only $130. The 70% Indica, and 30% Sativa creation blended the best of both worlds to provide a stellar high that was both breathtaking recreationally and has the potential to help an array of medical conditions like pain and anxiety. The powerful buds of the Pink Tuna strain from BuyWeedPacks contain THC levels of 28%.

For inexperienced users, tread lightly while toking Pink Tuna, especially during the day to avoid an unexpected nap. The buds boasted light and dark green hues accompanied by a heavy coating of trichomes along with beautiful fiery orange hairs throughout each bud.

BuyWeedPacks Pink Tuna Is An Undisputed Top Strain At A Budget-Friendly Price

The Pink Tuna from our BuyWeedPacks review is an undisputed top train with a vibrant appearance, sticky texture, and sophisticated fragrance. BuyWeedPacks offers this amazing strain at incredible bulk pricing that beats anything we have seen at other online dispensaries

The numerous quality strains offered by BuyWeedPacks at extremely budget-friendly pricing is exactly why we have named this dispensary the best bulk MOM in Canada for 2023.

pink tuna top bulk weed 2022
Pink Tuna

We took in the sweet earthy taste and piney aroma upon lighting up this pungent Indica from the bulk MOM BuyWeedPacks. After we lit it up with a joint we rolled, the strain burned long and slow, releasing a clean, thick smoke that gently tickled our throat. The intoxicating scent filled our room with a skunky but palatable odour that lasted long after our session was over.

If you are smoking Pink Tuna during the day, expect to have a pain-free, chill day. Pink Tuna is a true rock star strain, perfect for alleviating insomnia, chronic pain, depression, stress, ADD/ADHD, and many other ailments. We recommend trying this strain at night before bed. After a few puffs, we entered a deep sleep and woke up the next morning pain-free, with a clear head and higher energy levels for the whole day. 

Review of BuyWeedPacks Hawaiian Snow Strain (Currently Sold Out) :

Our BuyWeedPacks review moves onto this 100% pure Sativa strain that came together from breeding together the popular Hawaiian Haze, Purple Haze, and Neville’s Haze strains.

The buds of the affordably priced Hawaiian Snow strain we received from BuyWeedPacks for our review were large, fluffy, and beautiful. The airy buds were mint green with dark undertones of deep orange and red, covered in pristine crystal trichomes and thin fiery red pistils. Once we opened up the bag containing this desirable Sativa and grabbed a bud to grind up, we quickly felt the sticky resin and noticed the trichomes coating the surface of each bud.

BuyWeedPacks Hawaiian Snow Offered Uplifting Effects

Sativa strains provide uplifting qualities, but the bulk-priced Hawaiian Snow strain offered at BuyWeedPacks takes this to another level. We loved using this strain as a wake-and-bake every morning, and it’s also ideal for treating conditions such as anxiety, tension, stress, and fatigue.

best bulk dispensary 2022

Hawaiian Snow is a great cannabis strain for productivity that boosts creativity and helps to tackle the day’s tasks. We deeply enjoyed smoking these beautiful buds we got from BuyWeedPacks, as they helped us feel more alert and productive throughout the day. For Sativa lovers out there, this is a must-try strain at unbeatable bulk pricing.

Review of High Voltage Extracts’ Humble Pie Sauce:

We are pleased that BuyWeedPacks has chosen to carry quality concentrates from one of the most respected names. High Voltage Extracts is an established name recognized for producing potent, terpene-rich extracts.

humble pie sauce bulk budder buyweedpacks
Humble Pie Sauce

All High Voltage Extracts’ products carried at BuyWeedPacks are sourced from flower grown on Vancouver Island. Their small group of dedicated cannabis experts has their hands in every phase of production. You will taste and experience the commitment to quality in the Humble Pie Sauce, featured on the BuyWeedPacks platform.

The sauce featured in our BuyWeedPacks review sets itself apart from other cannabis extracts because of its high terpene content. High Voltage Extracts’ Humble Pie Sauce is full-spectrum, containing an abundance of cannabinoids and terpenes that truly elevated our experience when we used our dab rig to sample this concentrate. 

Humble Pie Sauce is pushing the limitations of what we expect from cannabis concentrates. Focusing on the full-plant experience rather than simply high THC content. We’d recommend that anyone who loves concentrates give this particular sauce by High Voltage Extracts a try; it’s truly impressive! We were able to taste all the amazing flavours provided by the complex terpene profile as soon as the potent smoke hit our lips.

Try this extract in a dab rig, concentrate vaporizer, or on top of a bowl of your favourite flower from BuyWeedPacks. The sauce has an extremely manageable consistency, allowing you the freedom to enjoy the extract in a variety of ways, which we highly recommend!

Review of Dreamy Delite Edibles Pink Lemonade Hard Candy: ($20)

These edibles have a great reputation in the industry for quality, maintaining full control over the process of production from seed to final product. Their edibles are never sprayed with distillate as certain low-cost manufacturers do. Dream Delite takes the time to infuse each edible for a quality strain-specific experience.

All Dreamy Delite Hard Candy products are 3rd party lab-tested to ensure a consistent dose and hand-wrapped for quality assurance.

buyweedpacks hard candy dreamy delite edibles wholesale
Pink Lemonade Hard Candy

We found the Pink Lemonade Hard Candy by Dreamy Delite Edibles available at this top bulk dispensary to be a perfect way for us to microdose THC during the day. There is a total of ten 50 mg candies.

The candies are infused with the perfect combination of Indica/Sativa strains, giving the user an energetic, uplifting experience and a calming effect overall.

They were the perfect edible to take during the day to boost our creativity and productivity and helped us have more fun in the evening as well as relax after a long day at work.

These delicious Pink Lemonade Hard Candy’s will have you feeling like a kid again! They have a delicious lemonade taste and offer a giggly high that will give you exactly the boost you need during a rough day. We experienced stress relief, an increase in appetite, and a reduction in pain as we took advantage of these hard candies throughout the day.

We highly recommend trying to microdose these tasty treats over an entire day or two to experience an elevated sense of wellness, energy, and enthusiasm!

BuyWeedPacks Review – Final Thoughts

Our BuyWeedPacks review includes all the reasons we believe the dispensary has the type of quality and reliability to be called the best bulk MOM in Canada. Since we first published our initial review over a year ago, they have non-stop delivered deals for affordably priced marijuana that cuts no corners when it comes to quality and reliability throughout all the pandemic chaos.

In fact, we routinely get emails from people that were so happy with their orders from BuyWeedPacks that they felt the need to let us know.

An Amazing Selection of Bulk Weed, Concentrates, and Edibles

They have an amazing selection of high-quality weed products as well as concentrates and edibles available for ordering in bulk quantities at some of the best prices we have ever seen online.

Our review clearly demonstrates why this is the new destination online for anyone looking to save with the very best price per gram on quality cannabis and concentrates available. 

BuyWeedPacks Offers The Best Prices For Those Ordering Bulk Weed Online

Whether you are looking for an ounce, quarter pound, half a pound, a pound or more, this dispensary is impossible to beat when it comes to providing top-quality cannabis at unbeatable pricing.

After looking through all the options for buying wholesale cannabis online, it’s clear from our BuyWeedPacks review that this should be where those looking to save money should place their next order.

BuyWeedPacks: The Best Bulk MOM in Canada For 2023

BuyWeedPacks reliability with delivering the best bulk cannabis strains is exactly why our team has decided to name them the best bulk MOM in Canada for 2023.

We completed our first BuyWeedPacks review a couple years ago. Today, with many orders completed ourselves, we continue to be beyond impressed by this bulk dispensary.

We believe that their affordable pricing, reliable high-quality products, and helpful customer support give every reason you should need to place an order with this wonderful dispensary.

Enjoy Free Shipping On Orders Over $150!

Save 5% With Our BuyWeedPacks Review Coupon Code: “GTA10”

BuyWeedPacks Review Best bulk dispensary 2022

Thanks for reading our BuyWeedPacks review. We hope you take the chance to try the online Canadian dispensary we have named the Best Bulk MOM in Canada for 2023.

Remember to bookmark DispensaryGTA for the latest reviews and MOM Deals.

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