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BulkWeedinBox Review Summary

Our BulkWeedinBox review shows that this trusted mail order dispensary offers delivery of top quality cannabis products, including weed, hash, shatter, and pre-rolled joints across Canada.

When it comes to pricing, BulkWeedinBox is one of the most affordable dispensaries in Canada.

For those who prefer to buy in bulk, they offer cheap options, with various mix & match discounts available. Customers can purchase anything from 3.5 grams to half pounds, depending on product availability. People can also take advantage of discounts on larger purchases of cannabis.

With BulkWeedinBox, customers can benefit from their point rewards/point system. With this system, one can easily earn and redeem points. For every $10 spent, customers earn one point. 
Each point represents 10 cents, so customers can get $10 off for every 100 points they have earned. They can apply the discount at checkout by clicking the “apply discount” button.

Our team highly recommends this online bulk dispensary to our readers.

Follow below for our review of the products we sampled from BulkWeedinBox:

BulkWeedinBox Product Review:

Review of Lava Cake

When I smoked Lava Cake in a bong, I was immediately hit with a strong and pleasant aroma that was both earthy and sweet. As I took my first hit, the smooth smoke filled my lungs and left a delightful aftertaste. The effects of the strain were quick to kick in, and I could feel a sense of relaxation spreading through my body. The high was potent but not overwhelming, allowing me to remain focused and alert.

As I continued to smoke, the high became more intense, and I felt my mind becoming more creative and my thoughts more vivid. The strain’s powerful body high made me feel completely at ease, and I could feel all my stress and tension melt away.

lavacake bulkweedinbox review
Lava Cake from BulkWeedinBox

Overall, I was impressed with Lava Cake’s potency, flavour, and effects. It’s definitely a strain that I would recommend to anyone looking for a strong and relaxing high that also leaves you feeling creative and focused.

Review of the King Louis XII Thunder Joint

The King Louis XII thunder joint, coated with 98.99% THC distillate, and premium kief, was an extremely potent product that we do not recommend for inexperienced users. The high THC content of the distillate and kief coating produced a strong and intense high that was extremely powerful.

bulkweedinbox review King Louis XII Thunder Joint
Review of King Louis XII Thunder Joint

The strain itself, King Louis XII, is known for its piney and earthy aroma, with a hint of diesel. It is a strain that is known for its relaxing and calming effects, making it popular for those seeking relief from anxiety, stress, and pain.

The added THC distillate and kief coating enhanced the strain’s effects, producing a high that was more intense and longer-lasting.

We experienced a powerful body high that left us feeling completely relaxed and sedated. My mind felt heavy, making it difficult to concentrate on tasks that required focus.

Overall, the King Louis XII strain weed joint coated with 98.99% THC distillate and premium kief was a product that is well-suited for experienced users who are looking for a powerful and long-lasting high.

Review of Bud Edible’s Cola Bottles

Bud Edibles’ Cola Bottles are a popular and tasty way to consume THC.

Bud Edible's Cola Bottles
Bud Edible’s Cola Bottles from BulkWeedinBox

The Cola Bottles themselves are shaped like small soda bottles, which can add an element of fun to the experience. The gummies are infused with a fruity cola flavour that is both delicious and satisfying. One of the great things about Bud Edibles’ Cola Bottles is that they are easy to dose, with each bottle containing a consistent 30 mg of THC.

When consuming the Cola Bottles, it is important to start with one dose and give the effects time to set in, as edibles take longer to take effect than other forms of consumption. Once the effects set in, we experienced a feeling of relaxation and euphoria, along with heightened sensory experiences and an altered perception of time.

In conclusion, Bud Edibles’ Cola Bottles are a tasty and potent option for those looking to experience the psychoactive effects of THC with edibles. I highly recommend starting with a low dose and waiting for the effects to set in to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

Review of Golden Teacher Magic Mushrooms

Golden Teacher Magic Mushrooms are a popular and sought-after product for those looking for a profound and transformative experience. This strain of psilocybin mushrooms is known for its golden caps and thick stems, and is often regarded as one of the most potent and profound strains available.

golden teacher magic mushrooms
Golden Teacher Magic Mushrooms from BulkWeedinBox

We experienced intense visual and auditory hallucinations, as well as a deep sense of connection to the universe and nature. There was also a heightened sense of empathy and insights into our life. For those looking to explore the profound effects of psilocybin mushrooms, Golden Teacher is a highly recommended strain.

It is important to note that consuming psilocybin mushrooms can also come with potential risks, including anxiety, paranoia, and the possibility of a bad trip. It is important to be in a safe and comfortable environment with trusted individuals while using Golden Teacher magic mushrooms. Additionally, it is crucial to start with a low dose and increase gradually to find the right level of intensity for you.

In conclusion, Golden Teacher Magic Mushrooms are a highly sought-after strain known for producing profound and transformative experiences. However, it is essential to use caution when consuming psilocybin mushrooms to ensure a positive experience. If you are looking for a great trip, I highly recommend these high quality Golden Teacher Magic Mushrooms from BulkWeedinBox.

BulkWeedinBox Review Conclusion

BulkWeedinBox demonstrates how buying bulk weed delivered to you in a box means saving money with great discounts. That means great savings; making this dispensary a very valuable options for those on a budget, or those looking for bulk quantities.

We truly enjoyed ordering with this dispensary and recommend them to our readers.

At BulkWeedinBox, you can find the best strains, from top-quality craft growers, at unbeatable prices.

Not only does BulkWeedinBox have a multitude of ways to save money, but there is also a unique DispensaryGTA coupon code that will save you 15% off of any sized order.

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bulkweedinbox review

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