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Amazing MOM dispensary discounts on cannabis are offered by dispensaries for a range of products including marijuana flower, edibles, extracts, topicals and more.

This page connects you to the best deals to be found at MOM Dispensaries in Canada.

All our listed  MOMs are committed to providing Canadians with the best customer service and top-quality products at great prices. In this section, we list the latest cannabis coupon codes you can find at trusted online shops.

Save money today by taking advantage of these deals on cannabis from some of the bests online dispensaries in Canada.

We have worked hard to gather the best dispensary discounts and coupon codes for you so you don’t have to look anywhere else. Fortunately, all the deals are listed below for you to use with a few clicks. Please feel free to browse all the deals and remember to copy our coupon code so you can use them at checkout.

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Build Your Own Ounce

$150.00/oz $280.00/oz
15% Coupon Code

Herb Approach's Build Your Ounce Deal comes with four 7-gram selections of your favourite flower from this amazing dispensary. Take advantage of their Build ...

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Purple Space Cookies From BuyWeedPacks Was Out Of This World. Purple Space Cookies is an Indica/Sativa hybrid (80% Indica/20%) cannabis strain that was created ...

Sugar Jack's THC Chocolate Bars are high quality THC-infused chocolate bars that are now available to Canadians. These bars sold by Herb Approach are made with ...

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MK Ultra (AAAA)

15% Coupon Code

Review of MK Ultra From Herb Approach You may have heard about MK Ultra before due to powerful effects. If you're looking to find an indica-dominant ...

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Pak Delight Hash

$115.00/ 14g
5% Coupon Code

Pak Delight Hash from BuyWeedPacks is great quality, authentic hash from the top hash makers in Afghanistan.

CannaWholesalers Mercedes Hash ReviewCannaWholesalers is known for great bulk deals on their products, so it's no surprise that this Mercedes Hash's is ...

Herb Approach Deal Of The Day

$50 (Varies) $100 (Varies)
15% Coupon Code

The Herb Approach Deal Of The Day is a daily promotion that offers incredible savings on any of their cannabis products. Check out their daily deals for ...

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Great Deal

Pink Tuna – AAAA

$750/ 8oz $780/ 8oz
5% Coupon Code

Buy Pink Tuna BuyWeedPacks And Save 5% Pink Tuna, an indica dominant hybrid, is an AAA strain from BuyWeedPacks. Pink Tuna From BuyWeedPacks Offers 28% THC ...

Save 15% On Sugar Jacks Gummies With Our Coupon Code. Sugar Jacks THC Gummies use 100% natural ingredients, made with fruit, pure cane sugar and Manuka honey.

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Top Quality

Ganja Edibles Bag of Cocks Sour – 240 mg

$19.00 $21.00
20% Coupon Code

Review of Bag of THC Cocks (Sour) – 240 mg. Ganja Edibles Cocks are not only the best looking edibles on the market, they also taste amazing, are perfectly ...

Pacific CBD Gummies

20% Coupon Code

Buy Pacific CBD Gummies. Pacific CBD Gummies are top-quality CBD Gummy snacks that are infused with sugar and designed to provide your daily dose of CBD. ...

Hooti Fruit Pods

$45.00 $50.00
10% Coupon Code

Hooti Fruit Pods ReviewWelcome to our review of Hooti Fruit Pods.Hooti Fruit Pods are a new kid on the block when it comes to terpene-infused ...

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