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Our Cannabismo Review & 10% OFF Coupon Code

We’ve been reviewing dispensaries for years, but Cannabismo is special. We now know what every top-tier cannabis dispensary in Canada should look like; from customer service to product quality.

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We’ve certainly had experiences with many dispensaries at this point but after using we have to admit that they raise the bar for what dispensaries need to achieve in Canada with every aspect of their operation and website.

cannabismo review

We could not help but rank them as #1 on our list of top recommended mail-order cannabis dispensaries in Canada. Read on, and you will find out what sets them apart from the rest.

How about a clutter-free user-friendly website?

The first thing we loved from the onset of our Cannabismo experience was that the website is well laid out, which makes it easy peasy to navigate. Whether you are web savvy or not, the menu at the top will help you quickly find their Savoury candies categorized under edibles or their quality strains in the flowers category.

The website has a very modern look that is totally uncluttered with no spammy links or ads. Every link that you click on the website leads you to another secure page. Feel free to go window shopping around their vast product catalog before adding the products you like to your cart.

Rating Cannabismo’s products

So, after window shopping for quite some time, we settled on four products that we feel demonstrate the quality of products on their website. We have to say that with the many different products it is easy to be spoilt for choice.

Just so you know, is home to:

  • Edibles
  • Flowers
  • Concentrates
  • Tinctures
  • CBD
  • Mushrooms
  • And More…

You can also buy your smoking accessories on From hemp wraps to Raw tips and blunt rolling paper, you can get it all. 

Our shopping cart had two incredible cannabis flowers, one edible and a concentrate. Here is how we ranked the products:

Greasy Bubba

This was an easy pick, thanks to its greasy name that could only make us think about sticky nugs translating to hard-hitting puffs. 

The Greasy Bubba cannabis strain is an Indica goddess created by crossing two legendary strains. We are talking about Death Bubba and Grease Monkey. Being an Indica hybrid, we expected a more sedating effect, and YES! It was nothing short of it.

greasy bubba cannabis
Greasy Bubba

The nugs were extremely sticky, making them a good fit for kief and hash lovers. The strain is seriously potent. It has all the power to effortlessly mow down both novices and careless potheads. For your first time with this strain, going slow is our suggestion.

We loved the earthy and Piney flavors, which leave the mouth with tones of floral sweetness on the exhale. The effects are generally calming. Once the strong sedation wears off, you are left relaxed and uplifted. It is a perfect strain if you are battling stress, anxiety, headaches, or when you simply can’t sleep.

Being a hard hitter, we swore to light it only in the evenings and weekends. If you can’t wait, clear your schedule first before you can roll Greasy Bubba.

Cotton Candy Kush

After trying an Indica hybrid, it was time for the Sativa energy in cotton candy, AKA Cotton Candy Kush. 

The Cotton Candy Kush’s nugs are soft and fluffy, just like what Cannabismo says on their website.

The structure of this bud makes this one easy to grind up and is easily rolled into joints and smoked or vaped in your favorite vaporizer.

Cotton Candy
Cotton Candy

Just like Greasy Bubba, Cotton Candy Kush’s buds are sticky and green with beautiful orange highlights throughout.

The strain offers a sweet balance between calming and energizing. After rolling one, you will be just a few puffs away from experiencing fast-flowing cerebral energy that culminates in total body relaxation. The strain is a conversation starter and can make you sociable.

We cherished the cherry flavors that hit with hints of flowers. If you are looking for a bud to kick out any pain and stress during the day, Cotton Candy Kush is the way to go. You can’t go wrong with the happy, relaxed, and euphoric feeling that this bud offers as you enjoy a good movie or even watch a beautiful sunset.

Hootie Extracts – THC Distillate Vaporizer Kit

A complete vaporizer kit going for just $70? The Hootie Extracts- THC Distillate Vaporizer Kit has a sleek design and is portable. The design also appreciates discrete vaping on the go. 

We were blown away by this product immediately. Hootie is one of the best brands in Canada when it comes to cannabis extracts. This sleek e-cigarette is coupled with premium cannabis and advanced solvent-free extraction and processing methods.

Hootie Extracts- THC Distillate Vaporizer Kits come with one battery, 1g cartridge, and a charger. It takes about an hour to charge when the battery is drained fully. What is even more, the cart has the universal 510 threading making it compatible with other vaporizers. 

The THC distillate, as you might imagine, is pure and potent. Unlike many distillates that come with zero flavors, Hootie aced their strain-specific flavors, giving you various options. The distillates are made using natural and organic terpenes from the best strains. There are no additives included. 

In total, you get nine flavors.

THC Distillate Vaporizer Kit
THC Distillate Vaporizer Kit
  1. Death Bubba THC Distillate Cartridge
  2. God’s Green Crack THC Distillate Cartridge
  3. Sour Tangie THC Distillate Cartridge
  4. Hawaiian Cookies THC Distillate Cartridge
  5. Wedding Cake THC Distillate Cartridge
  6. Pink Death THC Distillate Cartridge 
  7. Afghan THC Distillate Cartridge
  8. Harlequin CBD Vape Cartridge 
  9. Pennywise CBD Vape Cartridge 

One more thing we noticed and tried out from the vape kit description on the Cannabismo website is priming it before you can vape. Well, we tried without priming, and there was a burnt flavor on the inhale. So we resorted to heeding the instructions, and after five deep five-second puffs with the power button off…VOILA! 

The terpenes kicked in with an absolute sense of calm settling after a couple of puffs. We also loved the smooth vapor and inhale temperature.

E- Lix THC Drink Mix

E- Lix THC Drink Mix
E- Lix THC Drink Mix

Do you enjoy mixed drinks infused with THC? Want to give it a try? Look no further.

This lemonade drink comes in two flavors-strawberry and berry. Our own E- Lix THC Drink Mix was strawberry lemonade.

Each pack is made with 30mg of full-spectrum THC. We were quick to notice the entourage effect as we experienced the effects linger around for longer. They also kick in fast and smoothly. The drink mix is gently sweetened. You can add this mix to water or think about creating a THC-infused cocktail with it.

With the sweet flavors and potent THC, the drink is seriously energizing and delicious. 

Mix and match deals on Cannabismo

The mix and match offers are an eye-catcher. Compared to market prices, they are a great way to save on your weed.

Here are the top three Cannabismo& Match deals that we discovered:

  1. The 2 Oz AAA Mix & Match enables you to get a mix of two triple-A flowers (one ounce each) for just $340
  2. The AAA Mix & Match Ounce deal gives you a mix of four triple-A strains (7 grams each) for just $180
  3. The 2 Oz AAAA Mix & Match is the real deal offering you two quadruple A strains (an ounce each) for just $400

Our Cannabismo Review Summary – Why You Should Place An Order

Cannabismo has ensured that from their superb customer service to their quality cannabis that everything is being done to ensure that you get the ultimate mail order cannabis dispensary experience.

The dispensary offers the best customer support people working for them, hands down. They are experienced and knowledgeable; feel free to chat with them at any time using their live chat software on their website. 

Our own mail-order was packaged discreetly and arrived in 3 days, vacuum-sealed so that there was no smell. 

The staff knows their stuff, and they answered all our own questions extremely professionally.

Cannabismo Coupon Code: “GTA10” – Save 10%


If you’re looking for a top-tier mail order dispensary that will provide you great products anywhere in Canada, quickly and reliably, we highly recommend trying Cannabismo, you won’t regret it!

Check Out Cannabismo 

If you are looking for the best cannabis dispensary in Canada to order from, check out Cannabismo!

Take advantage of their free shipping for products worth $150+ when you order right now.

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