Complete List of Canadian MOM Dispensaries (“MOM List”) and Coupon Codes 2021

MOM List

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Canopy Growth Corp
Marijuana plants grow in the Mother Room at the Canopy Growth Corp. facility in Smith Falls, Ontario, Canada.

We have compiled our MOM list of Canadian mail-order marijuana dispensaries and exclusive coupon codes to help you find the best deals for the best dispensaries in Canada. Our MOM list is updated frequently to help everyone find the best MOM deals possible to the top mail-order marijuana dispensaries in Canada. All the mail-order marijuana dispensaries on our list have been verified for quality and authenticity using our thorough and independent screening/verification process.

Our team has done the work for you in order to help you find the highest-quality dispensaries in Canada. Each one of these dispensaries on this MOM list has had its products thoroughly reviewed for quality and passed our very high standards to be on this list. If you believe that you may know of a quality dispensary that deserves to be on this list. Please send us an email at [email protected] so that we can put them through our rigorous review process.

MOM List and Coupon Codes:

 Updated: July 2021

mmj direct logo

MMJDirect Coupon: “DispensaryGTA” – 20% Off

Our new recommendation with top quality products

MMJ direct is one of our favourite dispensaries because they excel when it comes to providing amazing products at reasonable prices that people can afford. They had an easy-to-use website and their prompt customer service answered all of our questions quickly and professionally. The ordering process was quick, and our own order arrived in only a few days.

Some of the best cannabis strains from here include Cherry Punch, Gorilla Breath, and Rockstar Kush. They also have high-quality budget-friendly options like Pink Gas Mask, Wedding Cheesecake, Death Bubba, and Gorilla Glue #4.

Our team also recommends checking out their top-quality concentrates, edibles, pre-rolled joints, and their amazing selection of hash.

Don’t think twice about it, you won’t be disappointed when making an order from and we have a huge 20% off coupon for you to use!



BuyWeedPacks Coupon: “GTA10” – 10% Off

Top Quality Wholesale Dispensary with Affordable Pricing

BuyWeedPacks is a Canadian wholesale mail order marijuana dispensary that is dedicated to delivering a wide selection of high-quality cannabis products for very reasonable prices. 

They have a great selection of quads to choose from as well as budget strains and even cheap weed options that are surprisingly high quality for the price. Whatever you choose, whether it’s an ounce, half-pound or more, saving money with this dispensary is easy. We also recommend checking out their special ounce section that lists everyday deals on a variety of strains. 

If you’re having trouble choosing just one cannabis strain, you can also use their amazing discounted bulk mix & match option to mix your ounces.

 This dispensary even has a great selection of concentrates, like budder, sauce, and shatter at some of the most reasonable prices we’ve seen online.

We were amazed when we learned about this dispensary and its refreshing pricing on a wide selection of high-quality strains.

Without a doubt, this is one of our favourite dispensaries to order from ourselves and we highly recommend you check out their site to take advantage of their amazing pricing that will save you money on your next order.

(Save 7.5%-25% off multiple ounces at this dispensary)

Review | Website

herb approach

Herb Approach Coupon: “DispensaryGTA10” – 10% Off

Gigantic selection of top quality items, including a fantastic line of CBD products and AAAA Cannabis

Herb Approach is one of the best dispensaries in Canada. One of our favourite features of this dispensary apart from their high-quality products is that they have knowledgeable live chat agents available each day to answer any questions you have right on the bottom right-hand corner of their site.

The ordering process with Herb Approach is easy and has worked flawlessly numerous times when we have placed our own orders with them. What stands out most about this dispensary is its focus on making its customers happy and its focus on quality with all of the products that they carry.

They offer one of the largest selections of products of any mail order dispensary with fast delivery to anywhere across Canada and free shipping on any order over $150. Herb Approach is dedicated to providing Canadian’s with only the best quality medicine that British Columbia has to offer.

Some of their top sections that we recommend checking out include:

The cannabis strains they carry are extremely high quality and the product descriptions are all accurate. They remain one of the top choices for mail delivery in Canada.

Review | Website

thehighclub logo

TheHighClub Coupon: “WELCOME15” – 15% Off

Quads, Quality, and Reliability

TheHighClub has some of the most rigorous standards of any online mail order marijuana dispensary; ensuring that their customers receive the very best medicinal-grade cannabis available. This dispensary sources local Canadian products and ensures both growers and their cannabis products meet and exceed the standards of theirs customers with every order.

Some examples of quality AAAA strains from this dispensary currently include High School Sweetheart, Cake Pop, Park Fire, and Slyme Cookies  For some less expensive AAA options, check out the strains Ice Cream Cake and Red Dwarf. They also have an impressive selection of concentrates such as their THC Distillate Syringe and the superb quality Zig Zag Hash that is imported directly from Lebanon

By only allowing the highest quality products, TheHighClub has quickly educated a vast number of Canadians on the importance of quality for medicinal-grade cannabis. Canadians everywhere are trusting TheHighClub to provide them with superb quality medicine and we highly recommend that you try them yourself.

Review | Website

get kush logoGet Kush Coupon: “NEW5” – 5% Off

Great discounts, amazing rewards, and quality products

GetKush is a dispensary that is committed to satisfying its customers at every stage of the process. Everything that we received from this dispensary delivered when it came to quality and we highly recommend placing an order with them yourself.

With’s reward program, the more you buy with this online dispensary, the more you will save with them on your next order.

Furthermore, this amazing dispensary also has an easy-to-use website, that is very well organized, with a diverse range of products. With flowers ranging from, budget to top-shelf. Get Kush further organizes their products into concentrates, edibles, CBD, health goods and even vaping products; all arranged in easy categories, with their treasured customer in mind.

Review | Website

weedsmart logo

WeedSmart Coupon: “WEED5” – 5% Off

Affordable prices and dedicated to providing the best mail-order experience

This online Canadian cannabis dispensary ensures all their cannabis products are of the very best quality and strives for their customer’s satisfaction with every order. They endeavour to provide quality medical and recreational cannabis to every Canadian in need.

This has earned a place on our recommended list; fr their quality products, at exceptionally affordable prices. If you are looking for a dispensary that cares about its customers; should be your next online mail-order marijuana dispensary that you order from.

Review | Website

Supherbs Coupon: “GTA20” – 20% Off

Quality products, great customer service, and an amazing coupon

This is an amazing MOM with fantastic products and has one of the most amazing names yet: Supherbs. This online, mail-order Canadian cannabis dispensary has everything from flower to infused edibles and concentrates. If you ever need help with anything, they have live chat on their website with experienced staff available to answer all of your questions.

Supherbs also uniquely has more pre-rolled options, than almost any other MOM we have come across. Strain-specific pre-rolled joints that include popular strains, such as Blue Dream, Girl Scout Cookies, and even Charlotte’s Web; all packaged individually in sealed tubes in sets of three for $25 and rolled with unbleached, all-natural papers, filters, and bud alone. These are perfect for the occasional smoker, who may not have the dexterity or inclination to learn how to roll; however, this example is just one of many of Supherbs’ amazing product lines.

Review | Website

canna wholesalers logoCannaWholesalers Coupon: “GTA5” – 5% Off 

Massive selection of Quads/AAAA flowers at already discounted prices.

Quality, affordability, and dedication to making sure their customers are happy really set CannaWholesalers apart from their competitors. They’ve proven that selling in bulk doesn’t have to mean you get lower quality products. Everything they offer is absolute top-quality, with a healthy selection too. That works out great because the more you buy the bigger discount you get. For example, if it’s time to stock up on 3 ounces or more, you can get 35% off. Now THAT is a deal!

Review | Website

Evergreen medicinal Evergreen Medicinal Coupon: “NA”

AAAA quality flowers, delicious Herbivores edibles, and amazing concentrates

EVERGREEN Medicinal is a BC-based online dispensary that strives to supply only the best cannabis flowers and extracts. This MOM dispensary brings years of experience to the table and they use said experience to offer some of the highest quality cannabis available. This dispensary has spent time building relationships with numerous quality producers in the industry, to ensure their customers are getting the best value for the dollar.

Review | Website

cannabismoCANNABISMO Coupon Code: “GTA10” 10% Off!

Amazing selection for all cannabis users, highly recommended, amazing quality!

CANNABISMO is an awesome MOM with fantastic products and has one of the most amazing names yet. This online, mail-order Canadian cannabis dispensary has everything from flower to infused edibles and much more. Also, for the customers that are indecisive;

This dispensary is known for its very high-quality products and a huge selection of items. CANNABISMO has grades of cannabis flower to fit every need and price point. Their quick and helpful customer service associates are ready to respond to any question and they offer discreet and secure delivery.  This is a  dispensary that will appeal to every type of smoker, with products for both medical and recreational users.

Review | Website

BUYLOWGREEN Coupon Code: “GTA10” 10% Off!

Some of the best quality cannabis online at the lowest prices!

Your new stop for many online cannabis needs in Canada is none other than BUYLOWGREEN

There are many different cannabis forms that are carried by this reputable and quality-oriented dispensary. Some of the examples of what they are offering are; dried cannabis flower, hash, concentrates, tinctures, and edibles.  

BUYLOWGREEN has high-quality products that other competitors can’t compare to at the prices they are offering them.


speed greens logo

Speed Greens strives to give the best prices in the industry; as well as, providing excellent customer service, coupled with high-quality cannabis products. This Canadian, online marijuana dispensary has over 45 years experience in the industry and they are committed to providing the best customer service experience possible.


high thc has some of the best cannabis products to offer and should be held as one of the best cannabis supply lines, online in Canada. Those who buy cannabis products from can expect the most streamlined experience; with quality customer assistance provided immediately, should an issue arrive.

Moreover, their support lines are monitored 24/7 with an instant message chat option, that is built into their website or take a standard email route; either way, you’ll hear back soon and get the answer or update that you’re looking for.


bulkweedinbox logo

Bulkweedinbox is one of Canada’s many Mail Order Dispensaries (MOMs), carrying products like buds in bulk; as well as, hash, shatter, pre-rolled joints and even a 28-gram surprise flower pack, for those feeling a bit more adventurous.

Furthermore, a number of dispensaries claim to be the most reasonably priced; however, it really depends on if you want to buy in bulk or by the gram. For those who buy in bulk; or are looking to, Bulkweedinbox, offers what seems to be the cheapest, buy-bulk option, with different discounts for different weight totals.

Moreover, purchasing options vary from one ounce to full pounds, but it does depend on the availability of each product. Their cannabis “Mix and Match” discounts start at 15% off for 2 ounces, 35% off for 3-7 ounces and finally, a whopping 45% off for 8 ounces.


Currently, all over Canada, receiving marijuana through the mail is as easy as ordering any other type of flower. However, finding out where to get the best deals is usually time consuming and tedious.’s sole mission is to reach the farthest corners of Canada; with medical-grade marijuana, at bulk prices, for all the frugal smokers out there.

Not only is virtually the cheapest online dispensary in Canada, they also work with CouponBirds, to provide exceptionally low prices. It is truly apparent how much this business cares for their customers, wanting to get the highest quality medical marijuana they can get their hands on, by hand-picking the products themselves; as well as, wanting to supply smokers with cheap weed, that’s not cheap in quality.



The Grow House is an up and coming, online mail-order-marijuana dispensary, that has one thing that most MOMs do not: monthly cannabis subscriptions. Subscribing to mail-orders is sweeping the world, as the new, hot trend in buying and cannabis; it makes more sense in today’s fasted-paced lifestyle than anything I’ve heard in a long while.

Anywhere from toilet paper, ink cartridges to copy paper; automatic monthly subscriptions, delivered straight to your door. Now, the delicious, green goodness that is the marijuana plant, that we love to stuff inside our rolling papers, can be delivered monthly, with a low-cost subscription.

The Grow House is changing the game, with their one and two-ounce monthly subscriptions, that come in a myriad of options; as well as, incredibly reasonable prices. Their one-ounce box is $139.99/month and their two-ounce box is $279.99/month.


online dispensary ontario

Peak420 hasn’t been around as long as some of the other online cannabis dispensaries we recommend, but we have a feeling they are here to stay. They offer lab testing on all of their flowers,

which is a great idea, especially for folks that are worried about quality, (isn’t that pretty much everyone?!) We hope other dispensaries will consider doing this as well- it gives you a warm, fuzzy, comforting feeling, and that’s BEFORE you’ve even tried their products!


bud365 logo is noted as one of the top online dispensaries of Canada, because of their premium mail-order marijuana. Based in Vancouver, Bud 365 is “Home of the Bubba Kings,” specializing in the Bubba King line of superb cannabis strains; among, other lines and well-known brands.


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MOM List:

Note from Bud: Our team recommends choosing from the above lists of dispensaries/discount codes which we maintain as the best possible places to order from. We know you won’t be disappointed with our recommendations.

The list below is no longer being maintained. Use at your discretion.

NameStatusFree ShippingSpecialty / Descriptions
Clear MOMsNote: All MOMs on this list accept e-Transfer.
AC MedicalClear> $200Air Cannabis Rebranding
Atlantic Green RushClear> $200Same day delivery in Halifax, Med Required, Alternative Registration without med just E-Mail to setup.
BCBud StoreClearNo, $18 CPTop quality weed, Jurassic Concentrate bundles, cheap ounces
BCMedichronicClear> $79$140 ounce promo, free bonus w/every order
Boutique CannabisClear> $150 (standard)East Coast
BudBoxClear> $100Budbox membership
BudMailClear> $200One of the original MOMs
BudZoneClear> $170Premium cannabis oils, all ounces under $200
BulkCropClearFree shipping on all ordersHigh quality bulk
Canada Weed DispensaryClear> $79Quality Craft BC Cannabis. Featured AAAA on special all the time. Low minimum order to qualify for free shipping.
CannabisCanada.todayClear> $200Well-known brands at wholesale prices. In-house edibles coming soon!
CannabismoClear> $200Great strain selection, $5 120mg THC Candies
CheebasClear> $200All of our weed is homegrown, with love, in beautiful British Columbia.
Chronic By MailClear>$100AAAA BC Bud
Chronic DeliveryClear> $99Rare Quads / Cheap Shatter / Great Service
Chronic KushClear>$250Same day delivery in the GTA. Points reward system $1 per $10
ChronicStoreClear>$250Huge selection
Evergreen MedicinalClear> $150Amazing customer service, great quality and secure + fast delivery.
ExclusiveBudClear>$150High end flowers for heavy stoners
Flawless ConcentratesClear> $100Loads of Concentrates and Flower. Prompt personal customer service.
GanjaGramsClear> $200All products are lab tested
Get Cannabis OnlineClear> $100Lowest prices in Canada, top quality
Get White PalmClear> $200
Grass ChiefClear> $100Health Canada approved. Performs seed to flower tracking. Quality over quantity
Grass In BoxClear> 150Get 15% off your first order
GreenCounterClear> $150High quality products, actual photos on website (never representations), customer satisfaction is our no.1 priority.
Green SocietyClear> $150Medical BC bud, new strains weekly, affordable prices $120 oz+
GreenzClear> $150Official Gastown outlet
Herb ApproachClear> $150Dank Selection
Herbal DispatchClear> $200A wide variety of the finest Indica, Sativa, and derivative products at a variety of price points to choose from
Hill Side PharmsClear> $200Specializes in connoisseur buds. Quality over Quantity and also in co2 carts & Bulk orders
KanaPostClear> $150Affordable concentrates and premium flowers
KootenayCraftClear$15 under $140, < Free
Limited run and speciality craft flowers from growers around Nelson, BC.
LitRXClear> $200Unbeatable customer service – bar none
Marijane DepotClear> $150
15% off first order up to $600. Specializes in flowers, hash and concentrates.
Mary Jane’s RoomsClearFree shipping on all orders until Nov 10th24hr phone service and ethical pricing on all products. Free shipping now until Nov 10th.
MJXMClear$99 Ounces
OkanaganGreenClearNo, $20-25West Coast’s finest bulk pricing
PhatnugClear> $200Extremely fast shipping, home of the $100 oz
Pure ReleafClear> $200Free 8th with the 1st order
ReleafedClear> $15010% unlimited coupon after 10 orders
SeshCannabisClear> $150Premium/top-shelf bud and ready-to-smoke products
Stash ClubClear> $150Exotic / High-End Strains,High-Tops (1g liquid shatter cartridges),$20 – 1/8th’s of Hash,$120-$140 Oz’s
Supreme CannaClear> $200Great value budget buds
SweedyClear> $80Toronto Based. Weekly Deals
Sweetleaf ConcentratesClear> $245Volume discounts applied directly in cart at 7, 14, 28 grams
THC DeliveryClearNo, $20 CP$8 Gram Hash
The ChronoClear> $175Quads and affordable trips
TheHerbalistShoppeClear> $300$80 Bronze Buds ounces. Genuine AAAA (Diamond Dank strains). Diverse flower selection. Awesome Customer Concierge.
The National Compassion ClubClear> $200HUGE selection
TopShelf ExpressClear> $150High quality flowers sourced from Sunshine Coast, BC
WeedbayClear> $150Ebay style website for growers and dispensaries
WeedSmartClear> $150Email leak of customer data
WellevateClearExpedited $150+ Xpresspost $200+Variety of BC grown products, Custom order edibles, survival pack over $250!
West Coast MedClear> $300Tons of Bud, Edibles & Extracts + Monthly Giveaways Promo code (if available)/ Emailed monthly via Newsletter/ Live Chat on Website
West Coast 420 ExpressClear> $400Great buds & affordable prices
420 Vape Nation NowClearNo, $15Craft Products, Wholesale Prices
Delivery MedsClear> $100$4.50/g special
TerraCannabisClearNo, $15 CPTerra branded flowers/concentrates. Has Instagram for pictures
The Herb ConnectClear> $100
TreemoClear> $200Beautiful Product and Huge Edible Selection
Clear MOMs (Inactive)
Buddies CanadaClear> $150One stop shop
Coast 2 CoastClearNo, $15 CPMassive selection, moon rock joints
DopeMailClear> $150AAAA BC Bud at unbeatable prices
Doctor ShatterClear> $230Providing top shelf products, that are shipped discretely and efficiently
Mind ShatterClear> $300Specailizes in high quality product and customer service
MJN ExpressClear> $15040+ Strains, $30/g of Shatter
Stress Free DeliveryClear> $200Located in Montreal
WeedClubClearNo, $17 CPCannagars and AAAA Flower
Instagram MOMs
Cannabis ExtractionsClearNo, $15No longer taking part in reddit, but still serving customers
Maritime DispensaryClear10$ reg, 20$ expressCheapest price in Canada on elevated full spectrum extract, guaranteed. Best whole sale price on kind around at the moment. Ships out of Fredericton, NB. Can meet medcard holders in person
519 Rosin Co.NewNo, $20 CPSmall batch rosin
Petrie ApprovedNew15$ expresspost, free unverified lettermailCraft Winterized Shatter and distilate pens + carts.
PurextractzNew> $200Rosin pressing
QuadBrosNew> $175Craft Small Batch Rosin and True QUAD flowers
New MOMs
ArcticCBDNew> $150CBD Oil & E-Liquid
BCBudDispatchNew> $100Large selection of quads, trips and dubs, and a carefully curated collection of top-shelf concentrates and delicious edibles. We have something for everybody!
BCBudsMedicalNew> $300Craft flowers, edibles for heavy stoners, and more. Check us out!
BudBargainNew> $150Lowest prices with great customer service
BudDropNew> $99Large selection of premium flower, all BC products, we ship in re-sealable tuna cans for freshness and keeping the flower in its original structure, orders $150 and up will receive a BudDrop kit, a kit that includes a grinder and some papers for on the go.
BudExpressNOW.caNew> $149$89 ounces, large variety
BudLabNew> $99Top quality strains, Clear source for extracts and edibles
BulkBudZoneNewVaries by vendorYour one stop bulk shop! More then just flower!
Buy Low GreenNew> $150High Quality Strains for Low Prices!
Buy My Weed OnlineNew> $99Needs updating
Canadian CannabisNew> $150BC Bud; Hash; Edibles. Our prices per gram start at $8
CanmediNewNo, $10Medicinal products, affiliated with the EDEN Medicinal Society dispensaries located in Toronto and BC
CannabisyNew> $200Big selection AAAA hybrids
CheapweedNew> $1000#1 Marijuana Wholesaler in Canada, Top Quality Product, Unbeatable Prices, Premium Service with a Wide Variety of Products most suitable for all Canadian Cannabis enthusiasts.
Chef’s TreatsNew> $150Custom dose edibles, gummies, chocolates, hard candy, popcorn seasonings, tinctures & more
CottonWoodsNew> $2000Quality
Cranium CannabisNew> $100The Head in Cannabis| AAA+ Oz Specials| $15 off Vape pens
Crop DropNew> $150Exclusive strains from Nelson, BC
CryptoCannaCollectiveNew> $200Dispatching from Ottawa, best prices in Ontario
Doob DasherNew> $100Great selection
Double O CannabisNewThe best cannabis products curated by a cannabis aficionado. Biggest variety of Cannabis brands and products.
EastCoastRosinNew> $200We grow everything and produce Rosin and Hash east coast style, we might add some flowers down the road.
EmeraldCastleMedNew> $100
FarmHardNew> $200Family run Organic Farm in BC. All organic standards. Grows several types of flower and produces a super high quality cannabis oil as well. vegetable products & clones in season.
FirethcNewno, $20 to shipFlowers aa-aaaa+, Bulk orders available
Fitski Bros FarmsNew> $125$25/g shatter special / Free 0.5g of shatter or 1g of oil with every order
FlowerpwrNew> $150 West, > $200 EastPremium Pre Rolls from AAA-AAAA flowers, no shake. Subscription boxes available
GrasslifeNew> $150Premium product for premium people. Top quality marijuana from BC’s best growers
GronstashNew>$75“Our focus is to provide top quality organic products and deliver exceptional customer service. We want you to have the absolute best experience possible when choosing grönstash.”
HerbcityNewNo, $15Great prices on BC Bud
HighClubNew> $150
Premium-Quality BC Strains,Lowest-Cost Shipping & Subscription Boxes
Higher Level TreatsNew> $100Big selection of edibles but the cookies are a major crowd pleaser!
Hybrid FastNew> $150Good prices across the board always a $99/oz
LeafExpressNew> $150Ships from Ontario. Quality buds and service
Mainland CannabisNew> $99Free pre roll with every order over $100
MMJ DirectNew> $150Great products, prices, and service. Specializing in the medical use of CBD and THC.
NetweedzNew> $200$100 oz | True AAAA’s | Vape Pens / Extracts
OceanSideMedicinal.caNew> $200
Osuka ExtractsNew> $200Free 8th of flower with any sign up and purchase with no minimum.
PineconeExpressNew> $100100% guaranteed no smell weed vapes for indoor blazing made from +99% Clear THC distillate & the best vaporizer technology available. Lowest pricepoint in Canada; $40 Starter Kit.
PufflandNew> $100Loyalty Program, Fast Delivery, Big selection
RocketChronicNew> $150Trustworthy brands. Committed customer service. Fast shipping. Quality products. Earn loyalty points!
SecretStashHouseNew> $200Specializing in high quality buds, vape kits and accessories. Hassle free ordering process, shipping from GTA.
Sky High ExoticsNew> $150Premium Flowers of all grades. Concentrate, Edibles, Topicals. Lots of GIVEAWAYS.
SupherbsNew> $150Premium selection of high-end strains, concentrates, edibles, and oils. Offering unique sativa & indica bundle options and premium shatter. 15% off first time purchases and free gift included.
TediblesNew> $250CBD/THC Edibles, Flowers, Oils
The Healing Hut DispensaryNew> $200High-quality craft cannabis, low-priced Flyte oil cartridges ($48), Jelly Bomb promos, 10% off first-time orders and a free premium pre-roll.
ThePotVaultNew> $100Rare exotic strains
The Wellness TempleNew> $199BC’s finest medical marijuana grown with care in Vancouver island. Rare and exotic AAA-AAAA strains for exceptional prices. Guaranteed privacy and identity protection. Same day shipping for orders placed before 12PM PST.
TPDExpressNew> $100Same day shipping
Weeds CanadaNewNo, $17.50Storefront/online
Weed-Deals.caNew> $400
WeedMailedNew> $150Highest quality for the lowest cost
WeedPostNew> $250Wholesale premium flowers
New MOMs (no security)
Note: “No security” means that the website does NOT support https, and that any data is NOT encrypted.
Bespoke TokeNew> $120
Cannada ExpressNew> $99High quality BC grown bud, Wide variety of tasty baked edibles, Specialty infused vape juices
Dr. High GradeNewNo, $20Quality over Quantity
HerbzexpressNew> $200Amazing products great prices
PowerPlantNewNo, $20Same day delivery GTA
Top BudsNew> $150Top Buds
Toronto DispensaryNewFree shipping all ordersSame-Day delivery, Uber-style tracking
Tribal DelightsNew> $150Makers off premium cannabis infused chocolates and treats
New MOMs (uncomfirmed)
Bud 2 HomeUncomfirmed> $250Needs updating
Pot CargoUncomfirmed> $200Needs updating
Send Me TreesUncomfirmed> $250Why pay extra for trees
Shatter ShackUncomfirmedOfficial Skunk & Panda store
HybridCureUncomfirmed> $150Needs updating
THC DirectUnconfirmedProbably sells weed
Community Issues
Noble ExtractsPrivacy Breach> $150CO2 extracts, distillate, distillate-containing edibles, vape pens, and condom safe lubricant. Flower from organically grown outdoor to BC AAA at competitive prices.
TrueMedsPrivacy Breach> $250Your one stop shop!
JJ MedsPrivacy Breach> $250Leaked the ID’s of over 3000 members, ID stored on a web server for almost a year. UNACCEPTABLE
High Grade AidPrivacy Breach> $2504 Joints $10, Best in class Death bubba, Death Aid, Whiteshark and Red Congo AAAA BC Bud, $20 + $40 shatter
SabrinasWorldIssues> $100$89/oz + free gram + free edible. AAA+ grower direct. Volume Pricing
Blacklisted MOMs
BEVR BudsBannedScamDo not do business with, known scamming site
DoobietimeBannedScamDo not do business with, known scamming site
Diamond ConcentratesBannedScamDo not do business with, known scamming site
EastCoast420DeliveryBannedExit ScammersExit Scammers – AVOID
JungleweedBannedScamDo not do business with, known scamming site
NaturopuffBannedScamDo not do business with, known scamming site
TreeupBanned> $150Email leak of customer data, AVOID.
Possible scam site, avoid for now.
Out of Business / Offline
Note: If the info below is incorrect and one of these MOMs is back in business, please contact the moderators.
CannabisByDeliveryOut Of Biz> $200We specialize in high quality health products to purvey a healthy cannabis lifestyle, Same day delivery within the GTA
KensingtonMedicalOut Of Biz> $100Top shelf flowers shipped same day free, from Toronto. Strong security. Referral program.
Rochdale Social ClubOut Of Biz> $250Sugar Crumble, Watermelon Haze, lots of Quads & exotic strains
420SweetsOut Of Biz> $150Closed since 2017 Black Friday?


Old Promo Codes

NameStatusSpecialty / DescriptionsPromo CodesShipping
AC MedicalCLEARAir Cannabis Rebranding$15 Under $200, free over $200
BC Bud StoreCLEARTop Quality Weed,Jurassic Concentrate Bundles,Cheap Ouncessome_random_coupon$18 CP
BC MedichronicCLEAR$140 ounce promo, free bonus w/every orderFree shipping
BudBizCLEAR$30/g shatterFree shipping over $180, $15 under
BudMailCLEAR$15 CP
CLEAR – Site returned 3/3/18 – Possibly related to GCOBulk cannabisFree
CannabismoCLEARGreat Strain Selection,$5 120mg THC Candies NOTICE: They offer paid reviews. Keep this in mind when reading reviews!$15 Under $200, free over CP
Coast 2 CoastCLEARMassive Selection, Moon Rock Joints$15 CP
Doctor ShatterCLEARProviding top shelf products, that are shipped discretely and efficiently5% off ‘firstorder’Flat rate $17.50 Shipping. Min order of $90. FREE SHIPPING $230 or more.
DopeMailCLEARAAAA BC Bud at unbeatable prices$15, Free over $150
Ganja GramsCLEARLemon Kush budder, top shelf flowersWEEDMAPSGG$15 under $200, free over
Get Cannabis OnlineCLEAR – Site returned 3/3/18 – Possibly related to BulkCrop“Lowest prices in Canada”Free over $100 CP
Grass ChiefCLEARAll Vendors are Health Canada Approved Medical Marijuana Growers.REDDIT420Free over $150
Grass Roots MedicinalCLEARSpecializes in high end$20
GreenzCLEAROfficial Gastown outletFree over $150
Green Society MMJCLEARTop Quality Medical BC BUD, Fresh &amp; New Strains Weekly, Affordable Prices $120 oz+GS20Free over $150
Herbal DispatchCLEAR$15 under $200, free over CP
Herb ApproachCLEARDank Selection$15 Under $200, free over CP
MJN ExpressCLEAR40+ Strains, $30/g of Shatter$15 Under $150, free over
MJXMCLEAR$15 under $100
MMJ DirectCLEARSpecializing in the medicinal use of CBD and THC.f1rstorder (20% off), Reddit10 (10% off orders >$100)$10 Under $150, free over CP
ReleafedCLEAR10% unlimited coupon after 10 ordersBC $10 Alb/Sask $20 Man $25 Ont/Que $30 All other areas $40 Free after $150
Send Me TreesCLEARWhy pay extra for extracts &amp; trees$15 XpressPost, free over $250
Starbuds ExpressCLEARTop ShelfFree over $150
Stash ClubCLEARExotic / High-End Strains,High-Tops (1g liquid shatter cartridges),$20 – 1/8th’s of Hash,$120-$140 Oz’s$15 Under $150, free over
Supreme CannaCLEARREDDIT420$15
THC DeliveryCLEAR$8 Gram Hash$19.99 CP
The ChronoCLEARQuads and affordable tripsPOTFree over $200, $20 under
West Coast MedCLEARTons of Bud, Edibles &amp;amp; Extracts +Regular $17.50, Free Over $150, Free Xpress Over $300
White PalmCLEAR$15 Under $200, free over


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  1. Wow, thanks for importing all this data + some extra dispensaries, it appears.. the Reddit MOMs list seemed much shorter and that subreddit actually got shut down for some unknown reason so this is amazing. Or at least I personally can’t access it..)

    FYI: I just grabbed 2 ounces of FIRE (Bubba Kush and Purple Urkle) from Hybridfast for under $250, free shipping.

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