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CannaBlossom Review & Coupon Code – Save 25%

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Follow our CannaBlossom review to discover why this online dispensary is a top quality choice for buying weed online in Canada. With their wide variety of high-quality cannabis and massive selection of other products, CannaBlossom truly has something for everyone.

Offering a user-friendly website and fast, discreet shipping, ordering from Cannablossom was a convenient and enjoyable experience. You’re in luck because this dispensary also offers competitive prices and frequent sales and promotions.

Was CannaBlossom Shut Down?

CannaBlossom has not been shut down. There was an issue with their previous domain. This caused some problems with their website, and as a result, they were forced to update their domain to Cannablossom.co.

Fortunately, the update was quick and seamless, and the new domain is now up and running smoothly. Customers can expect the same great service and selection of high-quality cannabis products as before, as the new domain is run by the same great owner as the last domain.

All major and well-established MOMs occasionally face domain shutdowns, but CannaBlossom stands out for its unwavering commitment to swiftly resolving any issues. As a valued customer, you can rely on them to promptly address any disruptions in their domain. Should their domain go offline, keep a vigilant eye on your email inbox, as CannaBlossom proactively sends out notifications regarding domain changes. Their primary objective is to ensure that customers receive uninterrupted access to their medicinal cannabis needs, surmounting any obstacles that may arise.

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Learn more by following our CannaBlossom review below to learn more about why they are such a great choice for anyone looking to purchase cannabis products online in Canada:

Our Review of Cannablossom’s Products:

Peruvian Passion Review – AAAA+

We start our review with the AAAA+ Peruvian Passion (strain info) from Cannablossom, which is known for its balanced and uplifting high. As I began smoking it, I started to feel a warmth and gentle euphoria wash over me. My thoughts became clear, and I felt an enjoyable sense of contentment and happiness. The sativa properties became more pronounced as the high progressed, and I felt a pleasant tingling sensation spread throughout my limbs.

This strain from Cannablossom is not only perfect for those seeking to relax and unwind, but it truly exceeded expectations, showcasing the top-quality weed that Cannablossom carries.

With its well-balanced high, it made me feel energized and motivated, while at the same time providing a relaxing sensation, making it ideal for daytime use. The tropical and fruity aroma and flavour only added to the overall enjoyment of the strain, making it a standout and highly enjoyable.

Peruvian passion CannaBlossom Review
Peruvian Passion from CannaBlossom

If you’re looking for an amazing high, with a delicious taste and aroma, then this is the strain for you. In fact, we highly recommend all the AAAA+ flower that CannaBlossom carries.

Pot of Gold Review – AA:

When I inhaled the sweet and pungent aroma of Pot of Gold (strain info), I felt my body start to relax and unwind. The smoke was smooth and velvety on the tongue, with a rich, earthy flavour that is both satisfying and delicious. With each exhale, my mind felt more at ease and my body felt more at peace.

Pot of Gold CannaBlossom Review
Pot of Gold from CannaBlossom

As I continued to smoke this strain, I started to feel a gentle euphoria wash over me and my thoughts became clearer. The strain’s indica properties became more pronounced as the high progressed, and I felt a pleasant tingling sensation spread throughout my limbs.

Not only did Pot of Gold provide a highly enjoyable and balanced high, it showcased the quality that Cannablossom offers with their AA options that compliment their quality high-end choices.

It’s clear that whether you’re looking for a quality affordable option or a top-tier, premium strain, CannaBlossom has you covered with their diverse selection of great options.

Blueberry Hash Review

Blueberry Hash CannaBlossom Review
Blueberry Hash From CannaBlossom

When I packed my bong with the Blueberry Hash from CannaBlossom for the first time, I immediately smelled the sweet and fruity aroma that was clearly reminiscent of its namesake. The hash was of high quality and had a rich, deep, dark colour. As I lit it up and took a hit, the smooth smoke filled up my lungs and the flavour of blueberries exploded into my mouth; a truly memorable, enjoyable experience.

The Blueberry Hash from CannaBlossom is perfect for those who want to relax and unwind after a long day. It helped to relieve my own stress and tension, and left me feeling happy and relaxed. Smoking it with the bong was smooth and enjoyable. It was easy to smoke, and the fruity aroma was very pleasant.

It’s a great strain for nighttime use; perfect for unwinding and watching a movie, or a quiet evening at home. The sweet blueberry flavour is amazing and makes the experience all the more enjoyable. I highly recommend this strain for anyone looking for a relaxing and euphoric high with a great taste.

Jamaican Gumball Hash Review

Next I decided to pack my pipe with the Jamaican Gumball Hash. I couldn’t help but be impressed by its dark, shiny and smooth texture. Its aroma was musky, earthy and sweet with a hint of coffee notes that filled the room. As I lit it up and took the first hit, the smoke was thick and full-bodied, with a smooth and satisfying taste that lingered on the tongue.

Jamaican Gumball Hash Review
Jamaican Gumball Hash From CannaBlossom

Jamaican Gumball Hash is known for its potent effects. A great benefit to this hash was that any fatigue or sluggishness I had been feeling soon dissipated.

Jamaican Gumball Hash is perfect for those who want to boost their energy and creativity, it is also great for those who want to improve their mood, and have a good time with friends. The musky, earthy and sweet aroma and flavour made it even more enjoyable.

The high is quite potent, so it’s not recommended for novice users. But I would highly recommend this strain for anyone looking for a powerful and uplifting high, with a great taste and aroma.

BLISS – Infused Gummies (Daydream – 1080MG) Review

Bliss – Infused Gummies are a powerful and convenient way to consume THC. With 1080 mg of THC per package, these gummies pack a serious punch. The gummies themselves were delicious, with a sweet and fruity flavour that masked the taste of the THC. They were very easy to consume and would be perfect for those who are new to edibles or for those who want a more discreet way to consume THC.

The effects we felt demonstrated that they were incredibly potent, even for me, an experienced cannabis user. That means it’s important to start with a low dose and work your way up, one gummy at a time. Note that the onset of the effects (for any edible) can take up to an hour or more, so it is important to be patient and wait for the effects to kick in before consuming more.

BLISS – Infused Gummies CannaBlossom
BLISS – Infused Gummies from CannaBlossom

Once the effects kicked in, I found them to be long-lasting and very relaxing.

Overall, the Bliss – Infused Gummies from CannaBlossom are a great option for those who want a powerful and convenient way to consume THC. The high dose of THC in each package makes these gummies perfect for experienced users, but it is important to consume them responsibly and start with a low dose. The taste and texture of these gummies was extremely enjoyable, making them a great alternative for those who don’t like smoking or vaporizing.

I recommend checking out the entire inventory of CannaBlossom edibles, as they have an amazing selection of quality choices.

CannaBlossom: One Of Canada’s Best Online Dispensary’s

Cannablossom is an awesome mail order marijuana dispensary that offers a wide variety of cannabis products including flower, edibles, concentrates, and magic mushrooms. They have a user-friendly website and fast, discreet shipping. They are one of the most reputable online dispensary’s in Canada.

This online dispensary offers competitive prices and frequent promotions, making them an obvious choice for those looking to purchase cannabis products online.

We believe that Cannablossom is an awesome pick for anyone looking for a reliable and trustworthy dispensary to purchase marijuana products. They have a wide range of options that cater to every cannabis consumer’s needs and amazing deals to help their valued customers save money.

So whether you are looking for flower, edibles, concentrates, or mushrooms, we believe you should strongly consider sending your next order to CannaBlossom; we know you won’t be disappointed!

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Save 25% OFF at CannaBlossom & get 1 free-gift.

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We hope you enjoyed our CannaBlossom review!

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