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The Best Craft MOM in Canada Offering Affordable Quads

TheHighClub is an online craft cannabis dispensary based out of British Columbia. This cannabis dispensary was started by a group of cannabis enthusiast friends, who believed that medicinal cannabis in Canada should be affordable, accessible and readily available to every Canadian of age.

This is why TheHighClub has some of the most rigorous standards in the industry, to ensure their customers get the best medicinal grade cannabis available. Furthermore, this craft MOM dispensary sources local Canadian products and ensures that both their growers and their cannabis products meet not only the recreational standards; but meet and exceed the stringent medicinal grade standards of Health Canada.

Additionally, TheHighclub offers free Xpresspost shipping on orders over $300 and Purolator shipping is also available at checkout.

This online cannabis dispensary can also fulfill both regular and bulk purchase orders. The impeccable customer service will answer any questions or concerns that may arise in a timely and efficient manner. You can even reach them on Discord.

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The package we received from TheHighClub.biz arrived the next day with Purolator, neatly and professionally packaged and vacuum-sealed, to ensure none of the delicious cannabis aromas could escape.

Every strain was clearly labelled and identified. Every nugget appeared hand-picked and the trichome production from these flowers was insane. The kief would gum up my grinder; requiring me to slowly and painstakingly pick out the packed kief, nearly every session that I smoked with TheHighClub’s product.       

Pink Gas

Pink Gas comes from the legendary kush family. It is an indica-dominant hybrid that brings on a load of full-body effects. It is 90% indica and 10% Sativa with a CBN content of 1% and CBD content of 1% as well.

TheHighClub’s Pink Gas had gorgeous, long pink pistils sprouting out from underneath its bright green bud. Both the bud and the pistils were almost completely covered in frosty, white crystal trichomes.

pink gas from thehighclub.ca

When I broke open the tight, well-cured bud, the sticky resin felt like honey, as it gummed up my fingers and my grinding tray. The strain also had an enthralling, candy sweet, vanilla aroma with a strong undercurrent of the typical kush fragrance.

Some customary effects of Pink Gas include feeling relaxed, euphoric, happy and uplifted. The high started with a cerebral stimulation, before turning into a full-on body high, where every muscle in my body felt deeply relaxed. Pink Gas will definitely cause drowsiness, so it is best used as a potent nighttime strain. Other things to watch out for with Pick Gas were dry eyes and cottonmouth.

King Louis XIII

With a name like King Louis XIII, you are bound to conjure up images of royalty and potency when you think of this cannabis strain. And you wouldn’t be wrong.

A popular marijuana strain in California, King Louis XIII is best known for its dense, light-green buds and strong piney smell; mixed with a musky, earthy aroma.

The nuggets from TheHighclub were exceptional specimens of what a perfect bud should look like. The impeccably cured flowers ranged in size from medium to large and the trichomes that continued to be shed from the nugs were immense.

King louis marijuana strains thehighclub

The fragrance made me feel like I was deep out in the forest, bringing a musky earthiness and a complex wood flavouring to savour, once I finally decided to partake in its spicy piney and resinous goodness.

In addition, the smoke and vapour from this strain were potent, flavourful and aromatic. The ash burned white and clean. There was very little I could complain about with TheHighClub’s King Louis XIII, this strain was as close to perfection as you could come.

Black Nuken

TheHighClub’s Black Nuken had many, strikingly large and dense buds, that all had a round and bulbous shape; with purple-black and sage-green leaves. There were also bright and fiery amber pistils interwoven within the camouflage of the leaves.

Black Nuken Marijuana strain thehighclub.ca

Furthermore, the aroma was a mixture of a sweet, earthy herbaceousness and when I broke open the flower, there was loads of warm, sticky and gooey resin. The scent of woody pine and skunk were prominent after breaking the nugget open.

Moreover, Black Nuken from TheHighClub had a distinguished flavour, reminding me of an earthy leathers and a musky flavour, topped by a sweet herbaceous flavour, almost reminding me of tea.

Black Nuken gave me a steady, balanced high, that made smoking this strain a pleasure. The strain’s potency was certainly parallel to its striking appearance and blissful aromas.

However, while this is so, users can be confident that they won’t get so stoned that they don’t want to do anything for the rest of their day. You can still go about completing your to-do list or meet up with that friend you promised to.

This made TheHighClub’s Black Nuken the perfect strain for novice users. This strain will leave you feeling happy and relaxed without the negative side effects associated with some other strains, such as, paranoia or headaches.

Every bud, concentrate and every other cannabis product that TheHighClub offers exceeds typical recreational standards by a mile. The buds we received were perfectly cured, feeling quite fresh, sticky and resinous. Moreover, the size of the individual nuggets was massive, with some as long as my closed fist.
The trichomes gummed up my grinder almost every day with exceptional quality kief.

Our Final Review of TheHighClub

TheHighClub offers exceptional value and quality medicinal-grade cannabis products. So much so that we consider them the best bulk craft MOM dispensary in Canada.

It is clear that the entire operation, from their dedicated customer service staff to next day Purolator delivery, or the free Xpresspost shipping over $300, TheHighClub has you covered.   

If you have been underwhelmed by the recreational market, TheHighClub will have you feeling more positive, with their exceptional quality and standards. This group of Canadian cannabis enthusiasts has improved the quality control and industry standards, with their exceptional attention to detail.

By only allowing the highest quality products, TheHighClub has quickly educated a vast number of Canadians on the importance of standards for medicinal-grade cannabis.

Canadians everywhere trust TheHighClub to implement these stringent controls and only buy products from the most trusted and experienced sources.

Coupon Code for TheHighClub.biz: “WELCOME15” – 15% Off

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This is one of our team’s favourite dispensaries to order from and we highly recommend them!

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