Review of The Natural Remedy

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Review of TNR’s High-Quality Medicinal Cannabis Products

Our review shows you that The Natural Remedy is an online dispensary that strives to provide high-quality medicinal-grade cannabis products to Canadian across the country. They offer products such as cannabis, extracts, vaping products, edibles, topicals, tinctures, oils, accessories, and more.

With their easy-to-use store, you can make an order and get your cannabis products delivered anywhere within Canada in only a few days. All you need to do to get started is create an account with them.

Their website provides a wonderful ordering experience. We easily found the products we were looking for by using their well-categorized menu bar. There is also a search bar at the top of their site that helps you easily locate specific products that we found very helpful. 

Many products from The Natural Remedy also come with great discounts and there is usually a flash sale every day for a single product, where you can save up to 25%. We recommend checking their site frequently for updates on their latest deals. 

Read on for our detailed review of several products from this dispensary:

Review of Natural Remedy’s – Zombie Kush AAAA+

Zombie Kush is an Indica dominant strain defined by a woodsy aroma and hints of citrus. This strain is an 80/20 indica hybrid with up to 28% of THC. The Zombie Kush from TNR was the perfect smoke for the evening, particularly before bedtime.

The package we ordered, containing Zombie Kush, just like all the other items in our order, arrived vacuum-sealed which helped in maintaining this strain’s freshness. Upon opening the package, the buds were amazing specimens with dark green buds that featured beautiful orange pistils that covered the surface of each bud we examined. 

zombie kush
Zombie Kush AAAA+

We smoked the buds in a joint and from the first puff, we knew that this was a very strong strain. Almost immediately we felt relaxed, content and happy; thoroughly enjoying this powerful high-quality strain. 

The effects turned heavier as we smoked the rest of the joint, with us feeling a warm blanket of calm and sedation come over us as we finished it off. We recommend smoking this strain in the evenings for a fantastic night’s sleep, especially if you suffer from pain or anxiety. 

Review of The Natural Remedy – Blue Lights AAAA+

Blue Lights is a powerful Indica dominant strain created by crossing Blueberry and Northern Lights and it boasts about 25-28% THC.

The buds we received were quite stunning; featuring dark, dense buds, and fiery pistils. This strain smelled delicious, tickling our taste buds; it had a pleasant earthiness with hints of sweet berries. 

blue lights
Blue Lights AAAA+

Upon smoking, Blue Lights offered us long-lasting euphoric and sedative effects with a powerful body high that left us relaxed and feeling as all of our day’s worries were melting away.

This strain would be amazing for people that suffer from any pain or anxiety. It can definitely be a daytime strain as long as you moderate your dose, is great for relaxing in the evenings, and the strain worked perfectly for helping us get to sleep at night time as well. 

Review of The Natural Remedy – 808 Crumble

The 808 Crumble that we received was made from the great Bubble Gum strain that boasts amazing hybrid properties.

This crumble had a great, easy-to-use consistency that allows for many different uses. Whether you’re dabbing this crumble or adding it to a joint or on top of weed in your bong, you are going to be impressed with its great flavour and full spectrum effects.

We loved the prominent terpene profile offered by this crumble, which is immediately evident when you consume it, especially on its own. We dabbed it in with our dab rig to sample it and experienced a smooth experience with no harshness on the lungs.

808 Crumble- Bubble Gum (Hybrid)
808 Crumble- Bubble Gum (Hybrid)

This is definitely one of our new favourites concentrates due to its full flavour and powerful effects. A little dab goes a long way with this potent crumble. We felt its pleasant effects for hours later, experiencing a sense of relaxation with both our pain and anxiety quickly disappearing without it being hugely sedating. 

TNR Nepalese Temple Ball Hash

Nepali Temple Ball Hash is created by the Sativa dominant strain created by crossing Nepali OG and Temple. Its origin is traced back to Afghanistan. It’s a great hash for during the day due to the combination of Sativa and Indica strains, we found that this combo helped our anxiety and pain, without putting us to sleep. 

The hash was a beautiful, rich, dark brown colour and had a delicious earthy smell with spicy hints, it was quite malleable and was easy to use. 

TNR Nepalese Temple Ball Hash
TNR Nepalese Temple Ball Hash

We tried this hash in three different ways; smoking it in a bong, vaporizing it and adding some to a joint. In each case, we enjoyed the rich, full-bodied flavours offered by this masterclass cannabis concentrate.

Moments after we consumed it; the strong, full-bodied, uplifting effects kicked in. The high from this hash gave us a sense of calm that helped fight our daily worries and enabled us to focus on high-stress tasks easily. We also noticed it is a good appetite stimulant. This awesome concentrate is perfect throughout the day and into the evenings as well. 

TNR CBD Oil-TitrateUp

TNR CBD Oil-TitrateUp is an original full-spectrum cannabis product from The Natural Remedy. This dispensary created it out of the love they have for whole plant extracts. The CBD oil is crafted from only the highest quality naturally grown cannabis plants and extracted using a non-solvent process. 

TNR CBD Oil – TitrateUp
TNR CBD Oil – TitrateUp

There is presently a deal going on where you can receive 1 free bottle when you order 5 bottles, so you’re only really paying for 4. The ml graduated dropper made dosing easy peasy, with the potency of the oil measured at approximately 1mg /ml THC and 14mg/ml CBD. 

After a week of regularly using this tincture, we noticed a reduction in joint and muscle pain after our workout and reduced feelings of daytime anxiety and stress. We love the fact that these tinctures only use the highest quality cannabis and feel that this is one of the most effective tinctures we’ve tried recently, with noticeable results occurring after only a few days of use.

TNR Canna Soothe Topical Cream

Canna Soothe is a full-spectrum cream created from whole cannabis plant matter incorporating cannabinoids, flavonoids, essential oils, and vitamins. The major ingredients in the cream are THC, CBD, rosemary essential oil, and olive oil. This ultra-medicated Canna Soothe Topical Cream is made of natural ingredients and can be used on most types of skin.

TNR Canna Soothe Topical Cream
TNR Canna Soothe Topical Cream

The cream we ordered arrived in a beautiful bottle. The texture of this cream was smooth and consistent, with a wonderful rosemary smell, soaking into our skin effortlessly after applying it. We wanted to know how it works on our joints and how long the cream takes to penetrate and start its soothing effects so we decided to do some tests. 

We noticed quick benefits with this cream that lasted hours after application. 

After applying regularly for several days to various spots of our body, we discovered the wonderful effects, which included smooth, soft, clear skin in every place we applied it. 

TNR CannaSooth Topical Cream is recommended to be used on any problem areas of the skin that can benefit from medicinal effects such as acne, psoriasis, shingles and even areas with joint problems.

We believe that you can apply it pretty much anywhere to improve your skin as it’s a soothing, healing, moisturizer that we highly recommend trying for yourself.  

Our verdict on The Natural Remedy

The Natural Remedy offers authentic, high-quality cannabis products that you can trust.

All of the products at this dispensary surpassed our expectations, we particularly loved the many high-quality cannabis, concentrate, and tincture options, as well as the amazing topical options from this dispensary. 

The products with our order arrived in discreet vacuum-sealed packaging that ensured the freshness of the products we ordered and maintained the discreetness of our parcel through transit by eliminating any odours coming from the products. 

We highly recommend trying an order with The Natural Remedy yourselves, they have great products, and some of the most reasonable pricing that we’ve seen lately. If you happen to have any questions, you can always contact their customer service representatives through the contact page on their website. Customer support hours are 9.00am-5.00pm PST.  They even offer same-day shipping for orders made before 10AM PST. 

With high-quality natural products, fast shipping, and fair pricing, there’s every reason in the world to place your next order with The Natural Remedy.

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The natural remedy

Thank you for reading our review on The Natural Remedy, we hope you enjoyed it, please remember to check back frequently for amazing deals at the best mail order dispensaries in Canada.

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