How to Choose an Online Dispensary in Canada

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Finding a trusted weed delivery service is becoming increasingly difficult. Not because they do not exist, but because there are so many online, most of which are unlicensed, unaccountable, and frankly, frauds. Some deliver inferior quality, others take your money and send nothing to you at all. Still, others compromise your security by selling your personal information to third parties.

Indeed, that is why our website was created in order to help you discover the safest and best dispensaries and save with pages such as our list of best dispensaries and coupon codes.

Once you find a reputable weed delivery service, you will question why you ever endured the traffic and inconvenience of visiting your local pot shop. More and more people are buying pot online than ever before, and this skyrocketing trend shows no signs of slowing down in the future. So how do you find a trusted online dispensary, and how do you choose the best of them?


The first thing to do is check a company’s customer reviews. If feedback is mostly positive, then your experience will likely be a good one too. If they are mostly bad, then consider yourself forewarned. Additionally, look for the company’s attitude to feedback. Does it make it easy to leave reviews? Does it go out of its way to correct bad feedback? Does it consider reviews when making business decisions?

Product Quality

Purple Lemon Haze Green Society
Purple Lemon Haze from Green Society (AAAA Flower)

You want only the best weed. You do not want to fork out good money for low-grade pot. Trusted companies guarantee the quality of their products, and they make this guarantee easy to see on their websites. To comply with licensing requirements, they must send all products to a laboratory for testing, the results of which should be readily available on both the product page and on the product label itself.

Customer Service

A reputable weed delivery service cares greatly about satisfying its customers. It is accountable for the products and services it provides. Look for a company makes itself easily contactable, has a robust refund or return policy, and offers help and guidance when you most need it. Test it. Think of a question and hit the contact button. If you get a helpful and prompt reply, that is a good sign. If not, run away.

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Our recommendation for quality service and product.

Data Security

Your personal information is gold to marketers, but it should not be for sale. A data breach or outright selling of your data can seriously compromise your security. Make certain that the company you choose has security systems in place to ensure data leaks never, ever happen, and that it does not sell your information to third parties. Scrutinize its security policies and then check and check again.

Loyalty Programs

Legitimate companies will incentive their customers to come back time after time. They will offer reward-based programs, loyalty discounts, and other benefits to its existing client base. Mostly, these are money-saving opportunities, such as coupons and discounts, but it could take the form of gifts, free products, or something entirely new and creative. Find out what incentives it offers its loyal customers.

Internal Forums

Although this is not essential, it is a good sign if you find a company that offers a platform for its customers to connect with each other. Having internal forums allows people to share information, ask each other for help and advice, and otherwise engage with like-minded folks. This could be on social media platforms or within the website itself. There should be experts interacting inside these forums.


online shopping discreet
Most reputable dispensaries will have shipping information listed

You want a weed delivery service that does not advertise what it is delivering to you. Discretion is paramount for many people who would rather keep their use a secret from friends, family, even nosy neighbors. A trusted company will guarantee discretion. This means delivery vehicles, driver uniforms, and packaging are free of all cannabis branding. No ganja leaves or other clues to give your secret away.


Although finding a reputable online dispensary may seem overwhelming, they do exist and choosing one should not be too difficult if you keep these points in mind. Unfortunately, with legalization come many challenges, including opportunities for scoundrels trying to take advantage of any loopholes they can find to swindle you, which is especially easy for them to do in the online marketplace.

Until regulators close these loopholes, it is wiser to be safe than sorry. Do your homework. Spend time researching the companies that appeal to you. In the end, you will have a weed delivery service that delivers quality product timeously, discreetly, legally, and with your satisfaction guaranteed. Look for licensed companies, as it is easier to hold them accountable for the services they provide.

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