The Different Types of Cannabis Extracts Explained

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The world of cannabis extracts (also interchangeably referred to as concentrates) can be confusing and intimidating. Different types seem to go in and out of style, and there is always something new out there that is supposed to be the next big thing. Not to worry though, we’ve navigated the confusion for you! Below we’ve created a list of extracts, their definitions, and where to find them. Whether you’re looking for cannabis extracts in Toronto or want to buy cannabis extracts from an online dispensary, these are the best sources out there.

Live Resin

Live Resin

This wonderful invention is made the same way you’d make wax or budder, except you’re starting with fresh-frozen plant material. It’s known for great flavor and aroma, and is said to really capture the essence of the live plant it’s made from. It ranges in colour from yellow-gold to a light amber, and has a wet, shiny look to it.

Where to get it: – Live Resin by High Heat Extracts



Shatter is hands-down the most popular form of concentrate available today, at least partly because it looks so cool. There have been art shows that feature sculptures actually made from this stuff- no joke! Usually created by blasting with butane, it’s extraction process removes the fat and lipids from the plant material. It’s somewhat transparent, and will easily break into fragments, (which, of course, is why it’s called shatter).

Where to get it: – Death Bubba Shatter – Skywalker OG by High Heat Extracts – Faded Extract Shatter

CO2 Oil

CO2 Oil

CO2 oil is a concentrate that’s become much more popular over the years, partly because it’s seen as a more natural method (since CO2 is a naturally occurring substance produced by the human body) compared to others that use harsh solvents like butane or propane. It’s created with large amounts of pressure and carbon dioxide to separate plant material, with the end product being an amber coloured oil. You’ll often find CO2 oil in pre-filled vape cartridges.

Where to get it: – CO2 Distillate by Supernova Phyto Extractions


Crumble is made with a procedure similar to the way shatter is made, but the oils used for crumble generally have more moisture, and a thicker consistency, which helps to give this concentrate its crumbly, cheese-like body. Lower heat is used in the creation of crumble, which is said to preserve more of the terpenes.

Where to get it:

Stash Club – Blue Cheese Crumble

Bubble Hash

Bubble hash isn’t as common as it used to be, but still a huge hit with the older crowd and DIYers. It uses ice water to separate the THC from plant matter, and can be smoked by itself, crumbled over a bowl, or even mixed into joints. If you’re looking to impress somebody from an older era, go for this one.

King Bubble Hash

Where to get it: – King Bubble Hash


Sea-To-Sky Rosin

This stuff has been around for a long time. It’s considered one of the most natural forms of concentrates, because all it takes to make rosin is heat and pressure. Back in the day, folks used to use hair straighteners or even tortilla presses to make rosin! In the commercial realm of today’s cannabis market, you’ll see all sorts of industrial presses used. It usually has the appearance of yellow-amber sap.

Where to get it: – Sea-To-Sky Rosin

Phoenix Tears

Phoenix Tears aka Rick Simpson Oil is named after it’s inventor, a medical marijuana advocate named (you guessed it) Rick Simpson. It’s dark in colour, and normally comes in a syringe for easy dosing by mouth. This type of concentrate is geared more towards the medical cannabis user compared to a recreational user.

Where to get it: – Forever Phoenix – Infused Phoenix Tears – Phoneix Tears

Moon Rocks

Moonrocks – 5 Grams

These little gems are an incredible invention of the highest caliber. You start with a high-grade bud, coat it in hash oil, then dust it with kief. The combinations are virtually limitless, and you’ll see folks taking their weed creativity to another level with these things. They can get expensive, but don’t be scared by the price. It’s worth it!

Where to get it: – Moonrocks- 5 Gram Jar


Wax is a very popular dabbable concentrate. It’s made by blasting the plant material with a solvent, then heating the material at a low temperature while whipping it. Cannabis wax has the appearance of whipped topping, but is somewhat crumbly. It looks delicious- don’t eat it though!

Where to get it:

Duke Nukem by 91 Supreme –


Budder is basically the same thing as wax but with a higher moisture content. It’s “whipped” less than wax, and has a more oily and malleable consistency.

Where to get it: – Budder


The list above is just a primer- the world of cannabis concentrates is deep, and constantly expanding. Don’t be intimidated though, the scariest part is getting started! Just pick one that sounds interesting, buy from a reputable online cannabis dispensary (all that we’ve linked to have sterling reputations), and jump in!

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