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The mail-order-marijuana dispensary is starting to become one of the most popular MOMs in Canada. From great customer service to nearly every product option known to stoners, Ganja Express provides both bulk and small-buy selections of high-quality marijuana strains and related products.

About Ganja Express

After the beloved Cannabis Act was passed, so many underground growers became public entrepreneurs, and we are all the luckier for it. Ganja Express is one of many businesses who offer discreet boxes of recreational medication, with the hopes of offering smokers a safe and legal channel of the finest weed, concentrates and edibles.

Additionally, Ganja Express has been growing in popularity because of how many product options they have; as well as, the overall quality of their service, including easy access and fast service. Ganja Express is also dedicated to helping anyone who has mail trouble; searching to help find any lost or stolen parcels with a money back or a one-time replacement (up to $500) if it absolutely cannot be found by Canada Post – making their delivery service both “fast and guaranteed” for their valued customers.

Customer Reviews of Ganja Express

On GanjaExpress’ website, they have an entire page dedicated to the reviews that their customers have sent them; this is a fantastic idea for a MOM or any online store because it helps future customers know what to expect when starting to order. Ganja Express also appreciates hearing feedback because it helps to improve their business practices.

All of the customer reviews are anonymously confidential, this allows for more feedback because no one will be worried that their name will be seen and then recognized. This private way of giving and receiving critiques and compliments also allows for more honesty because when people don’t have to leave their name, then the chances for honesty is much higher. For this reason, we are glad to share that nearly every single review on the page is full of positivity and excitement.

A number of customer reviews explain that Ganja Express carries both first-rate and hard-to-find cannabis strains, complimenting the quality of the orders, the low prices, and the excellent speed in service that this MOM provides. There are over twelve hundred customer reviews of Ganja Express of their forum-style feedback page.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are four sections under FAQ: ordering, payments and fees, product info, and Canada post; these types of pages are designed to relieve the stress of the customer. One key takeaway is that Ganja Express is very serious about making its customers feel safe and comfortable with the entire process of purchasing and receiving marijuana via the post office. The FAQ explains that MOMs have operated in Canada since the 1990s and there is no legal charge against acquiring weed through the mail.

Just as all other MOMs perform financially, payments are made through a third party that handles the monetary transaction. Orders are made through the website and then charges are made on Interact E-Transfer. There is a page on the Ganja Express website, called “How To Order,” with step-by-step pictures with arrows and detailed descriptions for extra assistance through the process.

Furthermore, Under “Product Info” on the FAQ page, there is a very thorough explanation of the differences between sativa and indica marijuana strains. For beginner smokers, this can be proved to be rather useful because no one wants to mix up an upper for a downer flower. It also explains the benefits of the two types of weed: for instance, indica for pain relief and sativa for easing depression and then hybrids for both, depending on which traits the plant leans towards.

Products Available

Other than merchandise and swag, Ganja Express has nearly every type of marijuana-related product possible and they have a large repository of rare, hard to find strains. Just like most MOMs out there, Ganja Express offers bulk-buy options, for those who prefer to order weed less often and to save more money. Luckily, unlike some, Ganja Express also offers smaller packages for smokers who do not want bulk weed, or for those who want to buy small amounts of many strains.

Ace of Spades

Ace of Spades

Out of all feasible ways to concentrate cannabis, focusing on THC, CBD, or both cannabinoids, Ganja Express seems to have them all: they have what they call “budder,” which seems like a pliable whipped wax; as well as, hash, shatter, tinctures, kief, THC distillate and CBD isolate. In addition, they carry vape pens and cartridges that sell in sativa, indica, and hybrid-based fruity flavours (0.5mL each).

Ganja Express also carries fun and entertaining items, including moonrocks, gummies and chocolate bars infused with cannabis; as well as, body care products, such as soap and lotion.

For those who do not know what moonrocks are, it is when you take a bud, coat it in wax, and then roll it in kief – GanjaExpress’ moonrocks are “made with love” from the Khalifa weed strain, their amazingly scrumptious, Honey Oil wax and then layers of gorgeous, crystalline kief. They also have something they call “Phoenix Tears” which is an RSO concentrate product, that can be taken orally and topically under certain circumstances. Cancer patients swear by Phoenix Tears!

More on Ganja Express

The Ganja Express homepage states that they are Canada’s #1 mail-order-marijuana dispensary and after diligent research, it is obvious to see why. Both their customer service and the diligence Ganja Express exert, to educate their clients; demonstrate just how much the people behind Ganja Express care about their customers.

Furthermore, one fabulously unique thing about GanjaExpress’ service is that they offer free delivery on all orders; but at the moment, they can only fill orders that have a minimum of $150 CAD. Even with a minimum, Ganja Express is still making a killing in the cannabis industry because of their product options and availability and their speedy and secure delivery. In the worst of scenarios, where a package is utterly lost, they can give you your money back or offer a one-time replacement package up to $500, as an apology for the post office.

Be sure to come back to DispensaryGTA to tell us about your experience with We agree that they seem like a forerunner for Canada’s best mail-order-marijuana dispensary and possibly one of the cheapest overall with the exception of an order minimum.

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