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Ganja Express Review Summary

Ganja Express is a leading mail-order marijuana (MOM) company in Canada that offers a wide range of high-quality cannabis strains, concentrates, and edibles. Established after the legalization of recreational marijuana in Canada, Ganja Express has gained a reputation for its commitment to providing customers with quality products, fast and reliable shipping, and exceptional customer service. The company offers discreet shipping, ensuring customers receive their orders without issues, and provides a money-back guarantee or a one-time replacement for lost or stolen parcels.

Ganja Express offers a variety of products, including hard-to-find cannabis strains, which can be bought in bulk or smaller packages for those who want to buy small amounts of many strains. The company also offers a range of related products, including concentrates, edibles, and vaping accessories.

  • Hard To Find Strains
  • Quality Products
  • Trusted Dispensary
  • Closed On Saturday And Sunday

Our Ganja Express review discusses how this MOM has become a top player in the Canadian mail-order marijuana industry. With their commitment to quality products, exceptional customer service, and diverse product offerings, they have gained a loyal following among stoners across the country.

Founded in the wake of the Cannabis Act, Ganja Express provides a safe and legal channel for Canadians to access the finest marijuana strains, concentrates, and edibles. They offer discreet shipping, ensuring that customers receive their orders without any issues.

One of the standout features of Ganja Express is the sheer variety of products they offer. Whether you’re looking to buy in bulk or just want to sample a few different strains, they have you covered. They also offer a range of related products, including concentrates, edibles, and vaping accessories.

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In addition to their product offerings, Ganja Express is known for their excellent customer service. They offer fast and reliable shipping, and are committed to helping customers who experience any issues with their orders. They even offer a money-back guarantee or a one-time replacement (up to $500) for lost or stolen parcels, making their delivery service both fast and guaranteed.

Overall, Ganja Express is a top choice for anyone looking to buy high-quality marijuana online. With their commitment to quality, customer service, and diverse product offerings, they have established themselves as one of the most popular MOMs in Canada

After the beloved Cannabis Act was passed, so many underground growers became public entrepreneurs, and we are all the luckier for it. Ganja Express is one of many businesses who offer discreet boxes of recreational medication, with the hopes of offering smokers a safe and legal channel of the finest weed, concentrates and edibles.

Additionally, Ganja Express has been growing in popularity because of how many product options they have; as well as, the overall quality of their service, including easy access and fast service. Ganja Express is also dedicated to helping anyone who has mail trouble; searching to help find any lost or stolen parcels with a money back or a one-time replacement (up to $500) if it absolutely cannot be found by Canada Post – making their delivery service both “fast and guaranteed” for their valued customers.

Customer Reviews of Ganja Express

Ganja Express sets itself apart from other online stores with their dedicated reviews page, showcasing the positive feedback from over 1,200 satisfied customers. This page serves as a valuable resource for potential customers, as it offers a glimpse into the experience of ordering from Ganja Express.

One of the most significant benefits of the page is the ability for customers to provide anonymous feedback. This confidentiality allows for more honest and detailed reviews, as customers don’t need to worry about being identified. As a result, the majority of reviews on the page are full of praise and enthusiasm for the quality of the products, affordability, and speedy service provided by Ganja Express.

In addition to the positive feedback, many customers rave about the availability of both premium and rare strains of cannabis, making Ganja Express a go-to source for marijuana enthusiasts. The numerous customer reviews, presented in a forum-style format, demonstrate the genuine satisfaction of those who have used Ganja Express, solidifying its reputation as a trustworthy and reliable MOM.

Frequently Asked Questions

The FAQ section on Ganja Express’ website is designed to alleviate any concerns or uncertainties customers may have when ordering and receiving marijuana through the post office. The page is divided into four sections: ordering, payments and fees, product info, and Canada Post.

Ganja Express takes customer safety and comfort seriously, and their FAQ emphasizes this by explaining that MOMs have been operating legally in Canada since the 1990s and that there are no legal repercussions for ordering marijuana via the mail.

When it comes to payments, Ganja Express uses a secure third-party platform to handle transactions. The “How To Order” page provides step-by-step instructions with helpful pictures and detailed explanations to guide customers through the ordering process.

The “Product Info” section is especially helpful for novice users, as it provides a thorough explanation of the differences between sativa and indica strains. This information is crucial for customers who want to make informed decisions about their purchases and avoid accidentally selecting the wrong type of marijuana. The section also explains the benefits of each type of strain, such as the pain relief properties of indica and the mood-boosting effects of sativa, as well as hybrids that combine the best of both worlds.

Overall, the FAQ section on Ganja Express‘ website is a testament to their commitment to customer satisfaction and education. With clear and concise information on ordering, payments, and product selection, customers can rest easy knowing that they are making informed decisions and receiving high-quality service.

Our Ganja Express Review of Products

Ganja Express is a one-stop-shop for all things cannabis-related. Along with a wide range of rare, hard-to-find strains, they offer an extensive collection of marijuana products, including concentrates like THC and CBD, both individually or combined, such as “budder,” hash, shatter, tinctures, kief, THC distillate, and CBD isolate. They also have a selection of vape pens and cartridges in fruity flavours that come in sativa, indica, and hybrid varieties.

Ganja Express Review Ace of Spades
Ace of Spades

For those who prefer edibles, Ganja Express has infused chocolate bars, gummies, and even body care products like soap and lotion. And for a unique experience, they offer “moonrocks,” which consist of buds coated in wax and rolled in kief. GanjaExpress’ moonrocks are made with the Khalifa strain, Honey Oil wax, and layers of crystalline kief. For medical purposes, Ganja Express also offers “Phoenix Tears,” an RSO concentrate product that can be taken orally or topically, and many cancer patients swear by its benefits.

In addition to the variety of products, Ganja Express caters to both small and large orders by offering bulk-buy options to save money, as well as smaller packages for those who want to try different strains or do not want to order in bulk. Overall, Ganja Express has something for everyone, and their dedication to customer satisfaction is evident in the wide range of products and services they offer.

Final Thoughts With Our Ganja Express Review

The Ganja Express homepage proudly proclaims their title as Canada’s premier mail-order marijuana dispensary and a bit of research confirms that they are truly deserving of this accolade. It’s apparent that the team behind Ganja Express is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and educating their clients on the products they offer.

One standout feature of GanjaExpress’ service is their free delivery policy on all orders, although orders must meet a minimum of $150 CAD. Despite this minimum, Ganja Express remains a top contender in the cannabis industry due to their vast selection of products and reliable, fast, and secure delivery. Additionally, in the unlikely event that a package goes missing, they offer a one-time replacement package up to $500 or a refund, ensuring customer satisfaction.

We encourage you to try Ganja Express for yourself and share your experience with us at DispensaryGTA. It’s no wonder that they are a leading contender for the title of Canada’s best mail-order marijuana dispensary, with competitive prices and outstanding customer service.

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Have you already ordered from Ganja Express? What was your experience? We hope our Ganja Express review helps you learn more about them.

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