Herb Approach Monthly Lottery – Win A Samsung Galaxy Book Laptop!

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Herb Approach Monthly Lottery

Editor’s’ Note: The Herb Approach Monthly lottery is not running for December 2023. We will update this post with the latest details once it resumes again in the future.

We are happy to announce that the official Herb Approach lottery game is ongoing for December 2023. That means, starting this month you can enter for a chance to win a laptop, pad, Xbox or other prizes. This is a re-imagined version of their old lottery game they had several years ago.

The Herb Approach monthly lottery contest will be an ongoing promotion that you can take part in with them every month. If you love cannabis, and appreciate a good lottery game as we do, you’re going to love this chance to win some great prizes.

If you’d like to enter for a chance to win, simply follow any of the links on this page to enter the Herb Approach monthly lottery.

All you need to do is place your next order with Herb Approach to get a free ticket.

You can also purchase additional tickets if you choose to!

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Make Sure You Enter Before December 30th To Win:

Enter Herb Approach Lottery To Win A Samsung Laptop

With the Herb Approach monthly lottery game, Canadians can enter the contest by making a $2 ticket purchase on their site. Simply order a ticket for every entry you’d like to make, that way you can enter as many times as you like.

One of the best things about this contest is that your odds of winning are high compared to other lotteries as it’s exclusively available to Herb Approach customers.

Every Order Entered Into Lottery for December

As a special promotion for their lottery re-launch, every order is being entered into the lottery for December 2023.

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December Lottery Prize— Samsung Galaxy Book Laptop

We love the fact that Herb Approach is providing an innovative, exciting lottery where you have a chance to win laptops, iPads, Xbox’s and many other prizes.

Herb Approach offers a lot as one of Canada’s oldest mail order marijuana dispensaries, with a long history of reliability fulfilling Canadians orders across the country.

Personally, we didn’t need another reason to order with them every month other than their high quality products, time-tested reliability, and amazing customer service.

But if you were looking for one, here it is, Herb Approach’s new lottery offers every reason you should need to place an order with them if you’d like the opportunity to win prizes like a new iPhone 13!

Herb Approach Makes Ordering Cannabis Online More Exciting

Their new lottery system makes ordering cannabis a little more exciting every month for their customers, and we approve!

The new lottery contest at Herb Approach offers great prizes to win, solid odds by our calculation, and a great list of prizes

Order Cannabis & Win A Samsung Galaxy Book Laptop

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Save 20% With Herb Approach

Who wouldn’t love the brand-new Samsung Galaxy Book Laptop, courtesy of your passion for cannabis. All you need to do is place an order this month for a free ticket to play the odds with Herb Approach’s monthly lottery game.

Keep in mind, if you want an even better chance to win, you can always purchase additional lottery tickets for $2

Makes sure you get your tickets before the end of the month.

We wish all our readers the best of luck with winning that Samsung Galaxy Book Laptop during December, the month of 420!

Enter The Monthly Lottery For December & Save 20% Off Your Order

If you’ve never used the Herb Approach coupon codeDispensaryGTA10”, you can save an additional 20% off your order at Herb Approach during the month of December with our increased discount code.

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