Top Tyendinaga Mohawk Reserve Dispensaries

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The Top 5 Tyendinaga Mohawk Reserve Dispensaries

Before I tell you about the Top 5 Tyendinaga Mohawk Reserve dispensaries, you should know that buying weed online from MOMs or mail order marijuana dispensaries will provide you with both lower prices and higher quality cannabis. We recommend checking out our  BuyWeedPacks review and our listing of the best online dispensaries in Canada.

Deeply steeped in history, the Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory is in the province of Ontario, just east of Belleville. Both a township and a tight-knit community, the territory’s name was inspired by a variant spelling of Thayendanegea, the former Mohawk leader’s traditional Mohawk name.

Now that both medical and recreational cannabis is legal across the nation, there are a massive variety of Tyendinaga dispensaries, scattered throughout this section of Ontario. Still clinging to local tradition, culture, and history, we see references to the Mohawks of the past throughout all these cannabis shops.

In fact, there are so many dispensaries in the area that it can be overwhelming trying to find which ones are superior and which ones leave the locale wanting more. By looking at the quality and range of the products available, the knowledge a dispensary’s budtenders have, and based on past experiences; we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 Tyendinaga dispensaries across the region. Let’s dive into a full look at each dispensary to see why these Ontario dispensaries landed on top.

Sweetgrass Farms – Widest Selection of Cannabis Products

sweetgrass farms

A superb medical dispensary, Sweetgrass Farms has some of the best variety available. Their flower is certainly versatile; offering both indoor strains and even more affordable outdoor strains. Their range doesn’t stop there, though, as they offer a nice selection of concentrates and edibles as well. They also provide topicals and even pre-rolled joints for those that want the convenience of not having to handroll themselves.

What’s Unique About Sweetgrass Farms?

  • Widest selection of products out of most other Tyendinaga dispensaries, especially on the edibles side. Not only is there a tremendous selection of packaged edibles readily available, but Sweetgrass Farms also offers fresh daily homemade edibles for a homey feel when you least expect it.
  • Some outdoor Indica strains are only $5 a gram
  • Open until 10 PM, perfect for those who get off work later than the norm



• Staff is very welcoming and knowledgeable on the products they have available as well as what products would best help your specific medical condition or ailment• Affordable deals and wild promotions regularly in circulation


• Feels like the dispensary always puts the customer first, with friendly budtenders that make sure you don’t feel rushed about making a decision

• No website available to shop before you go in• Not open until 9AM


• Sometimes the cheaper strains may feel as if they are of better quality, which can be disappointing for those who invest in the top-shelf quality bud that has a higher price tag

CannaKure – Most Readily Available Tyendinaga Dispensary

Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, CannaKure is the one-stop shop any hour of the night, for high-quality bud. They have their own website, which makes it easy for newcomers to get a feel for what they have to offer, without having to make their way to the physical dispensary yet.cannakure

Moreover, their web platform makes it easy to view their vast menu of flower, edibles, concentrates, and other cannabis products available. They keep everything separated and organized to make your shopping experience as convenient as possible, while also managing to offer some of the best deals in the Tyendinaga area.

What’s Unique About CannaKure?

  • Open 24 hours a day – a huge win for those that have work hours outside of the norm and can’t get into a dispensary when they’re all typically open
  • CBD and THC distillates are both available, as well as a wide selection of edibles, extracts, and other concentrates
  • A wide selection of both mid-shelf and top-shelf bud – ideal for finding a new favorite strain
  • Loyalty program available for members-only deals



• All flower is grown 100% in Canada, free of pesticides and other pollutants


• Loyalty program helps you keep saving more on your cannabis products

• Open 24/7 to better serve their community

• Extracts crafted from top-quality bud that’s grown in-house

• No phone number available on their web platform to easily give them a call with questions


• Can view menu but cannot purchase cannabis products unless you go in

Smoke on the Water – Expert Grow and Potency Specialists

smoke on the water

This is an ideal dispensary for those that want to speak with staff that’s truly knowledgeable and passionate about what they’re doing. Whether you are a first-time buyer or an experienced cannabis connoisseur, Smoke on the Water offers a decent range of cannabis products for anyone. They are also a leading recreational cannabis lounge and dispensary in the Tyendinaga area, with a family-driven, community-based feel put into everything they do. Just like CannaKure, Smoke on the Water is also open 24 hours a day.

What’s Unique About Smoke on the Water?

  • Open 24/7 for you to have the utmost convenience
  • Clones are available for those that are trying to grow their feminized cannabis strains
  • Concentrate vaping and dabbing hash oils available



• Flower, cartridges, hash oils, edibles, and more are available at Smoke on the Water• Both THC recreational products and CBD medical products available for different preferences


• Raffles and other fun contests regularly circulate in the shop

• Multiple ways to contact the dispensary without having to communicate in person first

• Though they’re open 24 hours, some sites imply they’re only open 10AM to 10PM, which can confuse just about anyone• Majority of products are not available for view online, so you must go into their physical location to see what they have for sale at any given time

Exotik Konnection – Friendliest Delivery of Knowledge

exotik konnection

Possibly the friendliest medical dispensary in the area, Exotik Konnection are some of the top experts that are able to seek out exactly what each customer needs. Whether you’re looking for a potent CBD tincture for pain relief or a heavy Indica strain to sleep better at night, this dispensary has the budtenders that can guide you to the right product. If you’re a little shyer and want to browse on your own, they’re also the types that won’t rush you on deciding.

What’s Unique About Exotik Konnection?

  • Is Handicap accessible and friendly to everyone over 19 years old who enters the shop
  • Rather than sacrificing quality for the price, you get what you pay for with these exquisite bud strains
  • A wide selection of hybrids is available for you to get to exactly the level you need to be
  • Open 12 hours a day, every day of the week


• Open every day of the week, perfect for those who only have access to dispensaries on the weekend

• Handicap accessible to allow anyone over 19 years old entry to their cannabis shop

• Cannabis testing is offered in-house so you can always feel confident about where your products came from and what’s in them

• Great supply of seeds for those that want to take growing into their own hands


• No web platform available to view a menu of their cannabis items before you go in for purchase

• Weedmaps-Verified, but first-time patients need to fill something out before they can buy from Exotik Konnection


Smoke Signals – Finest Quality Concentrates

smoke signals deserontoFinishing up our list of the top Tyendinaga dispensaries is Smoke Signals, one of the best of the 40 cannabis shops in the area. Offering a tremendous array of flower, concentrates, edibles, and much more, Smoke Signals has long since served both medical patients and recreational users alike. Passionate about what they do and what they sell, this dispensary hit too close to home for us to not include it.

What’s Unique About Smoke Signals?

  • Finest quality and variety of concentrates out of most Tyendinaga dispensaries
  • A community-driven dispensary that’s as fast as they are friendly
  • The professional yet homey atmosphere helps beginners and experts alike feel welcome



•  Widest range of concentrates around Tyendinaga, with a variety of live resin strains available


• Affordable edibles are incredibly potent and pack quite a punch

• Multiple ways to reach out to the dispensary ahead of time instead of having to speak in person

• Their former web platform redirects to a 404-website error


• Products can get pricy depending on what quality the dispensary deems the strain has

Final Thoughts 

We selected these dispensaries based on what they each had to offer to people in Tyendinaga. Looking only for the best of the best, we went for the dispensaries that have consistently provided us with stellar service, amazing product and information that left us more knowledgeable; thanks to the encounter.

While there were ultimately different reasons for why these Tyendinaga dispensaries landed on our list, they each have something special to offer both visitors and Tyendinaga locals. Whether it’s the quality of their products, the massive variety they had to offer, a passion behind their budtender’s knowledge of strains, or a combination of the three; these dispensaries came out on top over any other dispensary in the region. With a little help from this guide and the information you’ve delivered, we hope you can find your new favourite dispensary in this section of Ontario.

Have you tried any of these top Tyendinaga dispensaries? Where has your favourite dispensary experience been, and what makes it stick out in your mind? Let us know in the comments below!

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