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Looking for the best online weed dispensary that delivers to Ontario? Look no further! We’ve assembled an unbeatable list of the very best dispensaries to buy weed from in Ontario.

Ontario is home to several major cities, including Toronto, Ottawa, Hamilton, Mississauga, Brampton, London, Windsor, and Kitchener, making it an incredible place to live. Whether you live in a bustling city or a quiet suburban town, finding the right online dispensary that you can trust can be challenging.

That’s why our team has carefully selected the best online dispensary options that deliver to Ontario. We have tested and reviewed each online dispensary to ensure they meet our strict standards for quality, service, and selection. The very best online dispensaries we’ve found are listed on this page, so you can trust our recommendations for a hassle-free and safe way to order cannabis products online.

From Toronto to Ottawa, and from Hamilton to Windsor, we’ve got you covered. Our list includes the best online dispensaries that deliver across Ontario. So no matter where you are in the province, you can order cannabis products online with confidence.

So why wait? Check out our list of the best online dispensaries in Ontario and start ordering your favourite cannabis products today!

Discover The Best Online Weed Dispensary in Ontario:

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Herb Approach
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Herb Approach stands out as the premier online dispensary in Ontario, offering an unparalleled selection of top-quality cannabis products, ranging from edibles to CBD options
BulkWeedinBox best bulk weed dispensary
Bulk Weed Inbox
15% OFF
Bulk Weed Inbox is undeniably the best bulk weed dispensary that delivers weed to Ontario, offering a premium selection of high-quality products at unbeatable prices for bulk purchases.
Cannabismo best online weed dispensary
10% OFF
Cannabismo is undoubtedly one of the best online dispensaries delivering high-quality cannabis strains straight from BC to Ontario.
OnlyGas best online weed canada
10% OFF
OnlyGas is one of the most trusted online dispensaries in Ontario, renowned for its expertise in providing premium wholesale AAA+ cannabis strains.
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Weedsmart is widely recognized as one of the best online dispensaries delivering high-quality weed products to Ontario.

Benefits of Buying Weed Online Through MOM Dispensaries

For years now, cannabis enthusiasts have been relying on online MOM (Mail Order Marijuana) dispensaries in Ontario for their marijuana needs. These dispensaries offer a wide range of products, including flower, edibles, and topicals, making it easier than ever for residents to access their favourite cannabis products.

With the convenience of MOM deals, coupon codes, and fast shipping, purchasing cannabis products online has never been easier. These MOM dispensaries ensure that your marijuana arrives safely and discreetly, just like any other item shipped with Canada Post.

The Best Online Dispensaries in Ontario: Our Top Picks

If you’re looking for a reliable online dispensary that offers high-quality cannabis products and fast shipping to Ontario, you’ve come to the right place. Our team has tested and reviewed numerous MOM dispensaries from all across Canada, so you can trust us to provide you with expert advice on where to order.

We understand that not all online dispensaries are created equal, which is why we have taken the time to carefully select the top dispensaries that meet our strict standards for quality, service, and selection. Our team of experts has firsthand experience with each of the online dispensaries we recommend, so you can trust that our reviews are honest and accurate.

Whether you’re a seasoned smoker or new to the world of cannabis, our list of top online dispensaries has something for everyone. From premium flower to high-quality concentrates and tinctures, our recommended dispensaries have everything you need to satisfy your cravings.

So if you’re ready to buy weed online from a reliable and trustworthy source, check out our list of the top online dispensaries in Ontario. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed:

Discover the crème of the crop of Ontario’s online weed delivery services:

Best Online Dispensary in Ontario – Top 6 List:

Herb Approach – Best Online Dispensary For Ontario, Canada

Herb Approach (review) has a reputation for quality and reliability well-earned in the marketplace.

herb approach best ontarrio online weed dispensary

They were one of the first mail order marijuana dispensaries to begin operating, and have kept providing only the best service and cannabis products for all the years they’ve been running; that’s an impressive track record.

Herb Approach offers one of the largest selections of products like concentrates and edibles of any mail order dispensary. They offer speedy delivery anywhere, but are especially fond of delivering weed to the residents of Ontario.

They even have free shipping on any order over $150.

Herb Approach has dedicated itself to providing Ontarians with only the best quality weed British Columbia must offer. They do this through a commitment to sourcing their product from only the most trusted top-quality local growers and vendors.

The site is easy to use and has an elegant design. Which makes it super user-friendly. The site allows users to find what they are looking for quickly, with little effort.

Herb Approach also has full mobile browsing support, which is super convenient when you want to order cannabis on the go.

This dispensary’s impressive products, massive high-quality selection, and helpful live chat agents, make it one of the best MOMs to use for ordering weed online in Ontario.

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Cannablossom– Quality Online Weed Dispensary With Quick Shipping


CannaBlossom offers an extensive variety of marijuana and cannabis-related products. This online dispensary features a diverse selection of flowers categorized into indica, sativa, hybrids, and top-shelf strains sourced from some of Canada’s finest growers.

They carry a comprehensive collection of concentrates, edibles, and CBD-infused items, and offer free shipping on orders exceeding $150. Furthermore, Cannablossom boasts fantastic CBD tinctures that are perfect for pain relief or enhancing your bath experience.

At CannaBlossom, customer satisfaction is a top priority. They prioritize providing exceptional customer service, ensuring that their clients receive the best possible experience while shopping for cannabis-related products. Moreover, they prioritize offering high-quality items at competitive prices, ensuring that their customers receive the best value for their money. With their extensive selection and commitment to customer satisfaction, Cannablossom is an excellent choice for all your cannabis-related needs.

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Save 25% OFF at CannaBlossom & get 1 free-gift.

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Bulk Weed Inbox – Ontario’s Best Bulk Weed Dispensary

bulkweed inbox

Bulk Weed Inbox(review) is one of the best online bulk mail order marijuana dispensaries offering delivery to Ontario. They are dedicated to delivering bulk weed to the residents of Ontario; who we all know don’t accept compromise when it comes to quality. 

The company’s focus is to provide cannabis products at the best prices possible. They offer many cannabis strains for consumers. The dispensary guarantees fast shipping on all orders for customers who purchase weed online in Ontario, and our own orders with them regularly arrive in only a few days.

Bulk Weed Inbox features dozens of strains of quality marijuana, as well as bulk concentrates at sensational deals. Concentrates are the newest frontier in weed and are becoming increasingly popular due to their potency. At Bulk Weed Inbox, they have an incredible selection of concentrates for sale at budget prices, like budder, hash, and shatter.

They are the best destination for anyone looking for a wide selection of top-quality budget-friendly strains that will ship quickly to any address in Ontario. There are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to budget strains and even cheap weed options!

They also have a stunning selection of quads at unbeatable prices!

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CannaWholesalers – Top Ontario Bulk Dispensary With Huge Selection

Deals, deals, deals are the name of the game at CannaWholesalers. They are popular for their low rates, discounts and free shipping with a minimum order of $125. Additionally, they also have a “Sales” page, under “Flowers,” that frequently changes with both new and current weed strains, oils, and hash at a larger discount.

CannWholesalers best online ontario bulk dispensary

CannaWholesalers also offers substantial savings for bulk sizes, for example, 10% off one ounce, 20% off two, 35% off three or more, and so on! The more you buy, the crazier the amount you can potentially save.

They carry flowers, concentrates, edibles, and a few different CBD products. One item that I want to point out is their THC Honey. Capsules come in 25mg or 50mg and those little inconspicuous babies are perfect for taking while in public non-smoke areas; for me. The high from one 50mg capsule lasted an entire afternoon.

Unlike many other online cannabis dispensaries in Ontario, CannaWholesalers offers Purolator delivery, for those of us who are impatient or need cannabis in a hurry in Ontario.

$10 OFF

Save $10 off the high quality bulk cannabis sold by the MOM CannaWholesalers with this coupon.

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weedsmart top Ontario online dispensary

WeedSmart is another very popular for its sales; at any given time, the majority of its store is on sale between 10% and 30% off. Not to mention, their entire “Ounces under $140” page, with major savings on distinctive and potent strains. WeedSmart also has moonrocks made from OG Kush flowers, hash oil and kief, with seven different terpene flavours, including original, ice cream, strawberry, cherry, and caramel candy.

One very unique innovation that WeedSmart stocks are their Temple Tea products. Imagine sipping down deliciously hot jasmine tea, that has a combination of both THC and CBD, for me, it was the most ultimate relaxing cup of tea. They also have chocolate rooibos, lemongrass, and blends for relieving menstrual pains or for THC-infused iced tea.

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Evergreen Medicinal (EGM) – Superb Quality Ontario Weed Delivery Service

EGM Ontario best online weed dispensary

With fantastically potent strains, concentrates and edibles, Evergreen Medicinal; or EGM for short, is becoming one of the finest online MOMs available. And with their unique user-interface, EGM makes it easier for their clients to filter strains by the ailment that they are trying to relieve. With sections labelled “Sleep & Insomnia,” “Pain & Inflammation,” “Mood & Depression,” just to name a few. This is incredibly helpful for people with little experience and/or looking to find buds designed for exact problems.

EGM also has a beautifully composed website: white, modern, and easy to work with. They offer both Mix ‘n’ Match and Build Your Own Ounce and QP packages. In the BYO, they allow you to pick up to eight different kinds of strains, which is twice as many as I have seen in the past. There is also a one-time, “EGM15” coupon code, equaling 15% off almost everything on their website (some restrictions apply).

Evergreen Medicinal (EGM) Is Closed

SpeedGreens – Offering Weed Delivery Across Ontario

SpeedGreens offers some of the lowest prices and extensive product choices that round out our top MOMs list for Ontario. Consistently offering discounts, coupons and free green when you purchase over $299 o $399, with either 3.5 grams of AAA or AAAA.

Speed Greens ontario Review Online Dispensary Logo

Speed Greens works hard to provide high-quality goods and to be one of the cheapest dispensaries on the market. With already moderate prices, SpeedGreens advertises coupon codes and affiliate discounts to help make their shop even more reasonably priced.

The cannabis concentrates available at SpeedGreens are impressive. With shatter, budder, hash, live resin, and HTFSE, all made from specific strains, and then distillates, and hash made from specific medlies. SpeedGreens’ oil tinctures come in either THC or CDB and vary in strength, which is helpful when considering different medicinal needs.

SpeedGreens Is Closed

Order With The Best Ontario Dispensary

All over Ontario, there are many flowers, concentrates, edibles, and health-focused CBD products available from top online cannabis dispensaries. It doesn’t matter whether you enjoy Indica or Sativa cannabis strains or something saturated with extracted THC, CBD, or both. The options for ordering cannabis online in Ontario are limitless these days.

The best online weed dispensary in Ontario that we have chosen has everything that a stoner could ask for; including fast shipping, low prices and major discounts daily.

Buy Weed Online Today From An Online Ontario Weed Dispensary

Having a clear choice when ordering with mail-order marijuana (MOM) dispensaries has helped many cannabis-lovers all over Canada, including the province of Ontario. So if you are to buy weed online from one of the best cannabis stores, our page has you covered. We’ve got only the top recreational cannabis dispensaries listed that carry quality products.

Most people know that most MOMs offer huge discounts and amazing coupon codes for new customers. If that’s not enough, they also offer huge loyalty programs like point systems and everyday sales, on top of that to keep you in the green.

Use one of our tried and trusted top Ontario MOM dispensaries today and start saving money by ordering your cannabis online.

Have any questions or comments about ordering from one of the best online weed dispensaries in Ontario? Please leave a detailed response in the box below!

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