Pak Delight Hash

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Pak Delight hash from Afghanistan gets carefully sourced by BuyWeedPacks from top hash makers in Afghanistan. We tried this hash for ourselves and were blown away by its quality, authenticity, and potency.

Thousands of Years of Tradition

Afghanistan is the country that has the highest hash production in the entire world; suffice to say they know what they are doing when it comes to making great hash. They’ve been making it for thousands of years.

The majority of cannabis that is used in this hash is grown in the mountains in northern areas of Afghanistan that have a great climate for growing cannabis.

This hash is a step above the Gold Seal (the most popular hash we’ve ever received) hash at BuyWeedPacks. The Pak Delight from BuyWeedPacks was a very smooth, delicate hash, offering with the perfect amount of moisture. For that reason, we recommend keeping it in a controlled environment to maintain its quality.

Tradition is a key part of gold seal hash. Originally produced in the northern provinces of Afghanistan, it’s now available, expertly hand-pressed in Canada.

Pak Delight Hash From BuyWeedPacks Offers Quality & A Great Price

Pak Delight offers delicious, potent aromas that will bring back memories of simpler times when the hash was even more popular than it is for some reason today.

There’s nothing quite like the power and quality of Pak Delight hash, and the best thing is that it’s an incredibly versatile product.

Passionate producers have worked hard to bring this Afghan tradition to you and it certainly won’t disappoint. Check out the old-school Pak Delight Hash, you won’t be disappointed.

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Pak Delight Hash
Pak Delight Hash
$20.00/ 2g
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