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Oro Honey Oil‘s created from a pesticide-free strain that is grown outdoors in the BC mountains.

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Oro Honey Oil

This product’s made from large, consistent batches to ensure perfect consistency and gorgeous results. It is winterized and filtered to remove all plant material, chlorophyll, and waxes.

Honey Oil cannabis concentrate by Oro is made with the most potent buds in Canada. The extract’s filtered into a honey-like consistency that resembles honey, but the taste varies.

Oro Honey Oil Comes With Activated THC

The honey oil comes activated, only needing to be heated to release the active ingredients.

That means that you can smoke, vape, dab, or eat, this wonderful cannabis extract. It can even be used transdermally on the skin.

Typically, lab-made cannabis products lack a natural terpenes profile. With Oro’s proprietary Honey Oil extraction procedure, they leave the strain’s terpene profile completely unaltered, with no residual solvents or added terpenes.

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Oro Honey Oil
Oro Honey Oil
$24.99/g $40.00/g
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