mail order cannabis in ontario

Are you wondering where the best place to buy marijuana online in Ontario is? Well, we have assembled the best list of places to get weed shipped directly to your door without even getting up. Use the list on this page to discover which dispensaries are the best online dispensaries in Ontario for ordering product straight to your door. We have ordered from every one of these dispensaries ourselves and believe these dispensaries represent the best picks for online dispensaries in Ontario.

Top Online Dispensaries in Ontario

Candelivery Logo Top Online DispensariesReview of Candelivery

Candelivery is our #1 pick for delivery across the province. They offer low prices and extremely¬†high-quality product. They ensure that anyone (over 19) that orders will have access¬†to only the highest quality medicine. Their prices and commitment to quality and service is unmatched at the moment within Ontario¬†and if you’re looking to get BC quality bud delivered to you faster then you would get it if you ordered it from BC then this is the only place you should be ordering from.

Read our full review here and check out their website.

Review of Supreme Weeds

Supreme Weeds is online mail order marijuana dispensary located in London, Ontario, Canada. They have gained a reputation for quality and fast delivery times throughout the province. This dispensary has many satisfied customers due to their high-quality product without the need to get it from BC. We highly recommend this dispensary to anyone looking for Ontario cannabis delivery.

Read our full review here and check out their website.

Check back soon for even more reviews and recommendations on the best online dispensaries in Ontario. We take a very thorough approach to our reviews so you can be guaranteed that these dispensaries will serve you well.

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