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Few mail order marijuana dispensaries in the market today achieve the quality and great pricing currently being delivered by TheCannaSociety. This small group of British Columbian natives with over 20+ years of experience in the cannabis industry has created an online purchasing experience that caters to the modern consumer. TheCannaSociety (TCS) sources from the most trusted growers in the business, making sure each product has a high standard of quality control. Canadian cannabis connoisseurs can be assured that all the flower, concentrates, and edibles featured on their platforms are of the highest quality.

This dispensary also ensures full customer privacy by using a secure database, end-to-end encrypted emails, and discreet packaging. Their mission is to build a community of loyal customers and it seems to us that they are doing a great job! 

We are looking forward to telling you more about the fantastic products from this amazing mail order dispensary.

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Review of the product’s from TheCannaSociety

Blackberry Breath

A truly balanced hybrid strain of 50/50 indica to sativa ratio made possible by cross-breeding infamous strains; Meatbreath and Blackberry. Strains as pungent as Blackberry Breath are hard to come by. We are happy to let you know that this funky hybrid from TheCannaSociety lives up to its name in every way.

The Blackberry Breath from TheCannaSociety had visually stunning buds, full of frosty trichomes and fiery orange hairs. They also boasted a wide array of earthy greens and deep purple hues. The Blackberry lineage certainly stood out to us as we got into these fluffy, perfectly cured buds. 

blackberry breath from thecannasociety

Blackberry Breath

When the smoke hit our lips, we immediately tasted the sweet, fresh flavour of Blackberry. We were then taken for a pungent turn as the Meatbreath delivered its unique spicy, dank taste and we enjoyed the complex journey of delicious funky flavours offered by this pungent strain. 

Coming in with an impressive THC potency level north of 30%, this is the perfect strain for relieving insomnia, depression, and hyperactivity. We also felt a sense of balance after enjoying a couple of tokes of Blackberry Breathe, increasing our mood and decreasing stress.

High School Sweetheart

There’s no replacing first love until you rediscover your High School Sweetheart brought to you by TheCannaSociety and Gage Green Genetics. This memorable indica dominant hybrid is a result of breeding Cherry Pie and Grateful Breath. Cage Green Genetics is known throughout Canada for pushing cannabis genetics forward. TheCannaSociety is proud to be working with such a respected company and is excited to offer this epic strain on their platform.

The flawlessly structured buds of this strain impressed us as we opened the bag. Upon inception, High School Sweetheart showed massive, dense buds covered in icy trichomes, big calyxes, and plenty of resin perfect for making concentrates like hash. We instantly loved these jaw-dropping nugs, noticing a purple tint hiding behind layers of sophisticated shades of green.

High School Sweetheart

High School Sweetheart

This indica strain delivers a relaxing high perfect for unwinding after work or right before bed. High School Sweetheart offered a pungent earthy aroma with fruity and grassy undertones. The indica dominant strain gave us an intense high, as to be expected with a THC potency in the high 20s.

Experience all your day’s troubles escape you as soon as you indulge in this finely cured indica flower.  We felt numerous benefits after enjoying High School Sweetheart including, reduced anxiety, stress, and depression.

Bentley Hash

TheCannaSociety offers a wide variety of high-quality cannabis concentrates. One of their most impressive and definitely the most luxurious is the Bentley Hash. This concentrate is sourced from premium cannabis material all over British Columbia and safely extracted and pressed without the use of dangerous solvents.

bentley hash thecannasociety

Bentley Hash

We broke off a piece of Bentley Hash and gazed approvingly at the infinite crystals packed into this beautiful caramel cannabis matter that is made up of compressed trichomes.  Hash is the OG concentrate, perfected over thousands of years. TheCannaSociety recognizes that the cannabis industry has evolved but still takes care to stock the concentrate that birthed the movement.

When we smoked some Bentley Hash on top of some flower we found that the hash boasted a sweet woodiness with complex, crisp, grassy aromas. TheCannaSociety offers its flagship concentrate in a variety of quantities from 2g to an ounce. Add some high-quality concentrate to your relaxation routine by pairing Bentley Hash with an indica dominant strain like High School Sweetheart.

Chef’s Treat – 100mg Full Spectrum Mango Edible

Chef’s Treats is an established brand dedicated to producing the highest quality edibles in British Columbia. They have set the standard in providing accurately dosed products. You can have confidence in the Chef brand any time you enjoy one of their edibles.

chefs treats lego mango

Full Spectrum Mango Edible

The 100mg Full Spectrum Mango Lego Brick is a high-quality and tasty mango-flavoured edible that is wisely featured on the TCS platform. If you are looking to microdose, try splitting up the Chef brick, we found it to be the perfect way to experience the mild sedating effects of cannabis all day long.

Chef’s signature Lego gummies are known to deliver a true, full-spectrum experience. Their cannabis is sourced from BC growers and responsibly extracted. We are glad that TheCannaSociety offers the amazing products produced by this brand. Chef has truly mastered the art of the cannabis gummy. Users will experience the benefits of a wide array of cannabinoids and terpenes from this full spectrum edible. 

Experience TheCannaSociety Today

While TheCannaSociety is relatively new to the market, their 20+ years of experience is apparent in their selection of flower, edibles, and concentrates. They have picked some of the best names in the industry to feature on their online dispensary at extremely reasonable prices. 

Regardless of what form of cannabis you are looking for, you can be sure that TheCannaSociety has a wide array of premium options for you to choose from. We will definitely be using them ourselves to take advantage of their amazing prices on premier Canadian cannabis brands. They even have a fantastic selection of magic mushroom products that you should check out!

We recommend checking out TheCannaSociety today if you want to access some of the best deals on quality cannabis online 

Please use the coupon “GTA20 to save $20 off your order of $100+

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