Review of The Online Dispensary

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Review of The Online Dispensary

The Online Dispensary is a mail order marijuana (MOM) dispensary that you can depend on for all your cannabis needs.

This online store prides itself on delivering top-quality products at exceptionally affordable rates for it’s valued customers. We love the fact that they offer a price match guarantee on all of their cannabis strains so if you find a price for the same strain and grade at another store they will happily match the price for you. 

When we used their site to place our order, the entire process worked flawlessly. In the end, you can expect to get your marijuana delivered to your doorstep within 1 to 5 days, depending on your location. 

The Online Dispensary offers free shipping for orders as low as $99. With many dispensaries starting their free shipping above 150 dollars, this offers you flexibility on your order size and is another great feature offered by this dispensary that makes them well suited for orders of any size.

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More Info About: The Online Dispensary

The Online Dispensary consists of highly skilled, professional, and customer satisfaction-centered individuals with decades of experience in their respective fields. Their products are tested for quality by their in-house quality-control team to ensure they contain zero pesticides and molds. 

The store is among the top mail order marijuana dispensaries in Canada, offering high-quality cannabis products. You can find a wide assortment of products on their website, including:

We recommend subscribing to their newsletter to get the latest information on incentives, deals, rewards, promos, and free products. The store also runs regular contests, one example being to ‘guess the weight’ of a jar of products. The prizes with that contest totaled $500, with the winner receiving $250 worth of products. Contests like this are a great incentive to sign up for their email list.

Another great feature of this dispensary is that for every dollar you spend on their website, you get one loyalty point, which you can redeem while checking out for your next order. Ultimately, you end up saving some bucks on your next order based on how much you spend with your last one, or you can choose to save up these points for a rainy day if you prefer. 

Website Experience 

When we looked at their website, we found it to be simple, informative, and clean. We were able to quickly locate the products we were looking for. 

We especially liked the picture quality as we found it impeccable. Each product is accompanied by a detailed description that covers the genetics of the strain used, cannabinoids present and their concentration, as well as the dose.  

Overall the user experience with their site was excellent. 

Ordering Process

If you have any issues or questions well on their site, you can contact the store, with either the live chat, email or call them with the number on the top of their site to speak with one of their customer representatives. We opted to email to inquire about our order. The response was very fast and their agents were very helpful with our order.

After placing the order, the store sent us the tracking number, which allowed us to track the package through Canada Post. Since our order surpassed the $99 mark, we were treated to free shipping as assured on their website. The package was delivered to our doorstep a few days later. The contents inside remained anonymous since the box was unmarked, and the products were kept in vacuum-sealed bags inside. 

We Review The Online Dispensary’s Products: 

Our order consisted of products from each category on their website: we purchased Gusher Strain bud, Nuken Strain bud, Alien Monster Cookie Shatter, and AJ’s 150mg THC Gummies

Continue reading below to find out more about the quality products from this impressive dispensary:


Gusher from The Online Dispensary is a cross between Gelato#41 and Triangle Kush. After opening our bag containing this strain, we noticed that it was perfectly cured, very dense, and had a great trim to it. 



Upon our inspection, we were immediately hit by a sweet, sugary, candy-like, and creamy aroma, which transformed into an earthy spice with hints of cinnamon as we began breaking it down with our grinder. We also detected some vanilla undertones, which added to the appeal of the bud. 

When smoked, this Indica dominant strain (60-40) produced a fruity and sugary flavor in our mouth that lingered for a moment before an earthy kush flavor took over. 

The Gusher strain is not one that will put you to sleep immediately, but it has some sedating power nonetheless, so take it easy with this one if your smoking it during the day. We found it to be a very calming strain and it was great at alleviating our stress during the day.


Next, we examined the Nuken strain, which is a cross between the multiple award-winning and cult favorite God Bud and Shishkaberry. It is Indica dominant (80-20) with THC levels that range between 21%-23%. 

Upon opening the bag, the sweet marshmallow aroma fills the room, accompanied by some skunky undertones. 

The nugs were quite attractive: they took on an olive green hue while the pistils were a bright orange. They were covered in crystalline trichomes with a lot of resin present throughout the bud requiring a bit of force to grind it up in our grinder.



When lit, we experienced the same marshmallow flavor linger on our palate. On exhale, we detected some hints of skunk that combined to give this strain a pleasantly unique flavor profile. 

This strain left us in an angelic cloud of heavy sedation for a long time. We first experienced the body-high with a relaxing tingling in our spine before it spread to the rest of our body and down to our toes. 

Alien Monster Cookies Shatter

Being a cross between two famous parents (GSC and Granddaddy purple), sometimes it is quite rare to find this strain, so we were excited to find a top-grade version of it from The Online Dispensary.

Alien Monster Cookies

Alien Monster Cookies

This store has some seriously potent concentrates, and the Alien Monster Cookies Shatter lived up to that reputation. Its golden appearance was appealing, which made us eager to try it out.

When we dabbed this shatter, this Indica dominant strain (80-20) presented powerful sedating effects that immediately sent us to the couch to watch some TV. The effects lasted for a long time and we felt a happy euphoria. Take this shatter if you plan to have a lazy evening and later retire to bed.

AJ’s 150mg THC Gummies

When we saw that a top-notch chef made these gummies, we just had to try them out. Upon opening the package, we found 10 gummies of different shapes, colors, and flavors: there was a cola-flavored one, a watermelon-flavored one, a cherry-flavored one, and many other flavors.

AJ’s 150mg THC Gummies

AJ’s 150mg THC Gummies

Their scent was quite appealing, which reminded us of a fruit basket. The Online Store delivered fresh, tasty, and attractive gummies that presented a quick, easier, and discrete way of microdosing THC.

Each package of AJ’s THC Gummies contains 150mg of THC that is divided equally among the 10 gummies, meaning that each one has 15mg of THC We recommend trying to carry one or more of these delicious gummies around with you to keep yourself medicated throughout the day.

The gummies gave us a euphoric high, with a subtle head-high that kept us in a blissful mood as we consumed these gummies throughout the day. They helped to clear our mind and took away everyday stress, even helping to alleviate muscle pain after we worked out. For novice consumers, we recommend starting with a single gummy as you access their effects, then increase until you discover your ideal dosage. 

We highly recommend The Online Dispensary for your next cannabis purchase!

We loved the experience we had with The Online Dispensary, from the seamless ordering process to the quick and efficient customer service, and of course, the top-of-the-line products. The fact that our package arrived on time and was packaged discreetly is also a big plus.

If you are looking for an online store with a wide variety of products at competitive prices, Online Dispensary Canada comes top of the list. You also stand a chance of winning numerous prizes when you participate in the contests through their newsletter.

In case you have any queries, feel free to talk to them through live chat, email, or through calling their customer service representatives directly with the number at the top of the site.

Online Dispensary Canada

Thank you for reading our review of Online Dispensary Canada, please remember to bookmark our site and check back frequently for amazing deals to the best mail order dispensaries in Canada.

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