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cannacured best online dispensary 2023

THC has quickly become one of our favourite online, Canadian dispensaries; with offices in British Columbia and Ontario and 50 years’ experience behind them!   THC puts the customer/patient’s needs first and strives to find the best strains for the best prices available, making them a top-notch MOM (Mail Order Marijuana) company with everything in the highest, premium quality you are looking for, all in one place.    

CITRIX (AAAA+) 50% Sativa 50% Indica 18-23% THC              Citrix

A blend of Grapefruit and LA Confidential makes this fruit-filled and flavoured, sativa dominant hybrid, which was a must-try!  This dense, minty and minimal, sea-coloured green bud, with pumpkin-orange pistils throughout. It was also layered with a glacial coating of gorgeous, white trichomes.  Not only is this odoriferous strain unique and disease-free, but it was also a go-to blend for us here at DispensaryGTA

When combusted, the strong aroma of citrus and bud will culminate with emulsified clouds; although, it may surprise you that it was much smoother than I expected. This fabulous and incredibly rare strain from THC Collection created a flavour-filled, watery orange, delectable treat that we enjoyed over and over again.

When vaped with the Carta Focus V, the orange flavour was enhanced and the subtle sweetness left the most delicious aftertaste in my mouth. The aroma in the room was still more obvious than some other strains; however, it was toned down significantly and my roommates who didn’t smoke much preferred the aroma from the Carta Focus V.  

Moreover, this strain was a nice blend of both sativa and indica varieties, making the experience more enjoyable and relaxing for me overall.  It also brightened my mood instantly, without knocking me on the couch.  

Furthermore, I had the energy to do what needed to be done, without feeling lethargic; or alternatively, too hyper to focus and concentrate.  It was nice to have the benefits of both sativa and indicas, allowing me to end the day in a relaxed and calm manner and still getting a full night’s rest. 

This strain can also be used to help relieve a number of symptoms conditions, including (but not limited to):  CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), nausea, glaucoma, fibromyalgia, Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis depression and other mood disorders (as directed).  

PHENO 51 (AAAA+)  Indica Dominant Hybrid

Pheno 51- Review of THCCollection

This earthy, indica dominant hybrid of Star Killer and Skywalker OG, made for a compelling, powerhouse of home-like comfort.  The sage green, apricot-like orange pistils and plum purple buds, had cobweb-like, translucent and exquisite, sparkling trichomes; littered on top of the perfectly cured nuggets. 

Furthermore, THC Collection’s Pheno 51 strain had an invigorating fragrance of refreshing and stimulating pine, which gave me a wakeup call as I placed my nose near the bag. This rare and phenomenal strain is also regarded as one of the strains that rarely cause anxiety, which is a much-loved feature of the plant, for people lucky enough to get to test and experiment with this elusive strain.

When combusted, the plume of earth-like smoke lazily wafted in the air, whispering a long trail of grey and dense smoke, that made my surroundings feel as if I was nestled in a small, cabin-like, enclosed and beautifully comfortable cottage, on a snowy winter day. 

Moreover, a rich and luscious flavour of toasty pine enriched my senses, which was bold and daring in its potency and was the perfect compliment for mid-day to evening use. My senses relaxed and erupted in calm stimulation, that left me dazed and confused for a beautifully nonchalant and serene night.

Additionally, this incredibly rare strain left prominent, stimulating and full-bodied fragrances in whatever room it was smoked in. However, be warned: a drink is necessary for the dry mouth, but the smoke was smooth as silk, going down into my lungs.

When vaped with the Carta Focus V, the aroma of pine was more dominant; yet, still pleasing to the pallet.  A smoother, moist and silky smooth inhale; combined with, a stimulating and refreshing aftertaste of earthiness, tantalized my taste buds.   

The advantage of this strain is that I got all the benefits to an indica dominant strain, without the coma-like effects, that many hybrids are guilty of. I was also able to instantly relax into an easy-going state of happiness and a galvanizing feeling of euphoria. 

This glorious and hard to find hybrid ensured that I was able to happily enjoy the evening, with the aroma-filled fragrances of home and be ready to go to bed at a decent time for a change.

Furthermore, this strain can also be used to help relieve a number of symptoms conditions, including (but not limited to): fibromyalgia, glaucoma, nausea, symptoms related to cancer treatments, opiate addiction and recovery, migraines, insomnia, depression, anxiety and/or other mood disorders (as directed).  

HARLEQUIN (AAAA+) Sativa 75% Indica 25% THC 7-12% CBD 10%

Harlequin Strain from review with THCCollectionColumbia Gold, Thai and a Swiss Landrace; the sativa-dominant blend with a combination of both THC and CBD.  Harlequin gives a large host of benefits and the pristine condition of the bud impressed me. This strain is a true AAAA quality top strain, that has been so useful in providing relief to patients that medically need the invaluable lifesaving and symptom-relieving plant. 

Furthermore, this hearty olive green and whipped, papaya-orange pistils, had with it, snowy and dusty trichomes adorning the bud throughout.  When opened, you got a nature-like redolence of floral essences and of being in the deep woods, with a musky element.  

When combusted, the aroma filled the air with earthy and flower-like comfort, reminding me of growing up in the country.  A full-bodied smoke, hanging in a fog-like fashion; with the varieties of flavours and bouquet of decadent fragrances. Harlequin also reminded me of slight and lingering, sandalwood incense, as the aromas wafted lazily around my room.   

When vaped with the Carta Focus V,  the floral fragrance was left in the air, making for a serene sense of preoccupation, with a mild, woodsy scent appearing into the foreground of the complex aroma profile. Harlequin provided an incredibly nice and calming vape, with delicious aftertastes and aromas of the earthiness, that I enjoyed for long after.

Harlequin from THC   Collection was fantastic at keeping me on task and allowing me to focus on the job in hand. I also had an enthusiastic and realistically positive mindset and as such, I was able to perform my activities during the day, without having the tight and achy muscles, normally dominating, both my day and night.  This was a great bud for having all the benefits that come with a sativa-dominant hybrid, without much anxiety; as well as, also having a beautiful combination of CBD and THC, which allows the full entourage effect experience.

This strain can also be used to help relieve a number of symptoms conditions, including (but not limited to): acute and chronic pain, CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), inflammation, inflammatory diseases, opiate addiction and recovery, glaucoma, nausea, symptoms relating to the treatment of cancer, fibromyalgia, Parkinson’s Disease, multiple sclerosis, depression, anxiety and/or other mood disorders (as directed).   

PEANUT BUTTER BREATH (AAAA+) 50% Indica 50% Sativa

Peanut Butter Breath review of THCCollection

Small, yet thick and hardy, THC Collection’s Peanut Butter Breath had romaine green and bright, citrus-orange pistils, with hanging icicles of crystalline trichomes, adorning the leaves of the perfectly cured and gorgeous buds. Made from Dosidos and Mendo breath 12; when I opened up the bag, a mighty, glorious and aromatic splash of spiciness and a pine-like, woodsy essence, quickly invaded my senses and I craved for more of its addictive aroma.  

When combusted, the serenity that is the great outdoors, remained prevalent throughout my home, in a breezy and invigorating way, that was enjoyed by the entire household. The fresh pine was a tasteful treat; although, the flavouring of the bud goes against what you might expect from the name of the strain.  The smoke was a smooth release of culminating pillows of soft, grey and pluming smoke wafting around the room, before dissipating.  

When vaped with the Carta Focus V, the flavours were slightly muted, yet still scrumptious, as an appropriate leftover savoriness. The aromas also enhanced the already spectacular effects, adding to the relaxed vibe of my tranquil environment.

Right away, I was enticed into a deep sense of comfort and my hand unfortunately compulsively also dug deep inside of a bag of chips! Watch out for the munchies, do not consume this strain if you are on a diet! Additionally, the easy-going and beautifully mellow feeling was perfect for the end of the day, to relax and not feel like I was in a couch-locked coma!  

This strain can also be used to help relieve a number of symptoms conditions, including (but not limited to): headaches, muscle sprains and strains, glaucoma, nausea, fibromyalgia, insomnia, multiple sclerosis, symptoms relating to cancer treatments, depression, anxiety and/or other mood disorders.   

CHOCOLOPE (AAAA+)95 Sativa/5 Indica THC 18-21% CBD 1-3%

Chocolope Strain from review for THCCollection

Winning numerous honours in the High Times Cannabis Cup, we are excited to bring mention of this decadent strain made from the 1980’s popular Chocolate Thai, grown in the same soil, to grow coffee and Cannalope Haze.  

THC Collection’s Chocolope had adornments of mint and olive green leaves and fiery, blood-orange pistils. The powdered snow and sugar-like, white and crystalline trichomes were splattered chaotically among the dense, perfectly cured and compact buds.  

When combusted, the tantalizing sweetness of this delectable, nearly pure sativa strain, left the most delicious aftertaste. The full, thick, rich and dark smoke lazed idly, drifting in the air with serenity and peacefulness.  The punch of earthiness accompanied the incredible first inhale, while the creamy chocolate flavour was mouthwatering, long after I was done.    

When vaped with the Carta Focus V, the flavour profile was blended into a smooth transitional brew of nature; including a woody and earthy flavour, that balanced the first impression of a slightly sour taste in my mouth. The leftover essence of the aromas was reminiscent of a kitchen, in the midst of an all-day, baking marathon.   

THC Collection’s Chocolope made for a perfect, mid-morning, pick me up.  I was in a cheerful mood, without the annoying and unproductive, mid-day blues, that had the chance to damper my mood. This sativa strain was calming and lighthearted, making the workday go by quickly.  This is a go-to strain for those lethargic mornings, where you just don’t have the get-up and go energy available.  

This strain can also be used to help relieve a number of symptoms conditions, including (but not limited to): fibromyalgia, asthma symptoms, inflammatory diseases, nausea, headaches and migraines, tense or strained muscles, depression and/or other mood disorders (as directed).

BLUE RHINO (AAAA+) 55 Indica/45 Sativa 16-20% THC 2% CBD 1% CBN

Blue Rhino review of THCCollection

Mixing White Rhino and Blueberry, as an indica-dominant hybrid, delivers an incredibly phenomenal choice for patients seeking a reliable and cost-effective, medical strain. The patient receives the full benefit of the entourage effect; due to, the type of cannabinoids present in the rare and potent, Blue Rhino strain. 

A bulbous and dense, lime and sage green foliage surrounded and encased the large nuggets. There were also several small, pale and ashen, orange pistils reaching out of the buds, perfectly cured and frozen in place. 

Moreover, there was a thick and dense, sugary coating of crystal trichomes, that sparkled when I allowed light to hit the buds. There was also a potent skunky odour that emanated from the bag as I opened it. This spunky aroma did not give the beautiful flavours locked inside the nugs much justice; however, the odorous potency was worth the offensive smell I endured while opening the bag.

 When combusted, the punch of berries and floral hit my taste buds in a sour; yet flavourful, goodness, that lasted as a delicious aftertaste; balancing and cutting down any of the strong odiferous skunk aromas I assumed would also hit my pallet.  The plumes of this strong-bodied smoke laid heavily and thickly in the air, making its potency and heftiness known.

When vaped with the Carta Focus V, the floral essence was more prevalent. It made for a great scent in the room and there was a blueberry sweetness, that lasted on my tongue for a delightful yumminess, that lasted longer as an aftertaste than most strains; which I thoroughly enjoyed. 

I became easily relaxed and prone to giggle fits, which kept me in an easily amused state.  My eyes felt a bit dry; however, the euphoria made this strain a great choice when I needed a break from all the stress I had been experiencing, enabling my tense, tired, stressed and fatigued muscles, to finally be at ease. 

This strain can also be used to help relieve a number of symptoms conditions, including (but not limited to): insomnia, Multiple Sclerosis, chronic pain, nausea, symptoms related to the treatment of cancer, glaucoma, arthritis, opiate addiction and recovery, Parkinson’s Disease, fibromyalgia, inflammatory conditions, depression, anxiety and/or other mood disorders (as directed).

Shatter-Pops 40mg

Shatter Pops 40mg review of THCCollection Edible

Pharmacon Concentrates delectable and easily consumed, Shatter-Pops were a delicious fruit-filled treat, that is available in an array of flavours including grape, Tutti Frutti, lemon, orange and more. 

The heavenly sweet lollipops were perfect on the go, discreet way, to sustain my medication throughout the day. Furthermore, I could feel the effects after approximately an hour and ten minutes and I am an experienced edible connaisseur, so I was pleasantly surprised when my entire body relaxed and allowed a calming and tranquil, mindfulness to settle in. 

As a note to novices, please read our edibles guide before consuming any edibles and it will save you a lot of trouble and possibly avoid a traumatizing experience, that could have been avoided.    

These Shatter Pops are the perfect on the go, teasing and appetizing treat; that allows you to remain medicated during the day in a nice and discreet manner. I was a huge fan of these Shatter Pops’ and I cannot wait to order several more. 

Furthermore, these exquisite 40mg Shatter Pops are currently on sale! Go and get them before you miss out on the incredible deal of $4 / lollipop. Pharmacon Concentrates and THC  Collection are changing the way you enjoy edible experiences, with the benefit of shatter.



A pure THC distillate and five flavours to choose from: blueberry, cherry, grape, raspberry and strawberry.  Making medicating possible in all situations. Fruit filled, sweet, yummy goodness you won’t be able to get enough of!  Available in 100 or 200 mg, but always advisable to start off eating less to see what your tolerance will be.

The Gummy Bears had a soft and palatable taste; which is to say that these were made by someone who knew what they were doing and that the candies have remained fresh. Moreover, in all the samples we explored, the gummies were delicious and had the same quality attached. We also sampled Foggy Peaches (5 x 20mg THC) and the CBD Micro Dose Gummies (5 X 10mg); which were a delight to my taste buds and I look forward to the chance to order again from


Dabber's Delight for Review for THCCollection

1G Flavoured THC Distillate

An incredible, 95% pure distillate, in 21 strains that include a massive variety of choices: strawberry shortcake, thin mint cookies, banana kush, zkittles and many more. Additionally, terpenes have been reintroduced to these delicious distillates, allowing a better flavour and aroma profile for these exquisite distillates, all at incredible prices! 

Furthermore, this distillate gives you the benefits of THC in delicious, sweet, sour and salty components, that delight the senses. With 21 different, unique and distinct flavours, it’s certain that anyone can find a unique distillate, to tease their pallet, with a scrumptious aftertaste to boot. Luckily, this amazing distillate is currently on sale on THC Collection’s amazingly easy to navigate website.

This strain can also be used to help relieve a number of symptoms conditions, including (but not limited to): appetite loss, eating disorders, nausea, glaucoma, inflammatory diseases, fibromyalgia, Crohn’s Disease, depression, anxiety and/or other mood disorders (as directed).   

1G Live Resin

Live Resin for review of THCCollection

The Live Resin from THC Collection was potent and made me have an amazingly, relaxed demeanour, even though I was stressed out. Since I was not familiar with many of the strains, it became a surprise every time I selected a live resin to test. 

Live Resin is produced when producers flash freeze the weed, after harvest and then they extract the cannabis in industrial machines, without the use of butane or other harmful chemicals that can be used in the extraction process.

Furthermore, THC Collection’s selection when it comes to Live Resin cannot be beat! With many unique strains to choose from, such as Green Hornet, Pineapple Chunk and Star Fighter. Additionally, there were a number of varying shades of the Live Resins, including, golden amber, creamy, soft yellows; as well as, softly toned custard yellows and lightly tanned resins available.   

Additionally, these resins are incredibly powerful and novices should definitely proceed with caution; unless you are intending to be couch-locked, for what will feel like hours. It is best to stay low and slow until you get used to the power of Live Resin.

One final caveat: THC Collection’s selection of Live Resin is currently on sale! At $45 a gram, this awesome MOM dispensary has blown away their competition. This is the most economical Live Resin I have ever seen! 

1G THC Collection Shatter

Pharmacon Concentrates Shatter Review for THCCollection

Smooth and full flavoured varieties, including, Blueberry Gas, Green Haze, Red Cherry Berry and 15 other tantalizing options; this 72+h purged THC by BHO, is sure to give you all the benefits that only a supreme quality shatter can give.  

The shatter was translucent, with a gorgeous and glorious, deep and rich amber colouration, that was phenomenal. The shatter had a snap and pull consistency and we thoroughly enjoyed vaping it in our dab rig. The variety we received was Red Cherry Berry and it was smooth and produced an enjoyable smoke.     

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Not only does THC offer free shipping on any order over $150 Canada-wide, but they also have an entire section devoted to bargains and daily deals. DispensaryGTA adores THC for their variety of organic, premium products including: CBD, hash, oils, edibles; as well as, several different types of concentrates. 

There were also the unique benefits of being able to purchase merchandise such as: hats, hoodies, tees, lighters etc. for both men and women (thank you)! Here are today’s deals, just to whet your appetite before we give you the awesome MOM dispensary promo codes that THC Collection has enabled especially for DispensaryGTA customers: 





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With a company like THC bringing top-quality weed products to Canada, in a one-stop shopping experience. DispensaryGTA highly recommends only the best of the best and THC has the utmost respect for its valued customers and is committed to bringing the most competitive prices on the market.  

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Have any questions or have you tried THC yet? We want to hear from you! Please leave us a detailed message in the space provided below.   

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