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Impeccable Cannabis Products with Lab-Tested Quality, EGMedicinal takes Health and Safety Seriously, while Keeping Costs Low, located out of British Columbia, prides themselves on having the edge in offering the best prices, for premium cannabis products online. With proper storage and lab testing methods, Evergreen products are mould free and labelled safe for consumption and potency is tested with every batch of product. Delivering to patients many of the best strains known worldwide; taking into consideration that most consumers want the packaging to be tactful and not obvious or bulky, upon arrival. This cannabis review is a highlight of some of their best products.

White Death AAAA White Widow And Death Bubba 

Death Bubba, White Widow and White Death

When combusted, the tart lemon enveloped my palate, as the cloudy, dark, and grey smoke thickened, as I inhaled. Dispersing a fog-like veil over the room, the scent of White Death’s strong, odorous pine permeated the space; as well as, the taste of lemon with a hint of earthy aftertaste. This is not a discrete strain to be consuming in a space with others who are not as tolerant of cannabis use.

When vaped with the Carta Focus V, there was a stimulating, smooth taste of the lemon made more prominent with a distinguishable, sharp spiced redolence left in the air. Still a very substantial, robust vapour, in comparison to most strains. 

The impact of this hearty bud comes on almost immediately. I recommend that you be well prepared for the coma-like dream state you will surely be experiencing. I was in a trance-like, muscle relaxing and intoxicating ecstasy, with head to toe alleviation of pain and strain. 

This strain can also be used to help relieve a number of symptoms conditions, including (but not limited to): appetite loss, nausea, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, symptoms related to cancer treatments, opiate addiction and recovery, tense or strained muscles, acute or chronic pain, depression and/or other mood disorders (as directed). 

Skywalker OG AAAA 85% Indica / 15% Sativa Skywalker And OG Kush (On Sale Now!)

Skywalker OG and OG KushThis compact bud brings the benefits of both indica and sativa effects, despite it being an indica-dominant strain, with THC levels averaging 20-25%. The purple hues, so rich and deep of a colour they looked almost like a blueberry. There was also forest green foliage and faded orange pistils; as well as, trichomes that were littered amongst the bud, as though adorned with cobweb-like, silver and translucent crystals.

When combusted, it infused the space with an almost metallic scent of fuel and spices. Thick bursts of cloudy smoke lingered in the air, along with the sharp citrus orange aroma. The taste was heavy, yet stimulating, leaving a variety of chemical and tart, fruity aftertaste. 

When vaped with the Carta Focus V, the herbaceous and watered down, the orange flavour became more distinguishable, having made this bud much more enjoyable to smoke. The scent was still a tad less to be desired, with the diesel-like odour, but still had a slightly sweet and delicious fruitiness, that balanced the overall permeated essence. 

Glad to have stocked up on treats before enjoying the full-bodied heartiness of Skywalker OG, I was soon raiding the cupboards for a fulfilling snack. This was a strain that gifted an overall numbness to my body that made all of the day’s pain in my joints fade. I was able to fully relax in splendour, as the worries of the world were left behind. I was elated, yet my body was at ease for the first time in a while and I was able to fall into a deep slumber, that kept me asleep the whole night through. 

EGM’s Skywalker OG can also be used to help relieve a number of symptoms conditions, including (but not limited to): chronic pain and inflammation, appetite loss, glaucoma, nausea, opiate addiction and recovery, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, depression, anxiety and/or other mood disorders (as directed).

Love Potion 70% Sativa / 30% indica G-13 And Columbian Gold

Sativa-dominant Love Potion is the perfect pick me up, with 15-18% THC. A mix of G-13 and Columbian Gold strains, this first-place winner of 2004 High Times Cannabis Cup makes for perfect mid-day use. With clumps of olive green and fiery red leaves; as well as, a sprinkle of bright, snowy white trichomes, bursting with lemon and pungent cannabis scents. This was a not so discreet a strain when breaking open or opening the bag, so be warned! 

When combusted, the skunky aroma was even more distinct to the other members of the house and lingered with the pale, misty grey smoke. The intake was smooth and serene compared to a lot of other hybrids and the nice aftertaste of spicy, citrusy lemon, tantalized my tongue. 

When vaped with the Carta Focus V, the decadent, desert-like sensation of fruit exploded in ecstasy in my lungs and taste buds. The more sharp spices made for a delicious aftertaste and overall aroma in the room. There was also a moderate permeation of smoked wood, making me reminisce about camping. 

My mood was instantly transformed into a happy, go-lucky and focused state, which enabled me to get many important tasks done. This would be a great late afternoon strain, as the bud felt very invigorating and allowed me to stay on task, despite several interruptions. With sensations of vibrating and silky warmth all over an incredible want for physical contact, it’s no wonder this miraculous strain is called Love Potion! 

This strain can also be used to help relieve a number of symptoms conditions, including (but not limited to): CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), fibromyalgia, nausea, glaucoma, PTSD, ADHD, depression anxiety and/or other mood disorders (as directed). 

Mary’s Extra Strength Edible Gummies 300mg

Mary's Extra Strength 300mg Edibles

Available in Sativa Bunnies Extreme Strength 300mg; as well as, Westcoast Teddies Extreme Strength 300mg, these yummy edibles are best, when a less is more approach is taken, to find your sweet spot. Also have CBD spray to use sublingually under your tongue, in case you miscalculate, to counteract the ill effects suffered from overindulging with these powerful THC edibles.  See our how-to Edibles article here. Mary’s Edibles arrived in a sealed package, with four gummies containing 75mg each.

The delicious gummies worked so well, I was quickly in a better overall mood, enjoying the tasks at hand with little pain and a freeing of my joints overall. These gummies are perfect for when you are in situations that you cannot smoke or vape. 

These edibles can also be used to help relieve a number of symptoms and conditions, including (but not limited to): chronic pain and inflammation, nausea, glaucoma, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, opiate addiction and recovery, depression, anxiety and/or other mood disorders (as directed).

Mary’s Edibles Gummies 140 mg THC Sativa or Indica 

Mary's Edibles from

Containing four gummies of 35 mg, in either Sativa Bunnies Triple Strength, Indica or Sativa Sour Swirls Triple Strength or Westcoast Teddies Triple Strength. It is best to start out with less and work up to your needed dose when first using edibles until you know how much is required for you.

The jelly, fruit-filled flavourful gummies of the Sour Swirls was soft and palatable for midway through the workday. A tart, mouth-watering and sweet taste lingered on my taste buds, making this edible even more enjoyable than most. Giddy sensations and a creative explosion of ideas lead to a happy mood and allowed me to get things done around the house. 

This strain can also be used to help relieve a number of symptoms conditions, including (but not limited to): insomnia, nausea, glaucoma, fibromyalgia, symptoms related to cancer treatments, inflamed joints, multiple sclerosis, inflammatory diseases, depression, anxiety and/or mood disorders (as directed).

EGM Always Delivers the Highest Quality Weed Products Available for the Lowest Cost

DispensaryGTA highly recommends for having the lowest prices possible for its premium products. Well packaged and delivered on time in perfect condition, they make sure their customers find the best strains for their needs. They vary in strength and flavour-filled quality products, to work for different occasions. You cannot go wrong with when it comes to medicinal products at the very best prices out there. 

Have any questions or your own EGM story? We want to hear from you! Please fill out the comment box below with your details and experience with EGM.                                           


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