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Enjoying just some of the multitude of products that BudgetGreens.ca has to offer; we look at this Canadian cannabis online shop, striving to give the best customer service and for having a five-star rating, by its own customer reviews.  

Moreover, we were impressed with the online chat options, for quick customer support and free shipping options on any Canadian order over $99. The purchased items quickly arrived through Canada Post, taking just 3 days to be delivered!  Everything was also well packaged, so there was no damage to the product, still in pristine condition.

Furthermore, BudgetGreens.ca has a plethora of sativa and indica strains, shatters and other concentrates in an assortment of high-quality blends of flavours; as well as, edibles you won’t want to put down and accessories like high quality rolling papers, grinders and flavourful, aromatic hemp wraps.

With an entire section on health-related products and the symptoms and conditions they help aide with, listed right there on each product and how they will affect you, this makes shopping for the right strain easy; as far as, your health requirements and the strain characteristics are concerned.  

Yogi Diesel (Sativa 90/ Indica 10  19-25% THC)

Yogi Diesel AAAAYogi Diesel is a sativa-dominant hybrid.  It contains a blend of Sour Diesel and the Northern Lights strain. This delicate strain had a lush, irradiant, mossy green nugget, with glistening red flecks throughout and sheer white trichomes; along with, a sharp incisive aroma of pine and citrus, as well as a hint of diesel throughout.   

When combusted, the diesel smell wafted through and finished with a natural hint of pine and lemon, permeating the air on the exhale. An incredibly denser smoke; with a light and delightful after-tone, to inspire the senses.  The thickened smoke left a well-established aroma in the air, to taste and enjoy.  

When vaped with Arizer V-Tower, I experienced scents of soft lavender and pine; which was enjoyable to taste, with the lemon and fruit-filled delicacy, as an added delight to my senses.  A lot smoother of a way to take in the diesel, making it easier on my lungs as a result and a more enjoyable experience overall.

Instantaneously, the feeling of jovial giddiness overtook, along with a sense of relaxation from any stress of the day.  Keeping stimulated, regular routine chores took on a more amusing tone and had a more rose-coloured view of life’s stressors, finishing quickly and prepared for a most sublime sleep.  Be sure to have a glass of water nearby, as dry mouth is a common effect from Yogi Diesel.  

This strain can also help to relieve a variety of symptoms and conditions, such as (but not limited to):  chronic pain, zen-like serenity to relieve insomnia, relaxation from day to day stress and calm inflammation in the body.  Yogi Diesel also helps free you from the burden of gastrointestinal issues; as well as, an aide in easing nausea. 

Purple Champagne (70 Sativa/Indica 30  20-21% THC)

Purple Champagne AAA

Ken Estes created this indica-like structured, sativa-dominant hybrid, Purple Champagne.  It is a blend of Pink Champagne, also known as Phantom, used most commonly as a medicinal hybrid and Grand Daddy Purple; creating an uncommon phenotype hybrid.  

This fully compact bud, with variations of colour combinations, had a splattering of purple tones and hues throughout. There was also a pale to dark green hue; as well as, a beautiful array of the cobweb-like spread of white trichomes adorned this mighty hybrid. This spicier aromatic bud, had a lighter, milder, fruitier scent of grapes; while I also detected an over-all tart, full-bodied redolence.    

When combusted, Purple Champagne was abounding with a foggy-like smoke enveloping within my mouth.  A hefty, tart, berry flavour ensued, followed by the soft and palpable taste of fruity bliss. This made this spectacular strain a delicious daytime accompaniment, as I exhaled the thick smoke, leaving an aftertaste of delight. The swirling smoke of varying hues of greys permeated the air above me, softly clinging to space before slowly; but surely, dissipating into oblivion.  

When vaped with Arizer V-Tower, the harsh taste of acrid tartness was a lot more tolerable and allowed the sweetness of the grape flavouring to shine through and gave the strain a distinctive quality, that was most enjoyable.  Also, it was more tolerated by the other members of the household as well as myself, to be in the same room, as it was vaped.

Prepare snacks before taking the venture of using Purple Champagne. This vibrant beauty is sure to give you the munchies on a level that will have you requiring to go on a grocery store excursion the next day!  With a feeling of blood rushing to your cheeks and stamina to get things accomplished, you are sure to feel relaxed and refreshed. The more that is combusted or vaporized, the more you will be in an unperturbed, worry-free state and soon lulled to a night of deep, comforting sleep, lasting the full duration of the night.

This strain can also be used to help relieve a number of symptoms conditions, including (but not limited to):  easing the discomfort and pain from experiencing headaches to migraine headaches; as well as, aiding in problems with concentration and staying focused on one task at a time, from Attention Deficit Disorder, feelings of stomach discomfort and nausea-related symptoms.  This strain can also relax sore, inflamed muscles and bring out feelings of cheerfulness, lessening the sadness that comes with stress and depression.

Factory 710 Full Spectrum

Factory 710 Full SpectrumOut of Vancouver, British Columbia, this full concentrate uses all of the cannabinoids and terpenes from the plant, making the Factory 710 Full Spectrum a top-notch, premium shatter; loved by many.  You will find it has a gossamer appearance and ranges in glistening hues from a gilded, sunny yellow, to darker, translucent deeper amber shades. When cold, it can be broken down and “shattered” into small, sliver like pieces, akin to glass.  

When dabbed, there were thick, clouds of vapour, permeating the room.  It was a more mild vape, having given my lungs the capacity to take in longer, more full inhalation. The dab rig created a little irritation in the back of my throat, be sure to have a healthy beverage on hand.   

Factory 710 Full Spectrum contains higher than usual terpene levels, which delivered a quicker high than usual, intensifying the effects of the concentrate. This may pose problems for people with a sensitivity to certain strains and are prone to anxiety attacks. This strain was also useful at allowing me to stay focused easily, for longer periods and allowed me to be in the present moment, more than usual.

This strain can also help to relieve a variety of symptoms and conditions, such as (but not limited to):  helping regulate hormone levels, aide in boosting the immune system, the endocrine system, nausea, inflammatory conditions, acute and chronic pain, opiate addiction and recovery, depression and/or other mood disorders (as directed). 

MoonRocks Canada

MoonRock Canada

From the original to Blueberry, to Peaches n Cream, or one of the other nine delicious flavours to choose from (Caramel, Meteorrocks, Pina Colada,  Strawberry, Vanilla Ice cream and Watermelon); Moonrock Canada will certainly have something to satiate your taste buds. Dipped and coated in CO2 honey oil and then rolled in kief, it allows for the THC levels to reach as high as 50%.  

When smoked, the full-flavour taste; as well as, the aroma of fruity, mouth-watering watermelon, seeped into the air around me. There was also a delectable aftertaste that stayed with me, allowing the room to remain smoke-free and not irritate the noses of the roommates. I could sit back in a group, relaxed and enjoying myself and the flavour and soothing feelings surrounded me, like a soft and warm blanket. 

In smaller amounts, this was within moments an instant aide in helping my sore muscles from the day, so I could continue with tasks that needed to be accomplished around the home, without having the effects of feeling too high to get off the couch.  The Moon Rocks kept me alert and single-minded, at the task at hand.

This delicious and strong concentrate can also be used to help relieve a number of symptoms and conditions, such as -(but not limited to):  easing anxiety and stress of day to day life, relief from inflammation and nausea, acute to chronic pain, opiate addiction and recovery, inflammatory diseases, migraines, depression and/or other mood disorders (as directed).

MoonRocks Canada

BudgetGreens.ca: Superb Selection at Affordable Prices

From their easy to browse on their website, to online customer support on hand, who was friendly and knowledgeable on the company products and terms of service. We also observed exactly why so many customers return to BudgetGreens.ca for their cannabis needs,  for both recreational use and to assist with their everyday health concerns.

DispensaryGTA highly recommends BudgetGreens.ca and suggests giving this well-loved and respected company a try the next time you are purchasing cannabis online.  It’s a premium company that consistently enhances the quality of the product and gears towards making their customers experience the best one possible. We can see from our own shopping experience, exactly why people choose to come back, and we shall definitely be purchasing from BudgetGreens.ca again soon.  

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Have any questions or concerns about BudgetGreens.ca? Have you tried one of their many affordable, quality strains or concentrates? We want to hear from you! Please leave a detailed message in the space provided below. 


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