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Budbox’s website was extremely easy to navigate; we think their website is among the best we’ve used so far. Their customer service was prompt at answering questions and emails. Their packaging was professional, discrete; and Budbox was quick to send our order. When our products arrived, they were all the correct weights and measurements.

This MOM dispensary is unique in a way we think our users will appreciate. They are named Budbox because they will send you choice flower, concentrates and edibles automatically every month (if you choose to have this service). It’s great if you want a hassle-free variety of choice marijuana products that you get to choose. This service won’t be for everyone, but we think it’s a unique way to separate this MOM from many others.


First up for review was the edibles. I do want to warn users, I don’t recommend ingesting edibles the way I’m about to describe, I’m a long time cannabis user with a high tolerance and I enjoy a little bit of an adventure if I do ever manage to over-indulge. One oatmeal chocolate chip cookie (15mg) was ingested as well as 3 Original Caramels.

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie (15MG THC)

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie (15MG THC)

The delightful body high was felt in about 45 minutes for me (individual metabolisms vary, allow 30-120 minutes to feel the effect of edibles). The edibles relaxed and de-stressed me; without the couch lock effects, some edibles can cause. I later saw the caramels were made from a sativa dominant strain; it’s that kind of information on the label I have really come to value. The type of weed used (indica/sativa) for your edibles will affect the characteristics of your high.

edible carasquare2

Original Caramels (15MG THCx3)

The flavour of the oatmeal chocolate chip cookie was good, it tasted fresh and had no taste of marijuana, which can overpower some baked goods. It tasted like a regular, fresh, store-bought cookie, which is exactly what they intended. The cookie was inspected by Health Canada; so you can be sure that this MOM dispensary deals with high quality, safe to consume products with accurate dosages. The Original Caramels; however, were the star of the edibles. I was sorry I only had three, but also glad because I might have gotten myself in trouble by eating too many and over-indulging; leading to a dosing error. The caramels were creamy, melt in your mouth soft, and had no aftertaste of marijuana. Be warned, you will find it hard to only eat one; but if you are a novice user or new to edibles, ONLY EAT ONE!

Tetra Tears Cherry Oil

Moving on, we decided to review and test Budbox’s concentrate oil. First up was Tetra Tears Cherry Oil. The oil was packaged in a 1ml syringe, which made it easy to dispense on the Atmos Jr. and made the handling of the oil mess-free. The oil had a great texture and viscosity, and coupled with the syringe; made application straightforward and super easy.

Tetra Tears Cherry Oil 59-64% THC, 3-5% CBD

Tetra Tears Cherry Oil (59-64% THC, 3-5% CBD)

The flavour was earthy and leathery; the vapour was rich, light and went down smoothly. The high was calming and relaxing, but you could still get things done. The cerebral effects will uplift your mood and help you reach your inner zen. The high with oil is both pleasant and powerful; a little goes a very long way. When vaping, a couple drops will give you the high I described above. A couple more drops would probably have me couch locked and useless.

One millilitre doesn’t sound like a lot, but it is when you are dosing in concentrates! Marijuana flowers are approximately 12-25% THC – think of flowers as you would a bottle of wine. Solvent-based concentrates like Tetra Tears Cherry Oil have a THC concentration of 53-64%; using the alcohol analogy, this oil would be the moonshine of marijuana.

This oil can be used in edibles, gel caps, ointments, inhalation (vaping/smoking), and even as a suppository. This oil also contains a high CBD value at 3-5%; which will help numb any pain you are experiencing.

The versatility of oil is unsurpassed; and at $24.99/1ml syringe, Tetra Tears Cherry Oil is something you have to experience if you haven’t, or reacquaint yourself with if you’ve forgotten. Budbox also has many other MOM’s beat with their reasonable prices for the oil.

Tetra 1st Pass Raw Distillate

Tetra’s 1st Pass Raw Distillate is for the health conscious consumer. This distillate is a 100% solvent-free cannabis concentrate. It uses a highly complex process that distills the plant material twice; which virtually preserves all of the THC and removes the plant material, lipids, terpenes, impurities, chemicals and/or pesticides. This distillate contains a whopping 88-92% THC concentration and a lower CBD level at 1-2%. If you are a novice or inexperienced user, this oil is not recommended, unless advised by a medical practitioner. This distillate is medical grade; its strength, its purity, and its fast acting nature makes this oil the perfect choice for medical consumers.

Tetra 1st Pass Distillate (88%-92% THC, 1-2% CBD)

Tetra 1st Pass Distillate (88%-92% THC, 1-2% CBD)

The light, honey coloured, highly viscous, semi-solid was a little trickier to get out of the syringe but easily remedied with a dab tool. We vaped ours with the Atmos Jr. Due to the distillation process mentioned above, Tetra 1st Pass Raw Distillate had no virtually flavour or odour. For me, that was a bit of a letdown. I love the flavours that can be detected when you have a beautiful highly aromatic and flavourful dab; however, I know many people that don’t agree with me. You also do not have to worry about any odour whatsoever, so it’s the most discrete form of concentrate to use, especially in public.

The high from the Tetra 1st Pass Raw Distillate was powerful and quick. My partner, rather excitedly, quickly inhaled the first dab and then quickly laid down and proclaimed she was seeing things. When using distillates with THC concentrations this high, even experienced users need to be careful until proper dosage can be attained.

I found the high to be pleasant, uplifting, relaxing and it definitely helped with my anxiety. That was at a very small dose, approximately 0.15ml worth. The price point for Tetra 1st Pass Raw Distillate is comparable to other MOM dispensaries that supply this type of extract at $34.99 for 0.5ml or $69.99 for 1ml.The refining process is complex and expensive, but the results produce the cleanest, most refined and one of the purest cannabis extracts on the market. For the health-conscious consumer, there should be no other choice.


God x Burmese 

God x Burmese (50% Sativa, 50% Indica)

God x Burmese (50% Sativa, 50% Indica)

We sampled a variety of flowers with both vaping and smoking, to give you our overall impression of the flowers. We also chose strains to suit a wide variety of budgets. First up was God/Burmese hybrid cross. The medium sized buds were chalked full of crystal trichomes and the sweet piney aroma was evident as soon as the seal of the bag was opened.

With nearly a 50/50 sativa/indica split; the high was calming and relaxing without the sedating effects that some indica’s produce. When combusted, the smoke was flavourful, rich and so very smooth. The sweet piney aroma and taste remained as a pleasant reminder and aftertaste long after this bud was consumed. If you do enjoy smoking your herb, I highly recommend this strain. When vaped with the Arizer V-Tower, the sweet pine flavour and aroma shone through and the vapour was light and airy.


G13 (70% Sativa, 30% Indica)

G13 (70% Sativa, 30% Indica)

 The small, dense bud of G13 was well cured, but I must admit; I was kind of unimpressed with the mini nugs at first, I even re-weighed it a second time to ensure the weight was correct. Well, let me tell you, the old adage, ‘little things come in small packages’ was correct with this mini monster! The sativa dominant hybrid strain produces an intense, euphoric and relaxing high, that also increased our sociability

When combusted, the pungent, sweet earthy flavour dominated my senses. The smoke was rich and slightly harsh; although I did not cough. The vapour was light and left a sweet aftertaste in my mouth. This strain is perfect for daytime use and the tranquil calm will help carry you through your day on cloud nine.

Pink Bubba Death Star  

Pink Bubba Death Star (100% Indica)

Pink Bubba Death Star (100% Indica)

The medium-sized, light and airy buds were covered in tiny, purple-hued crystal trichomes. The earthy aroma was mixed with a subtle under-shadowing of diesel. When combusted, the smoke was rich and heavy; it caused a tickle in my throat, but no cough. The earthy undertones were a surprisingly pleasant juxtaposition to its fragrance!

When vaped, the vapour was aromatic and pungent; light, yet rich in flavour. Pink Bubba Death Star is an indica dominant strain and was highly sedating. The high was calming and mellow. This strain is sure to keep you couch locked for hours, or the perfect strain to unwind with after a long day.  


The quality and reasonable prices of Budbox’s oil makes this MOM stand out. If you are looking for a MOM with an easy to navigate website, top-notch customer service and a cool and unique way to receive your flowers, edibles and concentrates every month customized especially for you, then Budbox is your one-stop shop.


Please check out their website and use the comments below to let us know what you think about Budbox.

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