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5 Mouth-Watering Quad AAAA Cannabis Strains

Do you want to get ripped? I’m not talking just a little bit high. Like…real freakin’ high. Blitzed. Blazed. Try an AAAA-graded cannabis strain, also known as a “quad”.

Bred for quality with dense buds and potent effects, AAAA-graded weed is a popular choice for medical patients seeking to get the most relief from their symptoms, consumers who have a high tolerance to cannabis and potheads who straight up just want to get stoned af.

Here are the top five quads sold at guaranteed to produce heavy highs.

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5 Grade AAAA or Quad Strains of Cannabis at

Purple Space Cookies Cannabis Strain

  •       Cannabis Type: Indica Dominant (60% Indica-40% Sativa)
  •       Flavours: Berry / Grape / Earthy / Sweet / Candy / Pine
  •       Effects: Talkative / Euphoria / Giggly / Relaxation
  •       Medical Uses: Pain / Lack of Appetite / Stress / Anxiety
  •       Bud Size: Small to Medium
  •       Texture: Normal

Ready to space out? A crazy combination of Girl Scout Cookies and Durban Poison resulted in this top-selling quad cannabis strain, Purple Space Cookies. These flowers have dense buds coated in crystals that pack some punch!

With a name like Purple Space Cookies, it may come as no surprise that the flowers from this cannabis strain are a sexy shade of purple and have a sweet grape aroma. Following in the footsteps of its Kush ancestors, you will find strong pine and earth undertones in this cannabis strain which makes it especially pure.

Purple Space Cookies Quad from CannaWholesalers

Buckle up. If you’re consuming Purple Space Cookies marijuana you’re in for a wild ride. Take a nice smooth hit and enjoy a buzz that’s both relaxed and euphoric with a social kickback that can make you talkative and sociable.

Stay on the ride and take your next hit for different experience. Get off if you plan on doing anything productive or if you want to enjoy the energy from that first hit, cause the second one is going to knock you on your butt! Indica-dominant strains have a reputation for making you become best friends with your couch and Purple Space Cookies is no exception. It’s a heavy-hitting cannabis strain that can have you vegging out, making it ideal for afternoon and evening sessions. You’re also going to love the pleasing mental effects of this strain.

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Super Skunk Cannabis Strain

  •       Cannabis Type: Indica Dominant (80% Indica — 20% Sativa)
  •       Flavours: Diesel / Gassy / Pungent
  •       Effects: Joyful / Calm / Relaxing / Euphoric / Body-Buzz
  •       Medical Uses: Pain / Nausea / Lack of Appetite
  •       Bud Size: Small to Medium
  •       Texture: Very Sticky

super skunk from cannawholesalersNothing beats cracking open a jar of skunky funky weed that stinks up the entire room with its notorious dankness. Where did the Super Skunk cannabis strain originate? The crazy team at Sensi Seeds whose always coming up with super chronic strains mixed the legendary Skunk #1 with an Afghani strain to birth Super Skunk. Nice job guys! It’s certainly a crowd-pleaser and favourite among pot lovers.

Buds that come off the Super Skunk marijuana strain are thick and super dense.The buds break up nicely and make you feel like you have way more weed than you thought you had! Surprisingly sweet for such a pungent strain, your taste buds are going to love the flavours of Super Skunk.

Sit back. Relax. Smoke or vape this marijuana strain and enjoy the release of stress, pain and body tension. If you’re looking for a strain of cannabis with maximum medicinal relief, you should consider this strain..

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Death Bubba

  •       Cannabis Type: Indica Dominant (70% Indica — 30% Sativa)
  •       Flavours: Spicy / Lemon / Pine / Earthy
  •       Effects: Relaxation / Euphoria
  •       Medical Uses: Pain / Nausea / Lack of Appetite / Insomnia / Headaches / Depression
  •       Bud Size: Small to Medium
  •       Texture: Slightly Sticky

Love you some THC? How does a cannabis strain with a whopping 25-27% THC content sound? Death Bubba’s your guy. It’s an indica-dominant hybrid that was created by Sea to Sky by crossing Bubba Kush and Death Star. If you’re thinking to yourself, “what a wicked combination” you’re absolutely right. It is.

This chronic is no joke. You will notice it’s dark green with vivacious purple undertones. Tawny hairs and sandy trichomes frost this bud from top to bottom.

Death Bubba from CannaWholesalers

Ready to get high? It won’t take much when you have Death Bubba in your pipe, paper, bong, or vape pen. Inhale deep and enjoy the spicy citrus flavour that fills your mouth. Exhale and enjoy the pungent undertones. Use caution to not consume this cannabis strain when you are trying to get something done, as it has strong sedative effects and will likely have you couch-locked for the duration.

These powerful effects make it idea for treating variety of symptoms such as ADHD, depression, insomnia, and many other health conditions.

Buy Death Bubba today and try it out for yourself.

Space Queen Cannabis Strain

  •       Cannabis Type: Sativa Dominant (70% Indica — 30% Sativa)
  •       Flavours: Apples / Vanilla / Cherries /Fruity
  •       Effects: Intense / Trippy / Speedy
  •       Medical Uses: Narcolepsy / Mood disorders
  •       Bud Size: Medium to Large
  •       Texture: Sticky

Are you looking for the headiest cannabis strains with strong cerebral effects? Space Queen won’t let you down! Romulan and Cinderella 99 were crossed to come up with this sativa-dominant marijuana hybrid masterpiece.

Space Queen of CannaWholesalers

Ready to party? If you’re looking for the perfect cannabis strain to spark your sociability and give you an uplifting energetic high — then she is for you! On the other side of the coin, if you are a beginner or someone who tends to get paranoid or finds certain marijuana strains to be too intense or overwhelming, proceed with extreme caution. The THC levels of this cannabis strain are high, around 22% on average.

Are you in the mood for a fun and fruity-tasting weed that will pick up your day? Take in a nice slow hit of Space Queen and enjoy the sensational fruity flavours. Specific tastes will vary by phenotype, but Space Queen often has vanilla, apple, or cherry flavours. Take advantage of the speedy and trippy buzz from Space Queen that competes with the strongest sativa strains on the market. Your happy and uplifted cerebral high will last for a while so enjoy!

Try Space Queen for yourself and order some today

El Chapo OG Cannabis Strain

  •       Cannabis Type: Indica (100% Indica — 0% Sativa)
  •       Flavours: Flowers / Lemon / Earthy / Citrus
  •       Effects: Relaxing / Euphoric / Body-Buzz
  •       Medical Uses: Insomnia / Pain / Stress / Anxiety
  •       Bud Size: Medium
  •       Texture: Sticky

Looking for that melt-your-face-off heavy-hitting indica high? We got you covered. Check out the pure Indica cannabis strain, El Chapo OG. While the breeders of this wicked strain are unknown, this herb is a California-native.

ElChapo from CannawWolesalersBuds on El Chapo OG are dense and a beautiful colour of jade coated in a thick layer of trichomes. THC levels of this marijuana plant come in between 20-23% on average.

Mostly likely, this cannabis strain is going to pack a punch ready to knock you out, even if you are a frequent smoker with a high tolerance. Take in a nice long toke and enjoy the fusion of citrus and earth that leaves you drifting off to sleep or sofa surfing for the night. Likewise, this is a great bud for anyone dealing with insomnia or anxiety.

Go slow. El Chapo OG has a bit of a creeper effect and you might not realize how high and couch-locked you are until you wake up hours later!

Buy El Chapo OG today to take advantage of these relaxing effects yourself.

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