What is Weed Tourism & Where Can You Go?

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Where can you go on Marijuana Tours in Canada?

When marijuana was completely legalized in 2018, everybody had high hopes that Canada would soon become the next Amsterdam! That expectation has certainly not waned. Before the law was finally passed, Canadian cannabis entrepreneurs were preparing themselves to take advantage of the world of opportunities legalized recreational smoking now presented and their efforts continue to intensify!

Today marijuana touring companies are popping up like hot bread. They offer adventures into the new and exciting world of legal cannabis. These marijuana touring companies partner with the best cannabis businesses nationwide, in order to create personalized and unforgettable cannabis tours. These tours are not just for good fun either, they are often educational and inspiring and will leave you with a new found appreciation for the herb and the myriad of ways it can be used and consumed.

Typical Service OfferingsCanadian Marijuana

Most cannabis touring companies offer the following services:

  •        Dispensary tours
  •        Grow tours
  •        Cooking with cannabis
  •        Accommodation
  •        Adventure-based activities like hiking
  •        High yoga
  •        Joint rolling sessions
  •        Vapour lounge tours

The cannabis tourism sector is the next up in coming business venture currently.  With persons more likely to spend money on a holiday, the cannabis tourism boom is expected to accelerate even more!

Canadian Cannabis Touring Companies

Canadian Kush Tours

Canadian Kush Tours is one of the most innovative marijuana tour companies, offering unique services such as their Hang with the Herb package for $400 CAD, where you get to hang out with the company’s mascot, Herbert “The Herb” Kushman.

They also offer virtual reality gaming experiences and a –wait for it- Cannabis Wedding Bar! Stoner couples get to profess their love for each other in a meaningful and fun way, doing the thing they love and have in common; smoking weed. Their Weeding Bar fee is $3,000 CAD.

Check out Canadian Kush Tour’s Website

st annes spa

Ste. Anne’s Spa

Located in Ontario, this spa offers canna massages using essential oils infused with CBD, the non-psychoactive property in the plant that has anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties. You get a bottle of Rest Aromatherapy oil that you can use to continue reaping the wonderful rewards of cannabis. The cost is $90 CAD per half an hour or $155 per hour.

Check out Ste. Anne’s Spa


Canna Tours

Canna Tours is another serious cannabis touring company that is attracting weed lovers from all over the world. They offer eco-tourism; in which, visitors get to see the amazing forest and beach views, after their dispensary tour. They also help Canadians access legal marijuana, thanks to their licensed medical practitioners; who are able to prescribe medical marijuana to patients. It is important to note that patients must have a medical condition that is recognized by Health Canada, as a condition eligible for cannabis treatment.

Check out Canna Tours

Canada High Tours

Canada High Tours’ slogan is, “combining Canadian & cannabis culture in a fun and legal environment…”. The company has purchased several IPs, including; Canada High Tours, America High Tours and Europe High Tours. They offer a pot & art class for $60 CAD for two and a half hours.

There is also their “Grow Your Own Marijuana Class” for $45 and lasts for two hours. You can visit their blog by clicking the link here. It includes cannabis news, info and tips you are sure to find meaningful and enjoyable.

Check out Canada High Tours

montreal 420 tours

Montreal 420 Tours

Montreal 420 Tours is an innovative company dedicated to using the latest research to create a completely unique and world-class trip including tours in Montreal and Quebec. Montreal 420 Tours mission statement reflects that they are, “…a service of authentic experiences and unique tours in an open, welcoming atmosphere for an adult clientele, locals and worldwide.”   

This forward-thinking company also offers tours, 420-friendly massage, 420-friendly accommodations and seasonal events.

Check out Montreal 420 Tours

Great Weed, Great People and Good Vibes

Ready to have the best legal cannabis experience of your life? Check out a Cannabis touring company near you today! You are guaranteed great weed and of course, great people and good vibes! Stay tuned, as this list is sure to expand and we will keep you updated as this exciting, new tourism industry blossoms!

Have you ever been on a Marijuana Tour or have you experienced one of the companies featured? Please leave us a detailed message in the comments!

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