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Vanilla Frosting

$4.25/g $5.00/g
20% Coupon Code

You want a strain that has the same flavours of your favourite frosting. Vanilla FrostingThis is your best option. This strain is extremely potent and has a ...

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Sour Tangie

$8.50/g $10.00/g
20% Coupon Code

Sour TangieThis is a strong-tasting strain that has a diesel-like aroma. Its high THC level is accompanied with uplifting cerebral effects that make this ...

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Chocolate Fondue

15% Coupon Code

Everyone’s familiar with chocolate’s delicious taste and we were excited to try a new cannabis strain that’s especially suited for chocolate lovers. The ...

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Ace Killer OG by Elle Genetics (Bulk)

$625.00/ 4oz
5% Coupon Code

Ace Killer Original by Elle Genetics (Bulk). Review Ace Killer Original OG is manufactured by Elle Genetics (Bulk). strain brand ...


Super Lemon Haze

10% Coupon Code

Super Lemon Haze is an uplifting and energetic sativa in the form of a hybrid. It's great for daytime use, giving you that much needed boost of energy. The ...


Moby Dick

10% Coupon Code

Welcome to the world of Moby Dick, a hardy strain that is perfect for those who love a nice, clear high. This strain offers a sweet, mellow taste and produces ...


Sativa Strains are randomly selected, based on available product. Each pre roll contains 0.5-0.6g per joint. Say goodbye to making your own roll and getting ...

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