How to Buy Weed in Toronto in September 2023

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Looking to buy weed in Toronto? You’ve got lots of options, and you can find whatever cannabis products you need without much trouble. Still, not all options are created equal. We’ll break down a few of them and take a look at which one stands out as the best.

The Traditional Way

Whether it’s making phone calls to that one guy you knew from class, your cousin, or your stoner buddy from high school, for most folks, weed is just a phone call or two away. Still, this method is annoying and you never really know what you’re going to get, production selection is very limited, and the whole experience feels dated. It worked for our folks, but there are definitely better ways now!

Physical Dispensaries

Inside of a physical dispensary

Those of us in the GTA have been blessed with a surge in new dispensaries popping up all over town. Whether it’s shatter, pre-rolls, buds, or edibles, all you’ve got to do is hop in your car and head down to your nearest neighbourhood pot store. It’s not a perfect system though! The current crop of dispensaries are considered illegal, technically. Police have made a sport out of raids and harassment of dispensary businesses and their owners. That means your favourite store might be shut down at any time. If you forgot to plan ahead and need to make a purchase right away, this is the way to do it.

Federal LPs

Federal Licensed Producers are a great option if you have the time and resources to navigate getting a medical card, as that is currently the only way you can buy from LPs. Another downside is that product selection is limited. You’ll have a tough time finding the more unique strains you might be after. Getting set up as a patient can be expensive, in some cases.

Plus, edibles, beverages, and most extracts are not available, and won’t be for at least a year after Canada’s federal legalization date of December 17, 2018. The plus side is that federal LPs are licensed by Health Canada and must follow strict requirements regarding product testing and quality control. If you’re the paranoid type and afraid that somebody might slip something into your bud, this might be the option for you.

Inside the grow room of a licensed producer

 Online Dispensaries

For most people, online dispensaries are simply the best option for purchasing weed in Toronto, as well as anywhere in the rest of Canada. There are many pros and very few cons, especially when compared to your other options. Let’s start with the pros:

  • Convenience – Just like buying anything online, it’s convenient to be able to make your purchase from home (or work) with the push of a few buttons.
  • Selection – Right now, online dispensaries offer the best selection compared to virtually any other buying choice available. Whether it’s some type of new and exotic extract, or a rare strain, you can find an online dispensary that carriesit.
  • Discounts + deals – With lower overhead costs (since they don’t have a physical storefront), online dispensaries have more flexibility to offer better deals and deeper discounts. Many offer free product with your first order, as well as other bonuses and loyalty programs.
  • Discreet, fast shipping – You can get your product delivered in a day or two, and online dispensaries in Canada are absolute pros at discreet shipping. It’s nobody else’s business what’s in your packages!
  • Same day delivery – Ordering from an online dispensary in the Greater Toronto Area? Many of them even offer same-day shipping! Get your buds fast, without the hassle of setting foot in a store.
  • Dispensary reviews – Let’s face it, there are still some shady operators in the weed business, and not all online dispensaries are created equal. But that’s no problem. With review sites like, you know exactly who the reputable businesses are, and who you should avoid. You can easily compare products and prices at different dispensaries, all from the comfort, (and privacy), of your own home.

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You can’t touch or smell your product – It’s true, but if you’re already familiar with the strain and you’re buying from a reputable dispensary, this doesn’t really matter as you already know what to expect.

You don’t get it immediately – Also true, but also not a big deal if you just order a day or two before your current supply runs out.

If you’re trying to buy weed in Toronto, you’ve got plenty of options. We believe the hands-down winner for most people are online dispensaries. The selection, value, and convenience just can’t be beat. Take a look at the reviews here on and find the online cannabis dispensary that’s right for you!

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