Sugar Jack’s THC Gummies – 200mg

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Sugar Jacks THC Gummies

We love the Sugar Jacks THC Gummies from Herb Approach.

So if you want to have a blast for a great price, Sugar Jacks THC gummies from Herb Approach are the way to go.

These carefully crafted edibles are dosed with 200mg of THC between 10 gummies so you can be sure that you’re in for one wild ride with every gummy.

They come in an assortment of delicious flavours so there are plenty of ways to shake things up. We loved these deliciously tasty treats and know you will too!

Review of Sugar Jacks THC Gummies

The Sugar Jacks THC Gummies from Herb Approach use 100% natural ingredients, made with fruit, pure cane sugar and Manuka honey.

They’re entirely handmade and infused with premium distillate extract while they cook.

These artisanal fruit chews are made with 100% natural ingredients. They come in flavours like lemon, lime, lime, orange, grape, raspberry, root beer, and more. Fortunately, you can order these delicious THC Sugar Jac’s Gummies from Herb Approach for a great price that offers incredible value for your money.

About Sugar Jacks THC Gummies

Sugar Jacks THC Gummies are a wonderful line of all-natural, cannabis-infused edibles that are made entirely with high-quality ingredients for the health-conscious consumer.

Their products are made without artificial sweeteners or preservatives and are gluten-free, vegan & paleo-friendly. They offer a variety of edibles including chocolate bars, crispy rice treats, crispy brownies & more.

Sugar Jacks Gummies contain 10 gummies containing 20mg of THC each for easy dosing:

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Sugar Jack’s THC Gummies – 200mg
Sugar Jack’s THC Gummies – 200mg
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