Buy Hash Online in Canada: 3 Types of Hash You Must Try

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Camel Hash

It’s time to get lit. Faded. Discombobulated. Get your mind boggling…

Not a recreational smoker? Maybe you just want to catch a strong cannabis buzz to get serious relief from symptoms you struggle with on a daily basis.

Either way, if you want to get really, really stoned, you can buy hash online Canada-wide with super potent tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) levels that will have you soaring high and feeling great.

What is Hashish (Hash)?

Hashish is more commonly known as hash, and it’s a cannabis concentrate made from the resin of the cannabis plant.

Want to know how to smoke hash? It’s really quite simple. A small piece of hash is smoked in a joint, bong, vaporizer, or hash pipe. It’s versatile and you can enjoy it by oral ingestion as well.

Hash vs Weed

Hash and weed both come from the same types of cannabis plants. Weed refers to the flowers or buds that come from the female cannabis plant. Hash comes from these same flower buds, but it’s processed in different ways. Cannabis flowers are simply hung up to dry, and then the seeds, stems, and leaves are removed.

Cannabis concentrates, which include strains of hashish, are extracts with the highest concentrations of THC and cannabidiol (CBD). Making hash is time-consuming and toilsome. Cut out the daunting process and buy hash online and enjoy strong, smooth highs from this popular cannabis concentrate.

3 Strains of Hash from CannaWholesalers You Need to Try

Chronic pain is crippling. Opioids are dangerous. One of the primary benefits of hash is that it’s more potent than even the highest-grade strains of cannabis and it helps provide relief for the millions who struggle with medical ailments such as inflammation, chronic pain, etc.

Whether you want to smoke hash for medical reasons or you just want to achieve a nice heady buzz, here are three strains of hash from CannaWholesalers you have to try before you die!

1. Mercedes Hash

Mercedes HashKnown for its quality, texture, and colour, Mercedes Hash, also known as Black Hash, originates from Afghanistan and packs a spicy smell with a light flavour. Customers love buying this type of hash because it has a malleable consistency, and it’s easy to roll up with your favourite cannabis flowers or it can be smoked alone in a hash pipe.

Take your time and pull in a nice big rip from your hash pipe of Mercedes Hash, and hold it in as long as you can. Slowly exhale, and enjoy the nice relaxing high that sets in instantaneously.

If you’re buying hash online on a limited budget, you might want to give Mercedes Hash a try. You can’t go wrong and you’re going to save money if you pick up an ounce or more at a time.

2. Camel Lebanese Hash

Camel Lebanese Hash is so pretty, you might not even want to break it up and smoke it! Just kidding, yes you will!

Camel HashIt’s truly an art to make Lebanese Hash. Growers leave these plants out in the field until they turn a reddish-brown colour and have nearly dried out. Once they’ve reached this point, the plants are taken to a barn and dried out completely. Then, the buds from the cannabis plant are removed and rubbed over fine silk cloth and stored in plastic bags as they “age” until winter. Slabs of Lebanese hash are pressed by hand and usually come in a gorgeous yellow colour.

Place a small piece of Lebanese Hash in your joint paired with some high-grade cannabis, or in a hash pipe alone, and enjoy the relaxing high! Buy Lebanese Hash today, and take advantage of our discounts when you purchase it in bulk.

3. Rolling Stone Afghani Hash

rolling stone hashAfghanistan is known for being one of the top producers of quality hash, worldwide. In fact, hashish is made from indica-dominant cannabis strains practically everywhere in the country. You’re going to enjoy this potent hash that holds great value for patients looking for symptom relief and recreational users alike.

Highly elastic and featuring a strong fragrance, this Rolling Stone Afghani Hash has a pleasant texture and aroma. It has been hand-pressed with a small addition of water or tea needed to reach the desired consistency.

When it comes to smoking this Rolling Stone Afghani Hash, go lightly. It is quite effective in lower doses, but try to avoid it if you’ve got a lot to do! This type of hash is known to come up on you unexpectedly and have you ripped and potentially couch-locked for hours (which might not be a bad thing, especially if you seek relief from medical symptoms). Buy some of this high-quality hash today at CannaWholesalers.

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