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End Year Review of BC Kronik Mail Order Shop

We are yet to disappoint in 2020 when it comes to identifying the best cannabis selling websites. It’s been a fruitful year as we at DispensaryGTA have had a glorious opportunity to taste some of the best cannabis p from newly established sellers to bigwigs.

To end the year in style, we endeavored to get the best sellers with potential to eat those that we have tasted before. And YES! It was such an exciting and interesting ordeal as you will find out in this article. Be certain to read to the end.


What is BC Kronik?

BC Kronik or bckronikk.com is one of the reputable sites where you can order a wide range of cannabis products online. It is a one stop shop with flowers, concentrates, CBD, edibles and vape pen products. We shall have a look at their products in greater detail later in this review.

The website offers mail order cannabis for anyone living in Canada. Its prices are a major highlight. You can easily tell that the guys at BC Kronik have chosen affordable weed in Canada as a key selling point.

Here is what we have to say about their website.

Well laid out website design with a clean and easy to maneuver interface. We could easily tell where the products we wanted were thanks to their categories. With a search button, it was easy peasy to search for what we wanted.  Also, we learned a lot about them from their clear pages. A good example is their reward system.

Excellent rewards mean massive discounts for regular buyers. Think about this, you are awarded with points for every product that you purchase directly from the BC Kronik website. You get 15 points per $10 spent. Once you hit 300 points you can use these in the checkout page for $10 off.

Free shipping for orders above $149 equals even more saving. Of course, you may point out the fact that you’ll have to spend $149 before earning free shipping when compared to other websites where all orders are shipped at no extra cost.

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Live chat on the website with a real customer representative makes the whole user experience flawless. However, note that you may get delays in responses outside their work hours which are Mon-Fri 9am-6pm PST.

We are excited to taste everything that BC Kronik has to offer and we’ve decided to sample one product from every category in order to assess their quality and whether our readers should buy from them.

Flowers – Pink Island Kush

We all love cannabis flowers. They come in different strains and offer great versatility. You can roll a joint, spliff, blunts or even stuff a bowl.  I mean the options seem endless.

pink island kush

Pink Island Kush

BC Kronik will spoil you for choice with 72 flower products to choose from. But still we managed to get a selection criterion. The different products were a mix of popular strains and some that were new to us. BTW new strains are created every day so YES, you can bump into new names some days.

We chose the Pink Island Kush Popcorn Nug for two major reasons; quite a new and fancy name plus it was one with the cheapest pricing starting from just $4.99. You can add its availability (some strains were out of stock as we sampled the website) as another reason.

So, what about the Pink Island Kush Popcorn Nug? With this strain at hand, we didn’t know that we had just bought one of the most intense Indica- Sativa hybrids of the year at a throw away price. The strain originates from two pretty powerful parents- Pink Kush and Island Sweet Skunk. These two gave birth to an indica dominant queen with sativa properties that he had   no difficulty distinguishing.

The strain has small popcorn sized nugs and is easy to break down. Pink Island Kush Popcorn Nugs have a distinct sweet vanilla aroma mixed with skunk undertones. Once you light it up, expect a mashup of its two parents. The high is powerfully mental and at the same time deep body.

Pink Island Kush Popcorn Nug scores an impressive 4.8 stars out of 5 all day all week.

CBD – CannaDrop CBD – 0% THC Tincture Drops – 1000MG

Cannabidiol’s all round healing properties cannot be ignored. BC Kronik has 8 products in the CBD. Noticeably, the CBD category has a CBD filled flower, pills, bath bombs, tinctures and cartridges extracted from five different strains.

0 thc

CannaDrop CBD Tincture

We were most interested in the tinctures that offered different CBD concentrations ranging from 500mg to 1500mg. We chose the average dose (1000mg per 30ml) to taste the efficacy of the product best. Prices are as follows; $83.99 for regular 30ml bottle and $87.99 for its mint flavored variety.  This time we went for the flavored bottle as we did not fancy a raw tasting CBD extract.

How did it go? The bottle was well designed making it easy to dose the tincture thanks to its inbuilt dropper. With 0% THC, the tincture makes it available for everyone to benefit from the CBD goodness. Also, there is no minding getting high at any cost which also works great when trying different doses that work for you. We slowly increased the dose based on the results achieved for pain. I am 177lbs and 12mg of CBD per day proved to improve my long-standing lower back problem.

Out of 5, the CannaDrop CBD – 0% THC Tincture Drops – 1000MG mint flavor scores a 4.7.

Edibles – Dames Fruit Flavored Edibles

IMG 0536 scaled e1600993009486

Dames Fruit Flavored Edibles

A top-rated cannabis seller is incomplete without edibles. BC Kronik is home to 32 edibles. As you will expect, they are all made up of different flavors. The brownies are a favorite so we don’t think twice choosing them.

Specifically, we went for Dames Fruit Flavored Edibles – 200MG. We received a total of 10 brownies per bag that was going for $23.99. Tastes like a bargain, right? The flavor and texture are to die for. Any edible user should go easy with all edibles in general. The great taste that we unearthed here can be a challenge for you if you crave fruity tasting brownies that light several bulbs in your head while sparking a hot flame of energy in your body simultaneously.

We give Dames Fruit Flavored Edibles 4.4/5

Concentrates – Watermelon Budder

watermelon kush budder BC scaled 1 1

Watermelon Budder

We very much wanted to taste the Bubba Kush Indica dominant Shatter. Unfortunately, the product was not in stock so we fell for the 80%v indica Watermelon budder that was going for $29.99 per gram and $249.99 per half ounce.

The experience was magical. From its strain name, the budder comes with a fruity watermelon aroma and tones of skunk. Too bad, the BC Kronik website did not list the amount of THC in these products. But here is what we discovered of its high.

From the onset, expect a euphoric rise that will quickly be riddled with peace and tranquility in both body and mind. Watermelon budder is for you if you want a getaway product that freshens you for a complicated or euphoric adventure ahead.

Watermelon budder is a 4.8/5

Vape Pens – Shimmer Concentrates – THC Distillate Vape Pen – 500MG

New Collab Pens 250x250 1

THC Distillate Vape Pen

Armed with 7 vape products, this was one of the easiest sampling categories. Straight away we went for Shimmer Concentrates – THC Distillate Vape Pen – 500MG.

It is a simple non-refillable vape pen that is disposable. The vape pen offered good quality puffs and YES! You do not expect the flavors to come out crystal clear like in a top range refillable vape pen. Gladly, the vape is rechargeable using a USB cable.

Its zero-button design and no assembly needed design is a huge plus for novice vapers. Being a THC vape, the high was fast kicking and lasted relatively long.

For vape pens of its class, the Shimmer Concentrates – THCDelivery Distillate Vape Pen – 500MG is definitely a buy.

We give it a 4.6 out of 5.

Our take on BC Kronik

After testing these products, we can tell you that BC Kronik is worth every second of your time and consideration. It may not be the most popular mail order online cannabis shop YET but we can tell you that it is a top contender in quality and pricing. Take advantage of this great, exclusive promotion with the coupon code on our website while you can..

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Remember to use the coupon code “DispensaryGTA” for 15% Off when you place your order!

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