Nature’s Fire Concentrates Review 2023

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Our 2023 Review of Nature’s Fire Concentrates:

Nature’s Fire is a cannabis extraction company that produces and distributes some of the best concentrates in Canada. The company was started in early 2019 to become the best producer and distributor of Cannabis concentrates in Canada.

Since 2018, when Canada formally legalized cultivating, owning, acquiring, and consuming cannabis and its by-products, the industry for cannabis concentrates has grown exponentially. Companies such as Nature’s Fire have also grown alongside the industry. You will fall in love with the company‘s AAAA concentrates, shatter, and the prices of its High Terpene Full Spectrum Extract (HTFSE). 

Nature’s Fire relies on its highly experienced experts to produce high-quality clear shatter, Caviar, Terp Sauce, THCa diamonds, Sugar Wax, Live Rosin, HTFSE, and Live Resin concentrates. The company ensures their technology is up to date; that includes cannabis extraction techniques.

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What makes Nature’s Fire Concentrates the best?

The quality of any product depends on the quality of its raw materials. Nature’s Fire partners with The Berlin Flower Co. to ensure you the best of the best cannabis concentrate. 

The Berlin Flower Co. are cultivators of top-notch craft cannabis and are found in British Columbia (BC). The head grower at the company has over 15 years of experience growing small-batch craft cannabis. The company’s main specialty is “God Bud”, a popular Canadian Indica Strain. Nature’s Fire uses this craft AAA strain to produce some of its products. Also, the cannabis extractions company uses other top strains from The Berlin Flower Company to produce 80% of its concentrates.

Nature’s Fire also sources some cannabis flowers from renowned craft cultivators from all over Canada, including Sacred Garden, and Pesci. This action helps diversify the menu/ of its products; hence, offers you a delightful spectrum of high-quality concentrate.

Nature’s Fire Premium Shatter

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BHO Cart

Their Premium Shatter concentrates comes in 4 different varieties that include:

  1. Green Kraken BHO cart
  2. Pine Tar Kush BHO cart
  3. Cement Shoes #5 BHO cart
  4. GMO cookies Sift Hash Rosin Jam Cart

All the cartridges are a product formed from a collaboration of two companies; Nature’s Fire and Cumulus Carts. The cartridges are 510 threaded and thus, can be used with any other 510 threaded battery or vape pen.

The cartridges are named after powerful Indica strains. Thus you expect them to have a similar effect to a typical Indica dom. They are very authentic. You won’t find any fake terpenes in them.

Each cartridge comes with a plastic case and a cover for protecting the mouthpiece and thread.

Nature’s fire premium shatter varieties score 4.7 out of 5 overall. 

Nature’s Fire Rosin and Batter

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Papaya Punch Purple Hash

Rosin and Hash Rosin products contain Nature’s Fire concentrates. Currently, there are about 33 items in this line of products. Some of the  products we have tested include:

  1. Liberty Haze x Papaya Punch Purple Hash
  2. Papaya Punch Purple Hash 
  3. Ice cream cake bubble hash rosin

All the Rosin and Hash Rosin products have a pleasant terpene profile. They also possess powerful Indica like effects.  The products are even more beneficial to patients suffering from Insomnia as they instantly bring sedation but are amazing for achieving very pleasant euphoric effects as well. 

We rated Nature’s Fire Rosin and Hash Rosin products a 4.9 out of 5. 

HTFSE, Terp Sauce, and Sap

You can also buy HTFSE concentrates, including solventless terp sauce, sap, and THC diamonds. All Nature’s Fire’s HTFSE products are made in Canada. Most of the products under the HTFSE, Terp Sauce, and Sap line also fall under the Rosin and Batter line of products.

Craft Flowers

meath breath

Meat Breath

Nature’s Fire also sells a small batch of craft grown marijuana whose quality is rated AAAA+.  The cannabis is sourced from The Berlin Flower Company. Some of the products found in Nature’s Fire Craft Flowers Line include:

  1. Hawaiian Haze 
  2. Meat Breath
  3. Platinum Garlic x Platinum Kush Mints
  4. Ice Cream Cake

All the Craft Flowers are a cross of popular genetics. They are dried and cured to perfection. The terpenes found in this Craft Flowers are all very pleasing.

Nature’s Fire Craft Flowers scores 4.8 out of 5 all-day and all-night.

Nature’s Fire Edibles and Capsules

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Cannabis Post

You can also make your online order for cannabis edibles from Nature’s Fire, including craft baked edibles, and THC capsules. Some of the popular options under this batch of products include:

  1. Cannabis Post (200 mg THC gummies)
  2. Zoo-Chews (200 mg THC gummies)
  3. 250 mg THC capsules

Based on the ingredients and taste of Nature’s Fire Edibles and Capsules, we rate this product line 4.5/5.

Ordering from Nature’s Fire Concentrates

You can make any order from Nature’s Fire (NF) online stores if you are aged over 19 years.  They usually ask any of their potential customers to provide proof of their age before allowing one to shop in their store. 

Once you have made your order, NF ensures it is safe and you get it on time. All the orders are shipped to you discreetly and are wrapped with smell proof material such as vacuum-sealed bags. After packaging, NF ensures you get a tracking number that will help you track your order online until it reaches you.

In case you have any inquiries about your order, NF has a dedicated customer service desk that will respond to all your questions. The customer service is open 24 hours/day.

If you make any order from Nature’s Fire above $200, you get free shipping at checkout. For any orders below $200, NF usually adds $15 to the total for the shipping fees.

Nature’s Fire has also ensured that its website is 100% HTTPS secure, thus, you don’t have to worry about your private info leaking while on the website. The cannabis extraction company has further improved the cybersecurity of its customers by installing a website anti-virus and a firewall.

NF’s website also contains its current special offers and coupon codes listed on its bottom notification ribbon. 

NF accepts payments via Interac e-transfer. Any Canadian can send a payment for an order through a Canadian bank or credit union.

Sending the payment is easy because Nature’s Fire usually provides payment instructions as soon as possible after receiving your invoice. Order can only start the shipping process after the e-transfer is received. 

If you need to receive your NF order within one day, you must place it before 1 PM EST. the company ships any order placed after 1 PM EST on the next business day. It uses Canada’s prepaid Express Post to ship all parcels to its customers as quickly as possible. 

Please remember to use coupon code: NFnew for 10% off your first order

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